Pasta Recipes

Why Cook with Pasta?

- Versatile - Healthy - Budget Friendly - Easy to use - Delicious!

This Mediterranean Pasta is your new weeknight best friend. It’s super quick, like 20 minutes quick, and has great flavors the whole family will love.

Mediterranean Pasta

Who is Johnny Marzetti? One hearty and nostalgic American casserole, that's who. You might call him by another name, but you know this one!

Johnny Marzetti

This Rasta Pasta is an easy weeknight dinner option that's bursting with big, bold flavors!

Rasta Pasta

This Tortellini al Forno recipe is inspired by the popular Olive Garden dish. Plump, tender tortellini smothered in an amazing creamy sauce that’s enhanced by bacon and a variety of cheeses.

Tortellini al Forno

What is Gigi Hadid Pasta? Simple… Pasta made by Gigi Hadid, which broke the internet when it went viral on instagram and tiktok.

Gigi Hadid Pasta

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