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    GypsyPlate’s 1st Birthday

    August 12th, 2019… One year ago today… GypsyPlate was born!!

    After 365 days, 88 posts, 2467 subscribers… read in 178 countries, averaging 800 visitors a day! Yes, albeit they are baby steps for a young blog, but oh so in the right direction! This wouldn’t be possible without you… you my readers!! Your love, support and praise overwhelm us, inspire us, humble us!

    Who would have thought the woman who never entered the kitchen most of her life would take such immense pleasure creating and presenting food, not only to her loved ones but to the entire world? Because of the nature of my upbringing, and the course of my previous career living out of a suitcase for 14 years, cooking is something that I had never given much thought. My adventures and experiments in the kitchen started once this gypsy started growing roots with the man of her dreams. It turns out I was a good cook after all, just some dormant thing. Well, I was still travelling and touring, and then Noah, our son happened. By the way, he was born early when I was working leading a travel group in Las Vegas, truely a Gypsy-style start!

    Well now this gypsy has been home bound for some time. Within a year I was itching to do something and my husband suggested blogging about something… something like food! Well, at the Beisers’ we love to eat all kinds of interesting and exotic food. Yet at first I wasn’t too keen on the idea. But somehow, after a few days, I said “Let’s do it!!”

    And, haha! I didn’t have any idea what I had got myself into. It was like suddenly I had one more baby to raise, equally as demanding as my 11 monther at that time! To put together any post, it goes through so many stages before reaching my readers. First is your keyword research (it’s a Google thing). Then planning… grocery shopping… testing recipes… taking photos.. editing the photos… writing content (my blah blah, as we call it)… editing my blah blah… to assembling a post.

    But first was actually creating the GypsyPlate site, which was entirely done by my husband. Luckily, he is a website designer and he looks after the technical part. I must say that, though I am the voice of GypsyPlate, he is responsible for the structure. And he is always there, be it cooking or holding the light or being my co-photographer. It’s perfect team work! They say couples can rarely work good together in the same profession. If that’s the truth we are an exception.

    Our son, Noah is learning the ropes of this profession quite early. Besides being a food connoisseur who loves dishes from all cultures, he himself is quite good trying his hand in his “cook cook”. This all started when we used to just stick him in his chair and cook and shoot. From that to standing beside me and holding my hand when I am trying to stage the food, or helping bring me stuff. This son of mine has come a long way in the last year.

    Well this is our humble beginning! We love cooking and bringing all these delicacies from around the world to you.

    There are so many hours of cooking, learning, shooting, laughing, sometimes almost crying. Yes we did have our bloopers. Funny when I think about those now. I might do a post about my GypsyPlate bloopers one of these days. But in total, absolutely satisfying in the end!! We love to read your comments, sometimes on my posts, sometimes on facebook, sometimes as personal emails. It means so much when I see a comment from my vegetarian fellow blogger who even reads my non-vegetarian posts.

    We love to see our food going to the far corners of the world as they make their way into your kitchens. We love to see our loyal subscribers from day one stick with us in our journey. It makes my day when I am sipping my coffee and someone from Norway is reading my Thai Basil Chicken, or that Bahamian who must have cooked boiled fish a hundred times comes to read what I have to say about his favorite dish. Google shows me all! 🙂

    You, my readers, are the most important thing for GyspyPlate… and for our dream! Keep on showing your love and support, which inspires us to work more and bring out some cracker good looking food to you.

    Thank you so so much from Alpana, Jason and Noah @Gypsyplate!! We love you…

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    Welcome to GypsyPlate! I'm Alpana, former wordwide tour manager and professional caterer, now full time blogger. I love exploring cuisines from around the world, and my recipes have been featured on sites such as MSN, Parade, Brit + Co, CNET and AOL. You can explore my entire collection of sortable recipes in my Recipe Index or learn more about me here.

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