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    About Me

    Hi, I’m Alpana Beiser. I live in Fort Pierce, Sunny Florida’s secret gem, nestled on the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic ocean, with my husband Jason and son Noah.

    Before meeting the love of my life, I was a Tour Guide escorting international group package tours all over the world for 14 years, so that’s where Gypsy comes in.

    Traveling to the four corners of the world, I was suddenly exposed to different foods that I wasn’t aware even existed. I always tried the local, regional, food wherever I ventured. What’s the point of travel if you don’t try the food of the land? There started my journey into a delicious world of flavors…

    closeup of alpana beiser, author of gypsyplate

    14 years forward…

    After one husband and one son, this Gypsy is surely growing roots. Now, with Noah in our lives for nearly a year, I am going to be a full time mom for some time. I have decided to pursue my other passion… FOOD…!! I love eating just as much as traveling, and I have been experimenting and replicating those yummy flavors at home for several years.

    So here I am, on my new journey into blogging! I am so excited to share what we cook and eat at the Beisers’. These foods are sometimes taught by family, friends, found in cook books, googled, youtubed, some come from our own brains… some are authentic and some we take great liberty and put our own spin on… Curious mind and hungry heart led me to these recipes… and boy, we sure love what we whip up in our kitchen!

    picture of alpana beiser with husband jason and son noah

    Luckily, I am married to a man who loves to try whatever I put on his plate. He is a very experimental and innovative cook himself. You might come across his cooking sometime in the future. What you are going to find here is some classic regional recipes along with, of course, easy every day mouth watering regulars that you grew up on.

    Even our son, Noah, is developing a pretty complex palette!

    noah beiser, son of alpana and jason



    So, you ask me, what is Gypsy plate?

    an overhead picture of the gypsy plate

    It’s exactly what it sounds like. The plate of someone who had traveled the world… Someone who has gone to the far corners of this big beautiful planet and discovered the diverse flavors, the aromas, the colors and the textures… the magic you can create with every day food.

    Life is too short to eat and cook food the same few ways.

    When you invite and embrace the different styles and cuisines into your life, it becomes much more interesting and fun. The joy you get from food… The fun and joy!! … You will find on GypsyPlate!!

    I thank each and every one of you who comes to this small world of mine. I hope we meet each other regularly and connect through our love of food!!

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