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    The 30 BEST Chicken and Shrimp Recipes

    Are you looking for some delicious new dishes to add a little variety to your dinner table? Look no further than these delicious Chicken and Shrimp Recipes!

    From easy weeknight dinners to slow cooked meals, we’ve got something sure to satisfy every appetite.

    Whether you’re in the mood for flavorful pastas, savory soups or quick stir frys, you’ll find of chicken and shrimp ideas that are guaranteed to keep things interesting in the kitchen. So let’s get cooking!

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    Chicken and Shrimp Recipes:

    1. Jambalaya

    Let’s begin our list with Louisiana’s most iconic dish, Jambalaya. Trust us, you will savor every bite of this delight!

    This one pan wonder is fully loaded with chicken, shrimp, sausages, veggies, and bold-flavored spices and herbs.

    It may look a little intimidating, but you’ll master our easy recipe in no time.
    It’s a must-try recipe for everyone!

    Get the Recipe: Jambalaya

    2. Laksa (Asian Noodle Soup)

    Guys, give this glorious Laksa, aka Asian Noodle Soup a try. This one will be your new favorite slurp-worthy bowl!

    This recipe is surprisingly easy to make. The coconut milk base, with lots of interesting add-ins, makes this classic a huge hit!

    You need some special ingredients, but don’t worry, they’ll be easily available in your supermarket.
    Impress everyone by making this restaurant-quality soup at home and enjoy!

    Get the Recipe: Laksa

    3. Pastalaya

    You are truly going to love this fusion of flavors. Pastalaya, is basically a jambalaya in pasta form, with all the delicious spices and ingredients.

    Also, this dish is every meat lover’s dream dish. It’s loaded with chicken, shrimp, and spicy andouille sausages, which makes it more special and utterly irresistible!

    This creamy goodness is not just food, it’s your new comfort food in a bowl!

    Get the Recipe: Pastalaya

    4. Filipino Pancit

    Filipino Pancit is an easy and quick noodle stir-fry dish in Filipino cuisine, and it has been famous for generations.

    This flavorful and delicious dish has a perfect blend of savory meats, crisp vegetables, and aromatic sauces, that deliver well-balanced flavors in every bite.

    Just follow the tips and tricks to make the best Pancit at home, and make everyone super happy!

    Get the Recipe: Pancit

    5. Shrimp and Chicken Fajitas

    We know fajitas are everyone’s favorite go-to recipe for busy weeknights, so we want you to add one more to your collection. This Shrimp and Chicken Fajitas recipe is super quick and super delicious at the same time.

    This easy recipe is made with simple ingredients, seasoned with all basic spices and later cooked to perfection.
    And that’s it, your weeknight meal is ready to serve!

    Get the Recipe @ bowl-me-over

    6. Grilled Shrimp and Chicken Kabobs

    Need something really impressive for your future cocktails, cookouts, or any other get-together? These Grilled Shrimp and Chicken Kabobs fit in just amazingly.

    The simple Asian-inspired marinade gives some delicious flavors to your plump shrimp and chicken. Colorful veggies like pineapples, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, and red onions make these skewers just outstanding.

    Once you make these addictive skewers you will get hooked on this version forever. Mark my words!

    Get the Recipe @ giveitsomethyme

    7. Chicken Thighs and Shrimp Paella 

    Have you ever made the Spanish delicacy paella at home yet? If not, then begin with this incredible Chicken Thighs and Shrimp Paella recipe.

    It’s super easy to make and needs less than 1 hour to get on your table. Also, this traditional dish has everything you already love.
    So what are you waiting for? Give this Spanish dish a try!

    Get the Recipe @ munchkintime

    8. Jambalaya Soup

    Yet another delicious twist on your favorite jambalaya. It’s a cozy, bold, and super satisfying soupy version, called Jambalaya Soup!

    This recipe is super easy and customizable. You can cook this flavorful soup on the stovetop, crockpot, or even in the instant pot. It will come out outstanding every time. Just follow some tips and you are good to serve!

    Get the Recipe: Jambalaya Soup

    9. Olive Garden Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara

    Guys, craving your favorite restaurant-quality dinner? Try this copycat Olive Garden Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara recipe, and enjoy the ultimate dinner with your loved ones.

    This dish is loaded with huge, Italian flavors and cheese, and the creamy texture on your chicken and shrimp makes this dish out of this world delicious!

    It’s a must-try copycat recipe for sure!

    Get the Recipe @ realhousemoms

    10. Shrimp and Chicken Scampi

    This Shrimp and Chicken Scampi is an upgraded version of the classic dish, and it will become everyone’s favorite in no time.

    Hands down, it’s the best scampi sauce, which creates an amazing combo of proteins in a new and delicious creation.

    Just make the sauce, and pair it with your favorite pasta, rice, orzo, or even mashed potatoes.
    You all will love this version for sure!

    Get the Recipe @ thelemonapron

    11. Happy Family Stir Fry

    Guys, this Happy Family Stir Fry will be true to its name and will definitely come out greater than your favorite takeout joint.

    Imagine your beloved beef, chicken, shrimp and fresh veggies all cooked in one pot. The light brown Chinese sauce makes everything totally scrumptious!

    This one is super easy to whip up. Just follow some tips to make it amazing every time.

    Serve with rice, and enjoy a healthy and flavorful meal with your family!

    Get the Recipe @ sprinklesandsprouts

    12. Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai

    This version of Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai will be your new favorite. It’s ready in under 30 minutes, and perfect for your busy weeknights.

    This easy recipe has a few simple steps that lead to this divine, flavorful dish. The combination of ingredients complement each other amazingly!

    Your entire family will adore this loaded and homemade Pad Thai for sure!

    Get the Recipe @ tastesbetterfromscratch

    13. Singapore Zoodle Stir Fry with Chicken & Shrimp

    Give your classic favorite noodle dish a healthy and tasty makeover with this Singapore Zoodle Stir Fry with Chicken & Shrimp recipe.

    This fantastic recipe is also a low-carb and low-calorie dish which makes it perfect for Weight Watchers or anyone who is on a diet.
    It’s totally a win-win recipe for you to try!

    Get the Recipe @ cafedelites

    14. Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo

    Make your pasta night memorable and unique, with this Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo. Everyone will go crazy for this recipe!

    It features a flavorful, creamy, cajun parmesan sauce, smothered with pan-fried chicken and shrimp. When you toss them with fettuccine or any of your favorite pasta, it makes one divine dish.

    You will love everything about this fantastic dish for sure!

    Get the Recipe @ saltandlavender

    15. Shrimp Curry with Chicken

    Get gorgeous, restaurant-worthy Indian flavors right at home, by making this excellent Shrimp Curry. You can also make it with chicken or combine both.

    This bold, creamy, and super addictive curry is full of rich and flavorful spices. The best part is, this ultimate curry is low-carb, keto-friendly, gluten-free, grain-free, and sugar-free.

    Serve this Indian delight with regular rice or with low-carb cauliflower rice.
    Your whole family will love this Indian version of curry!

    Get the Recipe @ joyfilledeats

    16. Applebee’s Bourbon Street Chicken and Shrimp

    Now you can create a meal that is exactly like your favorite restaurant. Yes, with this Applebee’s Bourbon Street Chicken and Shrimp recipe, you can save some money and a trip to the restaurant. This version is going to be a huge hit.

    This recipe is so easy to make, even an amateur cook can whip this up at home. The flavors are spot on every time.

    So, don’t wait to try this recipe and make yourself and your family a seriously delicious dinner!

    Get the Recipe @ easychickenrecipes

    17. Gumbo

    Gumbo is Louisiana’s favorite Southern dish that is full of traditional Cajun flavors. We’re certain you all are going to love it!

    This super comforting dish is made with chicken, smoked sausages, crab legs, and shrimp. Flavorful spices and enhancers make this dish just incredibly delicious.

    Don’t get intimidated by a long list of ingredients. They’re all are pretty much pantry staples, and others are easily available in your nearest supermarket. Plus, it’s super easy to make.

    So, try it tonight and surprise everyone with the finest meal!

    Get the Recipe @ immaculatebites

    18. Chicken and Prawn Soup

    Are you a fan of cozy soups? Then we’ve got you one ultimate Thai-flavored Chicken and Prawn Soup to try. You’ll be obsessed with this soup!

    This hot, sour, sweet, and salty coconut milk-based soup takes just 30 minutes to get ready. It’s so convenient for you to make on your busy weeknights, when you crave some exotic flavors.

    Give this cozy soup a try for sure!

    Get the Recipe @ krumpli

    19. Chicken And Shrimp Tacos

    Attention all taco lovers, these Chicken and Shrimp Tacos are just for you.

    This well-explained recipe will help you make this delight easily at home. The highlights are the flavorful chicken, shrimp, and tangy delicious pineapple salsa, that take these simple tacos to the next level of deliciousness.

    This will be your family’s new, favorite taco night special recipe for sure!

    Get the Recipe @ spaceshipsandlaserbeams

    20. Outback Steakhouse Queensland Chicken and Shrimp Pasta

    Make your pasta dinner memorable with this Outback Steakhouse Queensland Chicken and Shrimp Pasta recipe, and see everyone devour this completely.

    This copycat is super easy to recreate. The combo of chicken and shrimp with bold alfredo sauce makes this pasta super creamy and full of delicious flavors.

    So, experience all of Queensland’s amazing flavors right at home with this fantastic recipe!

    Get the Recipe @ copykat

    21. Spanish Rice with Chicken and Shrimp

    Guys, this Spanish Rice with Chicken and Shrimp recipe is inspired by famous paella. It will definitely make your meal tastier and more satisfying.

    The main mission of this awesome recipe is to get the same flavors, using everyday ingredients. So, what are you waiting for? Experience stunning Spanish flavors at home and wow everyone!

    Get the Recipe @ vikalinka

    22. Oven Fried Chicken with Creamy Fontina Shrimp Sauce

    Looking for comforting family dinner recipes? Then look no further, as this Oven Fired Chicken with Creamy Fontina Shrimp Sauce will be your best friend!

    This knock-out dish features grilled or sauteed pan-friend chicken, that’s topped with super creamy, dreamy shrimp sauce, making this whole dish truly outstanding.

    For a light dinner, serve this with some roasted veggies or a side of salad. For a hearty meal try with potatoes or pasta.

    Try it you will love it!

    Get the Recipe @ willcookforsmiles

    23. Texas Fajitas

    Fajitas are always a great option for quick meals.Texas Fajitas is an amazing recipe to keep in your arsenal.

    This super fast and easy recipe uses three proteins and flavorful fajita seasoning. These fajita are simply irresistible.

    Just follow some tips and tricks to make this a hit every time, and simply pair this delightful dish with almost anything you love!

    Get the Recipe @ 4sonrus

    24. Jerk Chicken and Shrimp Pasta

    Meet your new favorite fusion dinner! Jamaican flavors marry with classic Italian, in this Jerk Chicken and Shrimp Pasta recipe. It’s is a total winner dinner!

    Jerk chicken and shrimp are sautéed with a blend of spices and an incredible sauce, that coats the proteins amazingly. Just scrumptious!

    It’s a must-try recipe for everyone who loves to try new fusion flavors!

    Get the Recipe @ theglamkitchen

    25. Chicken and Shrimp Pasta

    Yet another elegant pasta recipe for you to try, Chicken and Shrimp Pasta!

    In thi recipe, juicy chicken and shrimp are cooked in perfectly seasoned Cajun seasoning. Next, toss with seared bell peppers and onions, and a creamy parmesan sauce. Serve over your favorite pasta, and create an unforgettable dining experience, that you will crave time and time again!

    Get the Recipe @ cooktoria

    26. San Xian Wontons (Pork, Chicken and Shrimp Wontons)

    Have you made your beloved wontons with three different proteins? We have the best recipe for you to try! It’s the famous San Xian Wontons aka Pork, Chicken, and Shrimp Wontons.

    This recipe is a little bit long, but the end result will pay off just amazingly! This will be worth every effort you put in to make this delicious type of wonton.

    So, amaze everyone one with this takeout-worthy dish, and see everyone relish it thoroughly!

    Get the Recipe @ thewoksoflife

    27. Chicken and Shrimp Mozambique

    We bet you have not made anything like this insanely, delicious Chicken and Shrimp Mozambique in your kitchen. Is that true?

    Let us introduce to you to this excellent recipe that will help you create this masterpiece.

    You just have to follow this recipe, and you’re set for life, This one’s is going to become your all-time favorite meal!

    Serve this with crusty bread, to soak up all the goodness, and savor every bite of this delectable dish!

    Get the Recipe @ ingoodflavor

    28. Shrimp and Chicken Green Curry

    As the name describes, it’s truly the ultimate Shrimp and Chicken Green Curry recipe you will ever make.

    This recipe is perfect for weekends, as it takes time to make. But, it will make you and your taste buds super happy, that’s guaranteed!

    Also, this recipe is great for whole 30, DF, and GF dieters. It’s even amazing when you feel under the weather. This cozy curry is the best option. Try it!

    Get the Recipe @ thewoodenskillet

    29. Sizzling Cheesy Chicken and Shrimp

    Get ready to dazzle everyone with this Sizzling Cheesy Chicken and Shrimp recipe. it will become your new, go-to comfort food for sure!

    This incredible, hot skillet, features creamy mashed potatoes, that are topped with melted Mexican cheese, sautéed veggies, and perfectly marinated, cooked chicken and shrimp.
    This dish is simply heavenly!

    Get the Recipe @ delishdlites

    30. Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken and Shrimp

    Let’s end with a simple, yet stunning, Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken and Shrimp recipe. It’s actually an amazing tropical makeover, to your same old fried rice.

    Once you try this Thai pineapple version, we’re sure you will stick to this recipe for a lifetime. It’s super duper delicious and the flavors are simply addictive.

    So, add a good juicy pineapple to your shopping list today, and devour this flavorful meal with your loved ones!

    Get the Recipe @ thaicaliente


    So many great chicken and shrimp recipes to try! Which one will you start your day with?

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    30 BEST Chicken and Shrimp Recipes

    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Cook Time: 15 minutes
    Total Time: 25 minutes

    This collection of Chicken and Shrimp recipes gives you plenty of different ways to cook your favorite protein combo.


    • Jambalaya
    • Laksa
    • Pastalaya
    • Filipino Pancit
    • Shrimp and Chicken Fajitas
    • Grilled Shrimp and Chicken Kabobs
    • Chicken Thighs and Shrimp Paella
    • Jambalaya Soup
    • Olive Garden Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara
    • Shrimp and Chicken Scampi
    • Happy Family Stir Fry
    • Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai
    • Singapore Zoodle Stir Fry with Chicken & Shrimp
    • Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo
    • Shrimp Curry with Chicken
    • Applebee’s Bourbon Street Chicken and Shrimp
    • Gumbo
    • Chicken and Prawn Soup
    • Chicken And Shrimp Tacos
    • Outback Steakhouse Queensland Chicken and Shrimp Pasta
    • Spanish Rice with Chicken and Shrimp
    • Oven Fried Chicken with Creamy Fontina Shrimp Sauce
    • Texas Fajitas
    • Jerk Chicken and Shrimp Pasta
    • Chicken and Shrimp Pasta
    • San Xian Wontons


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