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    The 30 BEST Mocktail Recipes

    Get togethers, birthday parties, potlucks, Christmas, Valentines… If you make a huge pitcher of some delicious mocktail, it takes care of all. From adults to kids, everyone can smile for a good looking delicious glass of mocktail.

    It’s common to stock up beer, wine and liquor for any get together. But a good host or hostess shouldn’t overlook a place for a pitcher of non alcoholic drink. This will take care of all the teetotalers, kids and even pregnant woman and new mothers.

    They are very irresistible when served in pretty, chilled tall glasses. No one can say NO to a cool refreshing glass of some delicious concoction on some hot summer day. Mocktails are for you if you are avoiding empty calories, want to enjoy a drink without a hangover next day, or simply want to save money. 🙂

    We decided to present you with this gorgeous looking list of pretty Mocktail Recipes for just that purpose. It has all the classics like virgin mojitos and Pina Coladas to specialty mocktails like Orange Mosco Mule and Appletinis. Go through all and see how easy it is to just do some mixing for your tall glass of mocktail.

    The 30 BEST Mocktail Recipes.

     1. Virgin Margarita

    We’re starting this gorgeous looking Mocktail list with the most popular drink from any bar, Margaritas… in virgin form. They are sweet, tangy, tart and exudes freshness. Now you can make this drink with a few simple ingredients in no time.

    One great thing about making your own mocktail is you can customize it just the way you like. Want it more sweet? tart? tangy? All possible with a few adjustments.

    Get the Recipe @ makemineamocktail

    2. Virgin Mojito

    This virgin mojito is the very image of a refreshing drink. This non alcoholic mocktail is all about fresh mint, lime juice with just the right amount of sweetness. All gets fizzy with the help of club soda. All it takes is 5 minutes to make this amazing drink. You can always double or triple the quantities to make a big batch for larger crowds.

    Get the Recipe @ 40aprons

    3. Shirly Temple

    Now this is Classic drink that will take you to your childhood. Every kid’s favorite drink in gorgeous bight red color… Shirley Temple!! As the years pass by, you still go back to every now and then to this childhood favorite. You can whip a nice, tall glass with only a couple of ingredients. Make an individual glass or a huge punch in a bowl for the crowd.

    Get the Recipe @ bellyfull

    4. Non Alcoholic Sangria

    A pitcher of this sangria is a MUST if you are having some get together. This one is non alcoholic, so it takes care of all the teetotalers, and even kids love it. It’s a fun drink brimming with slices of different fruits. You can serve this pitcher for special occasions like Valentines or Christmas, or it can be just to beat the heat on any ordinary summer day.

    Get the Recipe @ lovebakesgoodcakes

    5. Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

    Your 5PM happy hours just got better. This refreshing thick and slushy Strawberry Daiquiri is so refreshing and so delicious. This recipe will tell you how to make your daiquiris thick so they don’t melt too fast.

    Get the Recipe @ houseofnasheats

    6. Virgin Cosmopolitan

    This virgin Cosmo is as fancy as it gets. It’s a delicious treat for non drinkers or expecting mothers. Because of its festive colors, this is another drink fit to serve on special occasions like Christmas and Valentines. It’s nothing but an easy mix of cranberry, lime and orange juice with a splash of sparkling water.

    Get the Recipe @ mindfulmocktail

    7. Non Alcoholic Mimosa

    Made with only three ingredients, this drink will amaze you with its taste and freshness. Traditionally, Mimosas are made with just champagne and orange juice, but this fun drink comes minus champagne… and yet is super delicious.

    Get the Recipe @ simplejoy

    8. Virgin Piña Coladas

    Do you remember unlimited Pina Coladas from your cruise vacation? You can make this virgin version of the classic with just a few ingredients. And we promise, you won’t miss the booze. Get the tropical vibes going with this delicious pineapple drink.

    Get the Recipe @ thefoodcharlatan

    9. Mai Tai Mocktail Party Punch

    This Mai Tai mocktail is a fun party drink. Make it into party punch. This will add an island vibe to any get together. Serve it in individual glasses or in a big pitcher.

    Get the Recipe @ lizoncall

    10. Frozen Virgin Strawberry Margarita

    This homemade frozen treat is out of this world delicious. It’s made with fresh berries, orange and lime juice and agave. This recipe will give you step by step instructions on how to whip this drink up in your blender.

    Get the Recipe @ barbarabakes

    11. Orange Moscow Mule Mocktail

    This Orange Moscow Mule Mocktail is the way to go if you want the famous cocktail without the alcohol. This drink is traditionally served in copper mugs and made with vodka and ginger beer. This mocktail version is made with orange juice and ginger beer, you will hardly notice that it’s minus any vodka.

    Get the Recipe @ skinnytaste

    12. Virgin Mary Mocktail

    Let’s turn the popular Bloody Mary into Virgin Mary. All without loosing its essence and flavors. The same savory, tangy and spicy hints in every single sip. Making this mocktail is a breeze as you might already have all the ingredients.

    Get the Recipe @ makemineamocktail

    13. Virgin Mango Orange Mojito

    This is the DRINK to make when craving some mango flavor. All you are doing is mixing mango and orange juice with a few more ingredients. Voila… A cool refreshing drink ready for all the hot summer days.

    Get the Recipe @ realhousemoms

    14. Tequila Sunrise Orange Mocktail

    This glass does shout out summer… and summer vibes. You can make this yum and colorful mocktail with only 4 ingredients. It has orange and peach flavors working together beautifully.

    Get the Recipe @ whiskitrealgud

    15. Non Alcoholic Juicy Julep

    This is a non-alcoholic version of the popular mint julep. We promise you won’t find any booze here. It’s a very refreshing mix of pineapple, orange and lime juices together. Top it with a little mint and sip this on hot summer days.

    Get the Recipe @ completelydelicious

    16. Virgin Palo-Marita 

    This great mocktail is a fusion of two famous cocktails, Paloma and Margarita…Palo-Marita. It’s refreshing, fresh, light with tons of citrussy flavors. If you like grapefruit, this is going to be your drink.

    Get the Recipe @ soberjulie

    17. Sparkling Peach Punch

    This vibrant, colorful sparkling Peach Punch is perfect for potlucks, summer BBQ parties and Bridal showers. It’s yummy with just the right amount of slush.

    Get the Recipe @ carlsbadcravings

    18. Non Alcoholic White Sangria

    This white sangria mocktail is a little different than red, both in appearance and flavors. This refreshing pitcher is a MUST for hot summer days loaded with colorful fruits.

    Get the Recipe @ onsuttonplace

    19. Watermelon Lime Mocktails

    This cool looking watermelon mocktail takes just 2 ingredients, watermelon and lime. You can rim your glasses with zesty Tajin to kick up the flavors in this mocktail.

    Get the Recipe @ gimmesomeoven

    20. Cranberry Mocktail with Pomegranate

    This festive mocktail is light, refreshing and fun with the mix of cranberry and pomegranate juice along with club soda. You can garnish it with a little mint and voila… Easy peasy tall glass for your festive gatherings.

    Get the Recipe @ keepingthepeas

    21. Blue Lagoon Mocktail

    Now that is one dazzling bright looking mocktail in beautiful blue color. Made with just three ingredients, blue Curaçao syrup, lemon juice, and Sprite, it’s breeze to make this mocktail. Impress your friends and family with this blue lagoon for your next get together.

    Get the Recipe @ savortheflavour

    22. Spicy Grapefruit Ginger Fizz Mocktail

    This grapefruit mocktail will take minutes to whip up into a chilled, slightly sweet, zesty and spicy glass. It’s made with grapefruit juice, ginger beer, fresh lime and mint… and not to forget some jalapeño slices for some kick!

    Get the Recipe @ gimmesomeoven

    23. Appletini Mocktail

    How many of you like apple martini? If you’re a fan, try this non alcoholic version of the same. Virgin Appletini. It’s made with same ingredients, except the booze, and has the same pretty green color.

    Get the Recipe @ fromhousetohome,

    24. Hurricane Mocktail

    Try this popular tropical drink out of New Orleans. This red sweet chilled drink might remind you of your favorite daiquiri. It has a fruity taste, as it’s a mix of passion fruit, orange, pineapple and lime juice.

    Get the Recipe @ savortheflavour

    25. Mermaid Water Mocktail

    This fairy tail looking mocktail will get huge approval from all the kids. Made a with few simple ingredients, it’s perfect for your little one’s birthday parties or some poolside parties.

    Get the Recipe @ themommadiaries

    26. Strawberry Cucumber Mojito Mocktail

    Now this strawberry cucumber Mojito mocktail looks so refreshing and inviting. It’s a mix of strawberries, cucumber, mint, and True Lime with sparkling water. So easy and so delicious.

    Get the Recipe @ maryswholelife

    27. Rainbow Coconut Water Spritzers

    Let us introduce you to this non alcoholic coconut water sangria loaded with a rainbow colors from different fruits. You will be refreshed throughout the day when you have a big pitcher full of this super easy delicious mix. So much tastier than just drinking regular water.

    Get the Recipe @ howsweeteats

    28. Hibiscus Iced Tea Sparkler

    A simple mix of hibiscus tea and sparkling water can make you a very refreshing mocktail. Serve it on special days like Valentines or Sunday brunches.

    Get the Recipe @ diethood

    29. Frozen Peach Bellini Mocktail

    When the peach season is on and you lay your hands on some juicy ripe peaches, blend them up and turn them into this delicious peachy mocktail with just few other ingredients. It is absolutely delish.

    Get the Recipe @ spicysouthernkitchen

    30. New Mother Mocktail

    This mocktail is dedicated to all new mothers or expected mothers who are avoiding alcohol. It’s mix of a few fruit juices and served with plenty of ice, making it delicious, refreshing and cool.

    Get the Recipe @ culinaryhill

    So there it is. All these mocktails will take care of you on hot summer days. You all can enjoy a tall glass of all these refreshing drinks anytime you feel like drinking something cool and tasty.

    Pin or bookmark this collection of great drinks and you know where to find them next time you are having some get together or potluck. Have fun mixing them in huge pitchers, or treat yourself to individual glasses.

    Mocktail recipes.

    The 30 BEST Mocktails

    Yield: 1 pitcher
    Prep Time: 5 minutes
    Total Time: 5 minutes

    This collection of refreshing and easy Mocktail Recipe will give you plenty of ways to cool off this summer!


    • fruit juice
    • carbonated water
    • lime
    • sugar syrup
    • fruits


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    3. Mix up your new favorite Mocktail Recipe!


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