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    The 20 BEST Panda Express Copycat Recipes

    I love my Panda Express, with their big variety of tasty stir fry dishes. But sometimes it’s just a hassle to pack everyone in the car and drive all the way there (yes, my nearest location isn’t as close as I would like).

    That’s why I’ve compiled this list of 20 amazing Panda Express copycats, so I can cook all my favorites any time I want. And let me tell you, these recipes hit it straight on!

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    Panda Express Copycats:

    1. Beef and Broccoli

    Make tonight’s stir-fry the absolute best with our beef and broccoli recipe!

    Ready in under 30 minutes and packed with flavor, it’s just what you need for a quick and tasty weeknight dinner!

    This speedy stir-fry contains really simple ingredients, yet it delivers serious flavor that will beat any takeout spot.

    Get the Recipe: Beef and Broccoli

    2. Kung Pao Chicken

    Kung pao chicken is so flavorful. Savory, sweet, and tangy. Plus those dried chilis give this dish an awesome kick!

    Don’t stress about the number of ingredients, you can easily make this in half an hour or less. Perfect for a quick weeknight meal.

    Get the Recipe: Kung Pao Chicken

    3. Panda Express® Beijing Beef

    This Beijing beef recipe is inspired by the super popular Panda Express® dish. You’ve got crispy beef strips with onion and red bell pepper in a sweet and sticky, tangy sauce with a hint of heat.

    This stir-fry is so much more flavorful than the original. It’s a super quick and easy meal that’s perfect for any weeknight – you’ve got to give it a try!

    Get the Recipe: Panda Express Beijing Beef

    4. General Tso’s Chicken

    General Tso’s chicken is an obvious go-to at Chinese joints, but why not forget about getting takeout as this homemade version is way tastier!

    This is a healthier version too, with no deep-fat frying, but it still packs the same awesome flavors.

    Next time you’re craving Chinese food, why not give this a shot? It might just become your new family favorite.

    Get the Recipe: General Tso’s Chicken

    5. Panda Express® Orange Chicken

    Orange chicken is a top pick on the Panda Express® menu, and it’s easy to see why!

    The sweet, zesty, citrus chicken in that thick, tangy sauce is a flavor sensation. You might get addicted, so consider yourself warned!

    It recreates just like you’re dining out, and some claim it’s even better. Why don’t you be the judge?

    Get the Recipe @ dinnerthendessert

    6. Panda Express® Mushroom Chicken Copycat

    Give this Panda Express® mushroom chicken copycat recipe a go! It consists of pan-seared chicken, with mushrooms and zucchini, in a tasty Asian soy, ginger and garlic sauce!

    This tasty stir-fry pairs wonderfully with steamed rice or noodles and it’s perfect for leftovers as it heats up like a charm. Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ drivemehungry

    7. Panda Express® Chow Mein

    If you want to make some homemade Chinese food instead of splurging on takeout, then this copycat Panda Express® chow mein recipe is just what you need!

    This simple recipe needs basic, fresh ingredients which you probably have in your pantry. And the best part? You can whip it up in under 30 minutes. We bet your whole family will love it.

    Get the Recipe @ favfamilyrecipes

    8. Panda Express® Honey Walnut Shrimp

    This Panda Express® honey walnut shrimp copycat recipe features crispy deep-fried tempura shrimp coated in a delicious sweet and savory sauce, topped with candied walnuts, and all in just 25 minutes. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

    Enjoy this quick and delicious dinner by pairing it with steamed or fried rice and some broccoli for a full meal.

    Get the Recipe @ sugarandsoul

    9. Black Pepper Chicken

    Black pepper chicken is a tasty Chinese-inspired dish made famous by Panda Express®!

    It is packed with bold flavors from the black pepper sauce, celery, and onions. The chicken is then covered in a slightly spicy, thick and tangy sauce that takes this dish to the next level!

    And in around 30 minutes, you can create this much loved Panda Express® dish at home. Enjoy.

    Get the Recipe @ tablefortwoblog

    10. Panda Express® Super Greens

    Try this Panda Express® super greens copycat recipe. It’s a tasty mix of broccoli, kale, and cabbage with sauce, just like Panda Express® does! Plus, this version is gluten-free and keto-friendly.

    Making these super greens at home is a breeze. Simply by using a steaming method you keep the fat and calories low, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

    Get the Recipe @ aspicyperspective

    11. Panda Express® Shanghai Angus Steak

    This Panda Express® Shanghai Angus steak is a simple stir-fry with onions, mushrooms, asparagus, and Angus sirloin steak. But let’s be serious, the real star of the show here is that tasty sauce!

    The combination of soy sauce with a hint of Worcestershire makes the ultimate sweet and savory taste. Plus the steak stays tender, all thanks to a simple marinating process which you will absolutely love.

    Get the Recipe @ chefjar

    12. Panda Express® Honey Sesame Chicken 

    Whip up your own version of Panda Express® honey sesame chicken with this simple copycat recipe.

    Juicy chicken chunks are crispy fried, then mixed with veggies in a sweet, tangy sauce. Just add rice, and dinner is ready.

    So, whenever you feel like having this popular dish there is no need to go out anymore!

    Get the Recipe @ deliciouslittlebites

    13. Panda Express® Fried Rice

    Enjoy a delicious Chinese side with a homemade Panda Express® fried rice recipe. This tasty rice dish is vegetarian friendly but can be customized with meat or seafood if you fancy it.

    No matter how you tweak it, it’s bound to satisfy your taste buds.

    Get the Recipe @ copykat

    14. Panda Express® Sweet Fire Chicken

    Have you given Panda Express® sweet fire chicken a go? It’s a fairly new addition, but it’s already a hit!

    The sweetness with a hint of spice is spot on. Luckily, this homemade version is super easy to make. And yes, like always, home-cooked is just way yummier and healthier because you know exactly what’s in your meal.

    Get the Recipe @ damndelicious

    15. Panda Express® Teriyaki Chicken

    Craving that Chinese flavor while also in the mood for some grilled chicken? Give this Panda Express® teriyaki chicken copycat recipe a try – it’s the perfect combo!

    It’s all about tender, flavorful meat with a thick, sweet, savory glaze. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds?

    Get the Recipe @ savortheflavour

    16. Cream Cheese Rangoons

    These super crispy cream cheese rangoons will totally outshine restaurant ones!

    These treats are incredibly easy to make at home and are loaded with delicious cream cheese. Simply follow this simple recipe and watch as the crowd go wild!

    Get the Recipe @ littlesunnykitchen

    17. Panda Express® String Bean Chicken

    Want the taste of Panda Express® without leaving home? Try this copycat Panda Express® string bean chicken breast!

    Tender chicken and stir-fried green beans are coated in a tasty Asian-inspired sauce with soy sauce, ginger, and garlic. It’s a total hit for any Chinese food fan!

    Get the Recipe @ chefjar

    18.  Panda Express® Bourbon Chicken

    Bourbon chicken rocks at Panda Express®! That yummy flavor and sticky sauce…… Drool! The taste is sweet, savory, and a bit tangy if you’ve never been lucky enough to try it.

    This recipe is perfect for a quick and easy weeknight dinner, simply pair with fried rice, lo mein, or veggies, and relish a lovely meal with your family.

    Get the Recipe @ simplecopycatrecipes

    19. Panda Express® Firecracker Chicken

    Up for some Chinese goodness? Try out this Panda Express® firecracker chicken for a tasty treat!

    Packed with flavor from the fermented black bean sauce, with a tangy kick and a hint of heat. Freshly chopped red and yellow bell peppers, onions, and green beans are mixed with marinated chicken for a quick, delicious dinner, ready in under 15 minutes. Perfection!

    Get the Recipe @ savortheflavour

    20. Eggplant Tofu (Panda Express® Copycat)

    This tasty eggplant tofu from Panda Express® is a breeze to make at home. Now there is no need to hunt down where serves it anymore.

    Just try this flavorful version whenever you desire.

    Get the Recipe @ tablefortwoblog

    I hope you enjoyed this list of Panda Express Copycat Recipes. Now I can enjoy my favorite restaurant food right in my very own kitchen!

    Pin or bookmark this collection of great dishes so you always know where to find it. And be sure to subscribe to GypsyPlate, we’re always cooking up new recipes!

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    20 BEST Panda Express Copycat Recipes

    My collection of Panda Express Copycat Recipes includes all my favorite dishes, which I can enjoy right in my own kitchen!


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