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    The 25 BEST Australian Recipes

    If you want to take a culinary journey Down Under, you’ve come to the right place. I have compiled a list of 25 classic Australian recipes that will have you saying “g’day mate!”

    From their famous meat pies to delicious sweet treats, this recipe collection has everything you need to put on an amazing Australian-themed spread.

    So grab your aprons, fire up the barbie, and let’s get cooking!

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    Australian Recipes:

    1. Australian Curried Sausages

    These delicious Australian Curried Sausages are a classic comfort food from the land down under.

    Ready in about 25 minutes, this quick and easy dish has a short list of ingredients: sausages, curry powder, aromatics, flour, chicken broth and frozen peas. Serve on creamy mashed potatoes and you’ll have a curried twist on bangers and mash!

    Get the Recipe: Curried Sausages

    2. Australian Meat Pie

    This awesome Australian Meat Pie is a must-try!

    Imagine biting into a buttery crust stuffed with tender slow-cooked chunky beef in a rich gravy. Topped off with a golden puff pastry, this Aussie meat pie is just too good!

    This recipe does take a bit of patience, but trust us, the wait is totally worth it. Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ recipetineats

    3. Aussie Beef Burgers

    Give your classic burger a delicious make over with this Drunken Aussie Beef Burger recipe!

    This delicious upgrade starts with beer-spiked juicy beef patties. Top with crispy bacon, caramelized pineapple, melted cheese, fried onion rings, sweet beetroot, ripe tomatoes, and a fried egg. Yummy, need we say more?

    Get the Recipe @ cafedelites

    4. Rissoles

    Rissoles, tender and juicy beef patties, are the ultimate Aussie comfort food! Ready in just 20 minutes, they’re great for parties, potlucks or a quick weeknight meal!

    And this easily adaptable recipe can be served lots of ways: plain, on burger buns or with a variety of gravies. Freeze extras for an easy, quick dinner and enjoy with your favorite sides.

    Get the Recipe @ wandercooks

    5. Barramundi with Lemon Butter Sauce

    This super simple Barramundi Recipe is everything you need for a wholesome seafood meal that’s ready in just 20 minutes. And the zesty lemon butter sauce, with a sprinkle of fresh basil, takes this dish to the next level.

    Pair this yummy dish with your favorite salads and rice on the side. It’s sure to become a family favorite!

    Get the Recipe @ chewoutloud

    6. Australian Damper

    Australian Damper, a quick bread recipe, is great for camping or baking at home. Simply crack open the crumbly crust to find the warm and toasty bread inside!

    You’re going to love this super quick and easy recipe with just 5 ingredients and 30 minutes of your time. And with no yeast required, no waiting around for the dough to rise, it bakes perfectly in a regular oven or a Dutch oven/camp oven.

    Get the Recipe @ Wandercooks

    7. ANZAC Biscuits

    Experience a taste of Australian and New Zealand traditions with this delicious ANZAC Biscuit recipe!

    These are just yummy! The mix of oats, coconut, and golden syrup gives them a sweet, nutty taste that’s super satisfying. Plus, the texture is perfect – crispy on the outside and a bit chewy on the inside. It will definitely be a special treat for your entire family!

    Get the Recipe @ kyleecooks

    8. Sausage Rolls

    Give your “pigs in a blanket” an Australian twist with these Sausage Rolls! They’re a big hit in Australia and Europe for a good reason!

    These savory rolls, in a flaky, buttery puff pastry, are perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even as a snack. Serve as an appetizer at your next party and watch them disappear!

    Get the Recipe @ favfamilyrecipes

    9. Pie Floater Recipe with Pea Soup

    You have to give this Pie Floater with Pea Soup recipe a try. It’s a classic South Australian street food treat!

    It might seem a bit weird, but there’s something unique about those crispy beef pies floating on mushy green pea soup. And it’s not only delicious, it’s budget friendly and easy to make. Simply pair it with your .favorite sauce for a delicious and satisfying meal. Enjoy.

    Get the Recipe @ wandercooks

    10. Lamingtons

    Have you tried Australian Lamington cake? If not, then you’re missing out on a major cake delight! It’s a yummy sponge cake with a buttery texture, covered in chocolate icing and coconut flakes.

    This cake seems simple enough to create: make a sponge cake, cut into squares, dip in icing and coat with coconut. The recipe gives you tips to make it a breeze and you can sandwich it with jam and cream for an extra touch. But no need, it’s delicious on its own!

    Get the Recipe @ recipetineats

    11. Australian Fairy Bread

    Don’t miss out on this fun and easy dessert, famously known as Australian Fairy Bread!

    This is one treat that kids will love and it’s super fast and simple. They can even make it themselves! All it takes are 3 ingredients: bread, margarine, and sprinkles. It’s a birthday favorite dish loved by kids, so give it a try.

    Get the Recipe @ foreignfork

    12. Zucchini Slice

    Whip up this super easy Zucchini Slice from scratch! With grated zucchini, cheese, bacon, and onion in a light egg base, this classic Australian recipe is super versatile!

    You can make it in just one bowl, it’s freezer-friendly and perfect for any meal. Serve it hot or cold as a light lunch, an afternoon snack, or dinner.

    Get the Recipe @ thecookingcollective

    13. Oysters Kilpatrick

    Oysters Kilpatrick is a top pick for serving oysters in Australia and it’s no wonder why! With bacon on top and a tasty sauce, it’s a seriously yummy mix!

    These are perfect for a fancy starter or load up on them with some sides for a satisfying meal. It’s a delicious treat you’ll serve again and again. Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ carolinescooking

    14. Aussie Potato Bake

    The is the best creamy Aussie Potato Bake recipe! It’s cheesy, super satisfying and a classic that never gets old!

    And making it at home is very easy. Just stack your sliced potatoes, onion, cheese, and cream. Follow some simple steps, tips and tricks and you’ll achieve that perfect creamy inside and golden cheesy outside. So yummy and it’s even better the next day!

    Get the Recipe @ cookingwithnanaling

    15. Prawn Cocktail

    Prawn Cocktails are an elegant classic from the 80s, but guess what? They’ve never gone out of style and never will!

    You just need fresh prawns, a delicious traditional rose-colored prawn cocktail sauce and that’s it. Your fancy appetizer is ready to serve at your next party, holiday dinner or whenever you’re craving some fresh seafood.

    Get the Recipe @ recipetineats

    16. Cheesy Spinach Cob Loaf (Dip in a Bread Bowl)

    You’ll totally steal the show at your next party with this amazing Cheesy Spinach Cob Loaf or yummy spinach dip in a bread bowl!

    It’s super popular, simple to make and needs just basic ingredients. And the bonus: no mayo in this version. It’s an instant crowd-pleaser that everyone will love. Perfect for game days, potlucks and parties.

    Get the Recipe @ dishedbykate

    17. Hedgehog Slice 

    Hedgehog Slice is a tasty mix of chocolate, nuts and biscuits that Aussies have enjoyed for ages. And the best part? You can easily make this treat at home with this simple recipe!

    You’re going to love the combo of textures in this chocolatey treat. It’s seriously addictive, hard to resist and requires No Cooking! Yum.

    Get the Recipe @ cookingwithnanaling

    18. Weet-Bix Slice

    Try Weet-Bix Slice, a delicious Aussie treat from the land down under. It’s a yummy chocolatey dessert that your whole family will love, especially the kids.

    It takes only 10 minutes of prep work, is ready to eat in half an hour and is perfect for a lunch box snack. Or try it with a cup of coffee or tea for a delicious afternoon energy boost.

    Get the Recipe @ bakeplaysmile

    19. Aussie Roast Lamb

    If you love a tasty lamb roast, you’ve got to try this Aussie Roast Lamb recipe. Seasoned with rosemary and garlic and cooked to perfection, this roast will not disappoint!

    Serve with a delicious gravy, peas, buttered steamed carrots, and crispy roast potatoes for a hearty Australian inspired meal. Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ recipetineats

    20. Fudgy Tim Tam Brownies

    Check out these amazingly fudgy Tim Tam Brownies made with a whole pack of Tim Tams. But if you can’t find Tim Tams, no problem! Any chocolate-covered biscuit or cookie-like Penguins or Oreos will do the trick!

    These brownies are super fudgy and packed with Tim Tams. They’re easy to make and will be a huge hit at pot lucks, cook-outs or anytime you’re craving chocolate! Yum.

    Get the Recipe @ sugarsaltmagic

    21. Vegemite Toast

    Vegemite is Australia’s classic spread. And much like America’s PB&Js, Australian kids are raised on Vegemite Toast..

    The salty, dark brown spread is made from yeast extracts and is very nutritious. It’s often spread on crackers, toast, sandwiches and used in pastry fillings. It can also be used as a flavoring, so why not give this unique spread a try.

    Get the Recipe @ 196flavors

    22. Honey Joys

    If you haven’t tried Honey Joys yet, you’ve got to give this treat a try! They’re super popular at Aussie kids’ parties and would be a special treat for your little ones, too.

    With just 4 ingredients and 10 minutes of effort, this delightful mix of honey and cornflakes is absolutely irresistible. Just melt, mix, bake and they’re good to go. Yummy!

    Get the Recipe @ sugarsaltmagic

    23. Chicken Parma Aussie Style

    Parma is a favorite Aussie comfort food loved by everyone. And this Chicken Parma Aussie style is a staple at pretty much every pub and loads of restaurants across Australia!

    A take-off of a typically Italian dish, this Aussie style dish makes it fun with a variety of toppings. Greek, Cajun and Mexican, just to name a few. Give it try, we’ll sure you’ll want to try all the yummy varieties!


    Get the Recipe @ greateightfriends

    24. Savoury Mince

    Savory Mince is a rich, cozy and comforting meat dish that is a classic Aussie comfort food!

    It’s easy to whip up in batches, freezes well, is super versatile and is on your plate in just around 20 minutes. Bonus: it’s a great base for all sorts of delicious dishes, so why wait? Try it soon and enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ thecookingcollective

    25. Australian Pavlova

    Pavlova is a traditional dessert recipe that’s a hit at any celebration, big or small. It’s loved for being easy to make and impressively delicious!

    This simple recipe starts with a crispy meringue shell and a fluffy marshmallow center. Get the meringue base baking in just 15 minutes, plus the recipe’s easy steps and fun topping ideas will help you nail this dessert every time, Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ wandercooks

    I hope you enjoyed this list of Australian Recipes. There’s so many amazing recipes to choose from, I know it’s going to be hard to pick just one!

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    25 BEST Australian Recipes

    In this recipe collection, I have compiled a list of my 25 favorite Australian recipes.


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