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    The 45 BEST American Recipes

    America is such a big country, home to immigrants from all over the world. It’s no wonder, then, that it features such a big variety of food.

    We’ve compiled this list of classic American Recipes, ones that originated right here in the States. You’ll find dishes from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

    Many of them you know, and some are very regional recipes that are just too good to leave off this list. The recipes are as varied as the people.

    So go through this amazing list and enjoy your childhood favorites, and some new flavors. Have fun!

    The 45 BEST American Recipes.

    American Recipes:

    1. Chili

    We’re starting our list with one of the most iconic American recipes. This giant batch of Chili is loaded with three types of meat and three types of beans.

    Go ahead and have seconds, there will still be plenty for leftovers!

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    2. Shrimp and Grits

    Shrimp and grits is a Lowcountry southern classic. This recipe featured Cajun spiced shrimp atop a bed of creamy cheese grits. Oh, there’s bacon!

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    3. Bacon Cheeseburger

    Everyone loves Cheeseburgers, but this Bacon Cheeseburger recipe is the ultimate.

    It’s packed full of flavor and texture, and honestly it’s something you can eat every time you crave cheeseburgers. This is one of the classic American recipes.

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    4. Johnny Marzetti (A Midwest Classic)

    Who is Johnny Marzetti? One hearty and nostalgic American casserole, that’s who.

    Also known as American Goulash and American Chop Suey, this classic vintage casserole of pasta with beefy tomato sauce and melted cheese is always a hit.

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    5. Fried Chicken

    Sometimes, you just can’t beat a plateful of fried chicken. This Southern style recipe gives you plenty of helpful hints and tips to make sure your chicken turns out perfect every time.

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    6. Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

    This recipe proves that you can make a good Chicago-style pizza right in your own home!

    It’s easy to make, but it’s still filled with flavor thanks to its thick and buttery crust, chunky tomato sauce, and gooey cheese.

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    7. Loco Moco

    Say Aloha to this Hawaiian Favorite, Loco Moco… Now who wouldn’t be a little intrigued by a dish named “Loco Moco”? Let’s get a little taste of Hawaii going on in your kitchen.

    Loco Moco is a fun, yet delicious, thing where a heap of rice is topped with a beef patty, smothered with gravy, and finished with a sunny side up egg. How cool!

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    8. Smothered Chicken

    Smothered Chicken is the ultimate Southern comfort food. Generously seasoned seared chicken thighs smothered in an amazing gravy. This is soul food at its best!

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    9. Denver Omelette

    How about a hearty breakfast from the West… Denver Omelette! Also known as Western Omelette, this one is loaded with not only ham and cheese but plenty of veggies.

    Now who wouldn’t want to start the day with such a colorful and delicious treat first thing in the morning?

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    10. Cioppino

    Here’s a hearty and tasty stew for you! Loads of seafood are simmered in a perfectly seasoned tomato and wine based broth. A San Francisco classic!

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    11. Shrimp de Jonghe

    Little know outside of Chicago, Shrimp de Jonghe is a classy restaurant appetizer of shrimp in a buttery, sherry laced garlic sauce topped with breadcrumbs and baked.

    If you love scampi, give this recipe a try!

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    12. Chicken and Dumplings

    Is there any single dish that says “comfort food” more than chicken and dumplings? Hearty chicken stew topped with big fluffy dumplings, all in one pot. So cozy!

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    13. Reuben Sandwich

    This Classic Reuben Sandwich is not just your regular sandwich, it’s cheesy paradise!

    Though it features Jewish rye, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and is eaten on an Irish holiday, this amazing sandwich is an American invention!

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    14. Country Captain

    If you’ve never tried country captain, now’s the time! It’s a curried chicken dish popular in the South and was a favorite dish of General Patton. America’s very own curry!

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    15. Crab Cakes

    Maryland style crab cakes are a huge hit with seafood lovers. This recipe uses very little filling, allowing the great crab flavor and texture to really stand out!

    Get the Recipe @ sallysbakingaddiction

    16. Apple Pie

    Apple Pie… Quintessential American dessert! This recipe has a super flaky crust and a perfectly seasoned apple pie filling. All you need is a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream!

    Get the Recipe @ natashaskitchen

    17. Brunswick Stew

    This hearty southern Brunswick stew is perfect for chilly nights. If you love barbecue flavors, this is sure to become one of your new favorites.

    It’s loaded with smoked meats, veggies and great seasonings. And best of all, it’s super easy. Only a few minutes of hands on time is all it takes.

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    18. Shrimp Creole

    This New Orleans classic is one of my favorite American recipes. Plump juicy shrimp drenched in a tomato based sauce with my beloved Creole flavors. You’ll make this one again and again!

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    19. Meatloaf

    Basic, but oh so delicious meatloaf. This recipe, complete with a shiny glaze, is super easy and comes out tender and juicy every time. An American tradition!

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    20. Squash Casserole

    This classic yellow Squash Casserole is a great every day side dish for your favorite Southern fare. Easy and delicious, this will be especially popular on your holiday spreads.

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    21. Cornbread

    Cornbread – This is a staple that pairs so well with things like chili and barbecue, or just tastes great on it’s own with a slab of butter.

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    22. Buffalo Wings

    Everyone’s favorite game day food… Buffalo wings!! They’re smothered in an easy homemade buffalo sauce. So simple to make, they’ll be a total hit for any party table!

    They’re crispy outside with tender and juicy meat inside and generously coated with the famous buffalo sauce. This one is a serious keeper.

    Get the Recipe @ kitchensanctuary

    23. Po’ Boys

    Shrimp Po’ Boys are a great sandwich. This recipe is so succulent, with fried crunchy buttermilk shrimp loaded on soft French rolls and topped with tomato, crunchy lettuce and spicy mayo.

    These Po’ Boys are super easy to make and perfect for friends and family.

    Get the Recipe @ number-2-pencil

    24. New York Style Cheesecake

    New York style cheesecake… Now who wouldn’t like to dig into this rich, creamy and smooth cheesecake? New York style cheesecake is a tad bit different than your regular cheesecake, being more creamy and dense.

    Learn the tips and tricks and make this happen in your very own kitchen. You can top this with any topping of your choice.

    Get the Recipe @ lifeloveandsugar

    25. Memphis Style Pulled Pork

    Memphis is famous for its barbecue. This barbecue pulled pork is cooked low and slow in the crock pot so it turns up super tender and delicious.

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    26. Biscuits and Gravy

    The ultimate Southern breakfast! Hot, homemade biscuits topped with the most amazing sausage gravy. You’ll keep coming back to this one!

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    27. Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

    Philly Cheesesteaks are an easy, simple and quick recipe. They’re made with thinly sliced ribeye steak, sweet caramelized onions and provolone cheese on a roll.

    If you like, you can add veggies too. This sandwich recipe is super awesome!

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    28. California Rolls

    California rolls are one of the most popular sushi rolls in America. Imitation crab, cucumber and avocado are wrapped up in nori and rice. It’s a simple recipe perfect for beginners.

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    29. Clam Chowder (New England Style)

    There’s just something so comforting about a steaming bowl of clam chowder. This easy recipe for the New England version is creamy, delicious, and packed with clams!

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    30. Clam Chowder (Manhattan Style)

    Another great chowder recipe is this Manhattan style clam chowder. It has a savory tomato broth loaded with clams, potatoes, veggies and bacon. So good!

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    31. Key Lime Pie

    This Key Lime Pie is a real treat. It has a creamy, tangy filling inside a great tasting graham cracker crust. This one is a must dessert for all your potlucks and barbecue parties!

    Get the Recipe @ savingdessert

    32. Barbecue Ribs

    This is an ultimate pork recipe for ribs lovers… Slow cooked ribs. These oven barbecue ribs are slathered in the most delicious sticky barbecue sauce!

    Juicy, melt-in-your-mouth oven baked Barbecue Ribs are fall-off-the-bone delicious!

    Get the Recipe @ cafedelit

    33. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    Here’s a vintage and classic comfort food. This Grilled Cheese Sandwich is something we all grew up on. So simple, but always such a treat. One of the very famous American recipes.

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    34. Spam Musubi

    Spam Musubi is one of the most popular foods in Hawaii. A slice of fried Spam sits atop sushi rice and all is wrapped together with nori. Give it a try in your own kitchen!

    Get the Recipe @ favfamilyrecipes

    35. Cuban Sandwich

    Despite the name, Cuban sandwiches are a Floridian invention. They’re made of a variety of ham layered with pickles, mustard sauce and swiss cheese assembled in soft bread, then it’s toasted to perfection!

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    36. Pecan Pie

    Here’s one of our absolute favorite American recipes, Pecan Pie. It has a great buttery, vanilla infused filling and is topped with crunchy pecans.

    The salty/sweet combo is amazing. You don’t want to miss this one!

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    37. Sloppy Joes

    Sloppy Joes are a classic we all grew up on. They’re sweet, tangy, zesty and savory, with the perfect texture and consistency.

    This is a perfect family meal to get ready in no time. It’s very simple and easy, too!

    Get the Recipe @ thereciperebel

    38. Eggs Benedict

    Everybody’s favorite Eggs Benedict. You can now make this New York restaurant favorite right in your kitchen. Treat your family this weekend with this all time classic.

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    39. Beignets

    If you’ve never had a beignet, you’re in for a real treat. These famous New Orleans creations are like freshly cooked doughnuts without the hole, and loaded up with powdered sugar.

    Even if you’re not in NoLa, you can easily make them right in your own home!

    Get the Recipe @ bakerbynature

    40. Corn Dogs

    Who doesn’t love a corndog every now and then? These carnival favorites are actually quite easy to make, and are sooo much better homemade. An American tradition!

    Get the Recipe @ carlsbadcravings

    41. French Dip

    The French Dip is one of the most delicious sandwiches. Originating in Los Angelas, it features juicy roast beef, melted cheese and an amazing French Dip Au Jus.

    You won’t be able to resist this one!

    Get the Recipe @ thecookierookie

    42. Grillades and Grits

    Grillades ‘n’ Grits, a Creole classic. Tender medallions of meat simmered in a tomato based gravy over creamy, cheesy grits. This regional gem is one of the most delicious American recipes!

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    43. Shrimp Cocktail

    Invented in a Las Vegas casino, shrimp cocktail is a simple, yet elegant appetizer. Cooked shrimp served alongside cocktail sauce, anyone can master this recipe!

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    44. Chicken and Waffles

    Chicken and waffles is a combo with a past that has stirred some debate. According to various stories, it first originated in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, the Deep South, or Harlem.

    In any case, it really started gaining momentum in a famous restaurant in Los Angeles in the 70’s, and has been getting more popular ever since.

    Get the Recipe @ therecipecritic

    45. Chocolate Chip Cookies

    We are ending the list of American recipes with one beloved by all… Chocolate Chip cookies!! They look and taste exactly like they came fresh from the bakery, and are a fun way to spend time with your kiddos.

    Just be prepared for cookie requests all the time once you make this yummy recipe for your family!

    Get the Recipe @ handletheheat

    We hope you enjoy these classic American Recipes as much as we do. There’s just so many varied flavors to choose from!

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    The 45 BEST American Foods

    This collection of classic American Food is as varied as it's people. From coast to coast, there are so many great dishes! You can't go wrong with this chili:


    • 1 lb ground beef
    • 1 lb beef stew meat
    • 1 14oz smoked sausage
    • 3 15.5 oz cans of beans (kidney, black and great northern)
    • 3 14.5 oz cans diced tomatoes
    • 3 cups beef broth
    • 1 Tbsp cooking oil
    • 1 onion
    • 10 cloves garlic
    • 1 jalepenõ
    • 4 Tbsp tomato paste
    • 4 Tbsp chili powder
    • 2 Tbsp cumin powder
    • 1 Tbsp dried oregano
    • 1 tsp black pepper
    • 2 Tbsp brown sugar
    • Salt, to taste


      1. Heat oil in large dutch oven (I used 7qt) over medium high heat.
      2. Chop onion, garlic and jalepenõ. Add to dutch oven and sauté 5 minutes.
      3. Add stew meat, sauté until browned.
      4. Dice sausage into 1/2 inch slices and add to pot. Sauté until slightly browned.
      5. Move everything to perimeter of pot and add ground beef to middle. Stir regularly and cook until cooked through.
      6. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Bring to low boil and simmer 1 hour. Adjust salt to taste.


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