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    The 40+ BEST Mexican Recipes

    Mexican food… The cuisine that most of us can dig in to with gutso any day… any time … all the time. 🙂 I mean, can we really get tired of all those fresh, zingy, zesty flavors in perfectly seasoned meals? I say that’s doubtful.

    No wonder Mexican food is one of the most popular ethnic cuisines here in the United States and all over. The world simply can’t get enough of stuffing their mouths with unlimited tacos and burritos and their addictive nachos.

    We decided to compile this list of Mexican Recipes that will give you plenty of all these regular Mexican fares, along with their authentic popular regional classics like barbacoa, carnitas, carne asada and chili verdes. Go through these great Mexican dinner ideas and have fun.

    The 40 BEST Mexican Recipes.

    Learn to make pozole and pollo asado, flavors you might not be familiar with. Try new soups like albondigas soup or fun appetizers like queso fundido, and new breakfast flavors like huevos rancheros. All good. So, so good.

    All of these Mexican foods are cooked with fresh ingredients and seeped in amazing, delicious flavors. They are BOLD and BEAUTIFUL. Go through this fabulous list and cook your way through all these varied flavors. Have fun…

    1. Barbacoa Pork

    We are starting this list with a very popular Mexican favorite, Barbacoa. Super easy, Super tasty and Super versatile. Garlicky, super moist, super tender, super juicy.

    This Barbacoa Style Pork is braised low and slow, simmering for hours in some serious Mexican flavors like chipotle in adobo sauce, cumin, oregano and plenty of lime juice and cilantro. The result? Melt in your mouth, fall apart meat that even a toothless person can chow down on!

    Make a huge batch and you can serve a big crowd or have leftovers for days. Try in tacos, a Buddha bowl, or use your own creativity!

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    2.Birria (Mexican Beef Stew)

    Birria… Get ready for a very delicious and popular Mexican stew full of savory, earthy and spicy seasonings, with fall apart meat cooked good old slow and low for hours.

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    3. Birria Tacos

    These are EPIC tacos… Birria Tacos!!! This birria taco recipe is made with tender and flavorful birria beef, which is loaded into broth-dipped corn tortillas with cheese, fried until crispy, then dunked in birria broth or consommé for a delicious finish.

    Hmmm… these dunking tacos. I bet once you try them, you will come back to these again and again.

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    4. Fajitas

    Fajitas are always a fun family meal. These flank steak fajitas are the perfect easy option when that Mexican food craving hits. Perfectly marinated, melt in your mouth tender beef strips with colorful peppers. You’re in for an awesome tasty meal with this one!

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    5. Chicken Tacos (Mexican Street Style)

    These easy authentic Mexican Street Style Chicken Tacos are packed with flavor from a great marinade, and can be your easy weeknight dinner, meal prep, or feed a crowd. Mexican comfort food at its best.

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    6. Carnitas

    This easy Carnitas recipe is just too good. Imagine well seasoned pork that has been slow cooked to tender, succulent perfection, then broiled to add some crisp factor. It’s perfect for tacos, burritos, nachos, bowl meals and more.

    Skip the trip to the Mexican restaurant. This pulled pork is so easy and so good that you don’t have any excuse not to make it yourself!

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    7. Carne Adovada

    Carne Adovada is a delightfully flavorful stewed pork dish from New Mexico, where dried chili peppers are the star attraction. You can serve this Carne Adovada with white rice, cilantro rice, flour tortillas, or corn tortillas.

    Get the Recipe: Carne Adovada

    8. Mexican Picadillo

    Picadillo… The Most famous and popular ground beef recipe from all the Latin countries. This one is Mexican style. It’s super flavorful and versatile. Plus, it only takes 30 minutes!

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    9. Pozole Rojo

    Pozole Rojo is an ultimate Mexican soup! This classy, cozy, and incredibly delicious recipe is a rich vibrant bowl of goodness.

    In this classic recipe, tender pork and hominy are simmered in a fragrant broth seasoned with aromatic spices and mild chilis. This creates a perfect balance of robust flavors and hearty textures. The stew is then topped with an array of fresh, crunchy, and zesty garnishes.

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    10. Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos

    How about some Taco Time? Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa… Sweet and savory, these tacos are so tasty you will want to go back for seconds, maybe thirds! And they are so quick, they just might become a weeknight staple. Whenever you see a mango, think about these colorful tacos!

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    11. Chili Verde

    This authentic Chili Verde is Mexican pork stew which is slow cooked until the pork is juicy tender and melt in your mouth. The homemade chili verde sauce is made with roasted tomatillos, onions, garlic, poblano and jalapeño peppers. Serve it with avocado, lime, sour cream and cheese. It’s Mexican cuisine at its best..

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    12. Albondigas Soup

    Now this is not your regular soup. Every sip is loaded with delicious, bold Mexican flavors. This albondigas soup is a comfort pot of beef and rice meatballs simmered with plenty of veggies like potatoes, carrots and zucchini.

    The broth is a rich tomato base with Mexican staple spices. Try this Mexican soup for some extra punch in your soup bowl.

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    13. Pollo Asado

    Pollo Asado is well marinated and grilled to perfection chicken. It’s tender and juicy with amazing Mexican flavors seeped all through out the meat. The marinade is the secret for this fabulous char grilled chicken dinner.

    You can have it plain with some guacamole or salsa, or chop it and load tacos and burritos or salad bowls. Great meal prep option for a busy week.

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    14. Steak Tacos

    Try tacos with your favorite steak. You are going to love them any time, every time. These Steak Tacos are going to be so addictive that you will think about them every time you are cooking steak. Load them with any of your favorite toppings and see them polished off in no time.

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    15. Caldo de Pollo (Mexican Chicken Soup)

    This Caldo de Pollo, or Mexican Chicken Soup, is brimming with simple flavors and loaded with fresh veggies. It’s great any time of the year!

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    16. Breakfast Tacos

    There is nothing better to start a day than a hearty, tasty breakfast. Do it Mexican style! Load your favorite kind of tortillas with scrambled eggs, chorizo sausage, breakfast potatoes along with fresh pico de gallo, avocado and Mexican cheese. Now that’s a King’s Breakfast.

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    17. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

    These Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas are the way to go when you come home after a busy day, don’t feel like cooking, and yet crave some Mexican food. They are extremely easy to throw together, in one pan, so less clean up later…

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    18. Taco Skillet

    Got 30 minutes?? If so, we’ve got your dinner covered. Looking to entertain with minimum time cooking? If so, we’ve got you covered. They won’t stop scooping it. Your child won’t eat veggies? If so, we got you covered. This disguises tons of veggie power for your little ones.

    This cheesy, gooey skillet is versatile and you can serve it with endless options and variations. It’s one meal fit for any time of the day, from breakfast to lunch to dinner. From special get togethers to regular weekday meals, this one’s a winner. By accident, it turns out to be a low carb keto dream. All win-win!!

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    19. Pico de Gallo

    Easy, fresh and delicious. This Pico de Gallo whips up in 10 minutes and is great with chips as an appetizer, or as a condiment to many of your favorite Mexican dishes. Try this fresh pico next time you have a get together.

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    20. Sopa de Fideo (Mexican Noodle Soup)

    Sopa de Fideo is the finest version of Mexican soup that you must try! This noodle soup is jam-packed with delectable flavors, and the tomato broth is just too good to be true.

    It may become one of your favorite Mexican soup recipes.

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    21. Salsa Taquera (Chili de Árbol Salsa)

    If you like HOT, this classic Salsa Taquera is for you. Fiery árbol chilis and a few other simple ingredients blend together for the ultimate taco experience! This one is what you would encounter in authentic Mexcican Taquerias along with their different assortments of tacos.

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    22. Caldo de Res (Mexican Beef & Vegetable Soup)

    Caldo de Res is a flavorful Mexican beef and vegetable soup that simmers for hours in a beautiful homemade broth. Melt in your mouth beef simmered for hours in a beautifully flavored, yet delicately tasty, bone broth with loads of varied colorful vegetables cooked to perfection… served in your biggest available bowl to accommodate all the goodies.

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    23. Tacos Gobernador

    Tacos Gobernador, aka Governor’s Tacos!! Have you ever taken a bite into these crazy tasty shrimp tacos? They are irresistibly delicious and messy to start with. They are kind of a cross between a taco and quesadilla, with crunchy inviting bites with ton of melty cheese.

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    24. Cilantro Lime Rice (Chipotle Rice Recipe)

    nce you try this Cilantro Lime Rice, you’ll never go back to plain old white. Just a simple addition of a few ingredients, and a few extra moments of effort are all it takes to transform your rice.

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    25. Camarones a la Diabla

    Now you can see this one is for spice lovers by just looking at the photo. Camarones a la Diabla are also known as Diablo Shrimp or Mexican deviled shrimp. They are juicy, large shrimp covered in a bright, spicy flavorful red chili pepper sauce.

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    26. Refried Beans

    Take your Mexican night up a notch with this easy Refried Beans recipe! They are sooo much better than the canned stuff.

    With just a few simple ingredients, and minimal effort, you can have restaurant quality refried beans to serve alongside your tacos, or any of your favorite Mexican dishes.

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    27. Baja Fish Tacos

    These Baja Fish Tacos are one of our new favorite handheld meals. Soft tortillas packed full of beer battered fish, pico de gallo, avocado and chipotle mayo. Serious YUM!

    They’re a fun weekend meal, or a great dish to serve to guests. And you can have your taco bar on the table in about 20 minutes.

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    28. Chile Colorado

    Chile Colorado is a flavorful and authentic Mexican stew. Tender beef chunks simmer in a tasty red sauce made from dried chili peppers.

    Get the Recipe: Chile Colorado

    29. Mexican Ground Beef Tacos

    These ground beef tacos are a fun, super easy weeknight dinner the whole family will love. You won’t even want to wait till Tuesday!

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    30. Surf and Turf Nachos

    These Surf and Turf Nachos will be a huge hit at your next get together. Perfectly marinated steak, succulent shrimp and all your favorite fixings atop a bed of crispy tortilla chips.

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    31. Mexican Street Corn Salad

    This Mexican Street Corn Salad is going to be the new star at all of your cookouts and potlucks.

    When everyone else shows up with yet another pasta or potato salad, the crowd will gather around these amazing flavors that come from just a few simple ingredients.

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    32. Taco Casserole

    Tacos get transformed into a hot dish, aka Casserole… Taco Casserole!! Everyone’s favorite hand held meal gets a cozy comfort food make over. 

    Get ready for a really Out Of This World Delicious ground beef casserole. This 9×13 dinner is a real crowd pleaser.

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    33. Carne Molida

    Carne Molida is a versatile and savory Mexican ground beef dish perfect for tacos, burritos, and more. Picture this: ground beef cooked up with fresh homemade salsa, a mix of veggies and seasoned with a cozy blend of spices like cumin, oregano and chili powder. And you end up with one amazingly tasty Mexican ground beef!!

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    34. Taco Soup

    Feel like tacos in a bowl? This Taco Soup is the way to go. You can make this soup happen in about 30 minutes and it’s read to get loaded with your favorite toppings. The flavorful soup is all about perfectly seasoned ground beef along with corn, peppers, tomatoes and beans. Slurp and finish…

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    35. One Skillet Mexican Casserole

    This One Skillet Mexican Casserole only takes 10 minutes of hands on time and is loaded with great flavors.

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    36. Carne Picada (Best Taco / Burrito Meat)

    This recipe for Carne Picada meat is a perfect filling for tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, and so much more! It’s a great easy weeknight dinner when you crave Tex-Mex flavors.

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    37. Migas

    Kickstart your day with Migas!! This quick scrambled egg recipe with roots in the Mexican breakfast scene gets a Tex-Mex twist, turning into a great morning treat. 

    Crispy fried tortilla strips get tossed with fluffy scrambled eggs, then all get vibrant toppings of fresh Pico de Gallo, avocado and shredded cheese.

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    38. Shrimp Fajitas

    You’re going to love these Shrimp Fajitas. Just a brief marinade, a quick toss in the skillet, and you’ve got a restaurant-quality meal the whole family will love.

    Served with your choice of corn or flour tortillas, they can be your easy weeknight dinner or special Sunday meal.

    Get the Recipe: Shrimp Fajitas

    39. Mango Salsa

    You gotta try mango salsa in the summer time when you see some juicy, ripe mangoes. All you doing is chopping and mixing a few ingredients. Life can’t get easier than that… right? Great for get togethers and potlucks alongside plenty of tortilla chips. Or use it as topping for tacos or over baked chicken or fish like our baked salmon with mango salsa.

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    40. Carne Asada

    Carne Asada, one of the classics in Mexican cuisine. All the delicious flavors happen with a few simple ingredients. Simple marinade and sauce made with cilantro, olive oil, soy sauce, orange and lime juice, garlic, jalapeno and cumin create the flavor wonder.

    Marinade the steak longer for maximum flavors. Dig in straight or load your tacos and burritos, the choice is yours.

    Get the Recipe @ damndelicious

    41. Tamales

    How many of you have tried this Mexican classic? Tamales. The chances are high if you have some Mexican friends and they have shared this wonderful favorite of theirs with you. Making them in your kitchen seems a little intimidating and would take up some time, but the end result is so much worth it when they come fresh steaming out of the pot.

    They are much easier that you would think, just simply follow the step by step instructions and make yourself a big batch of this Mexican classic food.

    Get the Recipe @ gimmesomeoven

    42. Ceviche

    Ceviche – This shrimp ceviche is a fresh, delicious appetizer that will win everyone’s heart in no time. It takes minutes to whip this up, and you can serve it at your next get together along with chips or over crispy tostadas.

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    43. Tostadas

    Tostadas are crunchy and super fun to make. The tortillas can be toasted or deep fried to make the crunchy base for all the toppings that go on top. Think refried beans, delicious well seasoned ground beef along with lettuce, cheese, avocado and pico de gallo. It would be a real treat to bite into these.

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    44. Chicken Enchiladas

    Making restaurant worthy enchiladas is very much possible. All you need is great enchilada sauce and everything else falls into place with any kind of protein you want. Try precooked shredded chicken, beef or pork. Every time it will turn finger licking delicious with melty cheese on top.

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    45. Queso Fundido with Chorizo

    Looking for some fun cheese dip for your next get together? Take your regular cheese dip up a notch with this Queso Fundido!! It gets so much flavor from Mexican beer, jalapenos and cilantro. Top it with spicy chorizo and see all the people go ga-ga over this new sensation.

    Get the Recipe @ yellowblissroad

    46. Chile Relleno

    Chile Relleno, a classic you find in all the Mexican restaurants. It’s so much easier to make it in your very own kitchen. These are poblano peppers stuffed with cheese, dipped in egg batter and fried to golden brown perfection. Serve it with easy delicious red salsa or with sour cream. All good…

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    There you go, all your Mexican favorites in one place. You will want to save all these wonderful recipes for that Taco Tuesday or any other day some Mexican cravings hit hard. Pin or bookmark this post for an easy return to all these delicious flavors.

    Make most of different types of tacos and nachos that you are familiar with, but then try some new flavors like pozole and chile relleno.

    Let us know if any one of these recipes become your regular family favorite or smashing HIT at your next get together. Have fun…

    Mexican recipes.

    The 40+ BEST Mexican Recipes

    Yield: 6 servings
    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Cook Time: 20 minutes
    Total Time: 30 minutes

    This great collection of tasty and easy Mexican Recipes will satisfy your cravings without a trip to the restaurant!


    • chicken
    • beef
    • shrimp
    • veggies
    • tortillas
    • cilantro
    • spices


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