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    2022 GypsyPlate Bloopers

    To wrap up what has been a great year for GypsyPlate, we thought it would be fun to share some of our bloopers with you.

    We like to think that we’re both pretty good cooks, and don’t often feel the need for multiple takes on a certain recipe. We usually manage to hit it just right on the first go.

    That being said, there have been some big duds. Sometimes our initial crack at a recipe needs some serious re-doing, and sometimes we have reshoot it for visual reasons. Ah, the trouble with taking pictures of dinner for a living. 🤷

    Anyways, in no particular order, here are our top bloopers of 2022:

    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    For our first ever dessert post, we got a little overambitious about how many cookies would fit on our sheet pan.

    Oh well, we didn’t mind eating two batches. Check out the revised recipe! They turn out absolutely delicious and perfect in second attempt..

    chocolate chip cookies

    Baked Tacos

    We were pretty excited about these baked tacos. Unfortunately, we didn’t make nearly enough of the meat mixture, leaving them looking empty and sad.

    This one is still on the to-do list…

    baked tacos

    Steak Gorgonzola Flatbread

    Steak and gorgonzola are such a great combo, we decided to make a flatbread for you. Unfortunately, the steak got overcooked.

    Our next attempt was a success though, be sure to check out the recipe.

    steak flatbread

    Jerk Chicken

    So, yeah, speaking of overcooking things… Our first go at Jamaican jerk chicken was a little, uh, charred. You gotta watch for those flareups!

    Our second shoot went much better, and tasted delicious. Take a look at the recipe.

    jerk chicken

    Wonton Soup

    The soup tasted great. And we were thrilled with the pictures. Until the next day when we realized we forgot the scallion garnish. Reshoot!

    Food blogger problems… But it’s a nice recipe, check it out!

    wonton soup


    Not only was it ugly, but truthfully it was pretty yucky. We’ll be making some serious modifications the next time we attempt a meatloaf!


    Margarita Pizza

    You may not be able to tell from the before pictures, but those mozzarella slices were way too thick. Our oven was a cheesy mess.

    margarita pizza

    “Halloween Soup”

    We had a nice chicken and rice soup planned for you, but then my husband spotted a box of purple rice in the back of the cabinet. Little did we know it would discolor everything.

    Since it was in October, we named it “Halloween Soup”!

    halloween soup

    We hope you had fun seeing some the bloopers that go on behind the scenes of a food blog. Who knows what screwups we’ll manage in 2023.

    Keep following along, we have plenty of non-blunders coming your way. In fact, we’ve got a big hit ready to lead off the year. Stay tuned…

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