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    The 30 BEST Chicken Wrap Recipes

    Chicken Wraps… such easy lunches, light dinners and snacks, perfect for make ahead meal prep. Just gather your ingredients and wrap everything up!

    We’ve compile this collection of easy Chicken Wrap Recipes so you have a huge variety of flavors for your favorite quick lunches.

    Whatever fillings you have on hand, whatever flavors you’re craving, there’s something for you to make here.

    Go through all of these great chicken wrap recipes, you’re easy lunches have never been so tasty!

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    The Best Chicken Wrap Recipes:

    1. Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Peanut Sauce

    We are starting this mouth-watering list of Chicken Wrap recipes with our own delicious Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Peanut sauce!

    These super flavorful and irresistible chicken lettuce wraps are super easy to make. You can relish them without any guilt, as they are low carb and weight watcher friendly. So just enjoy.

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    2. Chicken Tikka Gyros

    Chicken Tikka Gyros!! Does such thing exist? It does NOW! Right here on GypsyPlate.

    Who wouldn’t like to take a bite of Indian flavored chicken bites wrapped in your favorite pita bread, topped with Greek flavors.

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    3. Chicken Caesar Wraps

    Here is the best Chicken Caesar Wrap recipe ever! The amazingly easy chicken is made in the slow cooker, just put it in and forget it.

    The end result will be super flavorful, juicy, and melt in your mouth delicious. You will enjoy this chicken wrap that is ready to rock and roll.

    Get the Recipe @ damndelicious

    4. Honey Buffalo Chicken Wraps 

    Make your family this delectable Honey Buffalo Chicken Wraps, which is one of the easiest and most satisfying wraps you will have!

    This healthy recipe has only 3 ingredients, so try this wrap today.

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    5. Chicken Avocado Wraps

    Ok, so try making this Chicken Avocado wrap with sweet potato wrap for a healthy and delicious lunch.

    This stunning recipe uses all nutri-rich and light ingredients with a homemade cilantro avocado dressing. So good!

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    6. Asian Chicken Wraps

    Make this Asian version of Chicken Wraps, and impress every at home. This jammed-packed with delicious bold flavor recipe is just too good.

    It’s creamy, crunchy, spicy, and healthy, all good things in one wrap. What are you waiting for?

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    7. Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Wraps

    This Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Wrap makes a completely droll-worthy lunch or weeknight meal that your whole family will enjoy.

    You will love these sweet, sticky and super flavorful chicken wrapped inside tortillas. Just wow…

    Get the Recipe @ tastesbetterfromscratch

    8. Fajita Chicken Wraps

    This fajita Chicken Wrap recipe is the easiest and quickest, and it’s loaded with shockingly delicious flavors. It’s made in just one pan, and makes the tastiest weeknight dinner ever.

    Get the Recipe @ gimmedelicious

    9. Folded Chipotle Chicken Wraps

    This Folded Chipotle Chicken Wrap recipe is super fun to make, as well as super delicious.

    These folded flavor packed wraps are pan-fried till crispy outside and spicy cheesy inside. Totally satisfying meal.

    Get the Recipe @ halfbakedharvest

    10. Chicken Shawarma Wraps

    Are you a fan of shawarma? Then you must try this Chicken Shawarma Wrap recipe!

    This restaurant-quality wrap is easy and fun to make, and it will defiantly satisfy your craving for a delicious wrap. You will love the homemade tahini sauce that makes this wrap super awesome.

    Get the Recipe @ aberdeenskitchen

    11. Greek Grilled Chicken & Hummus Wrap

    You are utterly going to love the Mediterranean flair in your meal when you make this Greek Grilled Chicken and Hummus Wrap.

    This excellent recipe is going to be your new family favorite.

    Get the Recipe @ cookingclassy

    12. Chicken Ranch Wraps

    How about making the most loved combination ever, chicken and ranch? It’s a super hit meal that you all will crave.

    This easy dish is super flavorful and super yummy, and gets ready in under 15 minutes. Perfect busy weekday meal option for you.

    Get the Recipe @ gimmedelicious

    13. Chicken Gyros

    Make famous Greek street food in the comfort of your home with this Chicken Gyro recipe!

    This flavorful version of chicken wraps will give a true explosion of flavors. You will love this super easy gyro. It’s one of our favorite chicken wrap recipes.

    Get the Recipe @ realgreekrecipes

    14. Sticky Chicken Finger Wraps

    Give your family a restaurant-worthy meal with this easy and delicious Sticky Chicken finger Wrap recipe!

    The sauce glaze has sweet, spicy, and sour flavors, which makes it a super yummy wrap.

    Get the Recipe @ lifeinthelofthouse

    15. Cashew Chicken Wraps

    Chicken wraps make a hearty and easy meal, and this healthy Cashew Chicken Wrap recipe is one of the best.

    It has perfect flavors and crunchy texture that will make these wraps your new favorite lunches or dinners.

    Get the Recipe @ tastesbetterfromscratch

    16. Southwest Chicken Wraps

    Looking for an easy and simple recipe for a weeknight meal? Then look no further than this Crispy Southwest Chicken Wrap!

    This flavorful wrap is fully loaded with all your favorite, fresh and flavorful ingredients, and it gets ready in less than 30 minutes. Too yummy…

    Get the Recipe @ modernmealmakeover

    17. Middle Eastern Chicken and Couscous Wraps

    This is the ultimate Middle Eastern Chicken and Couscous Wrap, which you all will get addicted to!

    The wrap is made with naan and other fresh ingredients with great Middle Eastern flavors.

    Get the Recipe @ halfbakedharvest

    18. Waldorf Chicken Salad Wraps

    Here is a classic Waldorf Chicken Salad Wrap recipe that your whole family will devour.

    It turns your flavorful and loaded salad into a deliciously hearty and tasty meal that will defiantly satisfy your taste buds.

    Get the Recipe @ saltandlavender

    19. Strawberry Chicken Wraps

    This summer, treat your family with this succulent Strawberry Chicken Wrap!

    It’s like you are jazzing up your favorite strawberry chicken salad into a filling wrap meal. So enjoy this extremely delicious and easy chicken wrap.

    Get the Recipe @ lifeinthelofthouse

    20. Grilled Pesto Chicken Wraps

    Do you want a go-to lunch recipe that is delicious and mouth-watering? Then make this Grilled Pesto Chicken Wraps it will check all the boxes!

    This wrap is fully loaded with healthy and flavorful ingredients and is grilled wrap to crispy golden perfection.

    Get the Recipe @ wanderingchickpea

    21. Grilled Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Wraps

    All topical flavors fans, here is a super bonanza recipe for you!

    This wrap has everything you love with juicy pineapple, delicious teriyaki grilled chicken, and others in warm pita bread. It is just too yummy. Perfect summer party dish that everyone will enjoy.

    Get the Recipe @ lecremedelacrumb

    22. Jamaican Jerk Chicken Lettuce Wraps

    Lettuce wraps make the best and the most healthy meal option, and this Jamaican seasoning twist in your wrap will defiantly get you hooked.

    Enjoy this low-carb Jamaican Jerk Chicken Lettuce Wrap with your loved ones.

    Get the Recipe @ jocooks

    23. Chicken Cordon Bleu Ranch Wraps

    This Chicken Cordon Bleu Ranch Wrap recipe is an easy and tasty dinner that you can serve to your family.

    The zesty homemade ranch sauce makes this wrap top-notch. It’ll be one of your favorite chicken wrap recipes.

    Get the Recipe @ lecremedelacrumb

    25. Italian Chicken Wraps

    Ok now, this wrap is something. It’s like dressing up your normal chicken wrap with Italian flair and making the most exceptionally delicious Italian Wrap ever!

    This easily assembled dish is super convenient to make when you are short on time.

    Get the Recipe @ chelseasmessyapron

    26. Döner Kebab Wraps

    Make the famous Turkish street food called Doner Kebab at home with this stunning Doner Kebab Wrap recipe!

    This fully loaded wrap is packed with delicious ingredients that taste just divine together. So relish these wraps when you crave Middle Eastern flavors.

    Get the Recipe @ themediterraneandish

    27. Mediterranean Chicken Wraps

    Wraps make an effortless meal in your busy schedule, and this Mediterranean Chicken Wrap gives you an extra kick of deliciousness with its super tasty flavors.

    We guarantee that your whole family will go crazy for these wraps.

    Get the Recipe @ homemademastery

    28. Cajun Chicken Wraps

    You all are going to enjoy this Cajun Chicken Wrap recipe! It’s loaded with bold Cajun seasonings with loads of simple panty ingredients.

    It’s a great meal prep dish that is perfect for your busy weeknights.

    Get the Recipe @ sweetpeasandsaffron

    29. Grilled Chicken Wraps

    Grilling makes anything and everything super delicious, and this Grilled Chicken Wrap is no exception!

    This easy and quick wrap is just fantastic. A must-try recipe for all who love charred flavors.

    Get the Recipe @ theflavoursofkitchen

    30. Chicken Wraps with Hummus, Goat Cheese & Chimichurri Sauce

    We are wrapping up this mind blowing list of Chicken Wrap recipes with these Chicken Wraps with Hummus, Goat cheese, and Chimichurri sauce!

    This recipe is truly a flavor bomb wrap that you will just get obsessed with. It’s super hard to describe this spectacular wrap, you just need to experience it yourself…

    Get the Recipe @ therisingspoon

    We hope you enjoy these great Chicken Wrap Recipes as much as we do. They all make perfect make ahead lunches and snacks.

    Save or pin this collection of great recipes so you always know where to find it. And be sure to subscribe to GypsyPlate, we’re always cooking up new easy recipes for you!

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    30 BEST Chicken Wrap Recipes

    This collection of delicious and easy Chicken Wrap Recipes has plenty of great handheld ideas for your lunches or quick dinners.


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