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    The 25 BEST Chinese Desserts

    Are you a fan of desserts? Are you looking to branch out and try something new? If so, give Chinese Desserts a try!

    From cookies to cakes to puddings and so much more, there’s something for everyone in this selection of sweet treats.

    Learn how to make a range of traditional recipes that will delight and surprise your taste buds.

    Let’s take a look at some traditional recipes as well as modern takes on classic Chinese desserts. So get ready to discover something sweet from the East!

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    Chinese Desserts:

    1. Homemade Chinese Doughnuts

    Attention all donut lovers! You have to try these Homemade Chinese Doughnuts. They will totally satisfy your cravings for those Chinese buffet-style sweet treats.

    In less than 1 hour, you can enjoy the perfectly golden brown, crunchy sugar-coated crust and delicately fluffy inside.

    Your entire family will love this Chinese version of donuts.

    Get the Recipe @ handletheheat

    2. Pineapple Buns

    This authentic recipe lets you make classic Chinese bakery-style Pineapple Buns easily. The misleadingly named buns don’t include pineapple but are still incredibly delicious.

    The tasty milk bread recipe uses simple ingredients, and the elaborate process makes these treats amazing.

    You will enjoy these buttery and sugary yellow buns for sure. Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ thewoksoflife

    3. Chinese Almond Cookies

    Finish your full-course Chinese dinner with these Chinese Almond Cookies to end your meal on a deliciously sweet note.

    These perfectly crisp and melt-in-your-mouth buttery cookies with distinct almond flavors will make you an instant fan.

    It’s a great recipe for a busy night, so be sure to save it for the Chinese New Year!

    Get the Recipe @ dessertnowdinnerlater

    4. Hong Kong Style Mango Pancake

    This summer, surprise everyone with this very popular Hong Kong-style Mango Pancake dessert.

    This wonderful dish is super easy to make. It’s a soft, egg-flavored crepe stuffed with whipped cream and fresh mango. Just follow these tips and tricks to make it amazing every time.

    We bet you’ll be making this Hong Kong-style dessert again and again.

    Get the Recipe @ christieathome

    5. Mung Bean Cake

    Need a new treat for a hot summer day? This very popular and traditional Mung Bean Cake is the perfect solution.

    This Chinese dessert is super smooth and delicious, and the unique cake mold makes them especially beautiful.

    Just follow this easy recipe and make yourself this famous Chinese delight.

    Get the Recipe @ chinasichuanfood

    6. Chinese Mango Pudding

    Introduce this incredible Chinese Mango Pudding to your family and enjoy it throughout the year with frozen mangos.

    This pudding is completely smooth, creamy, perfectly sweet, and has just the right amount of mango.

    It’s super simple to make at home and a great contender for your Chinese New Year celebration. Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ dessertnowdinnerlater

    7. Pineapple Cookies

    If you like homemade cookies, then you absolutely need to make these delicious, traditional Chinese Pineapple Cookies.

    These little bite-size shortbreads are filled with a super easy to make pineapple jam that just takes 30 minutes to make.

    The melt-in-your-mouth buttery cookies are best served for a holiday cookie tray or for the Chinese New Year. Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ themondaybox

    8. Chinese Sticky Rice Dumplings

    These Chinese Sticky Rice Dumplings, or Zongzi, are a traditional treat during the Dragon Boat festival. You can make them at home with this fantastically easy recipe.

    The dish includes glutenous rice with sweet and savory fillings wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves cooked in water. The recipe involves specific preparation, but it’s very easy to follow.

    Try both sweet and savory versions and enjoy this classic Chinese treat with your loved ones.

    Get the Recipe @ redhousespice

    9. Ma Lai Go (Chinese Steamed Cake)

    Try this easy-to-make version of authentic Chinese Steamed Cakes at home with this Ma Lai Go recipe. It’s a very popular cake in Southern China and Hong Kong.

    The airy, fluffy brown sugar sponge cake will definitely make you a huge fan. Try it!

    Get the Recipe @ thewoksoflife

    10. Fat Goh (Prosperity Cake)

    Need a yummy cake? Then this Fat Goh, or Prosperity Cake, is a great option. It’s specially made during Lunar New Year and carries the meaning of prosperity and wealth in the new year.

    It’s a lightly sweet cake that opens up and blossoms once they are steamed.

    Just follow this fantastic recipe to make Fat Goh and seriously impress everyone!

    Get the Recipe @ healthynibblesandbits

    11. Steamed Red Bean Buns

    You are going to love these classic Chinese Steamed Red Bean Buns. They are perfectly sweet, soft, and fluffy.

    The delicious sweet red bean paste makes them an especially unique treat. Plus, this recipe is easy to follow, so you can make them easily at home.

    Savor these buns for breakfast or as a snack anytime. They will taste amazing!

    Get the Recipe @ zhangcatherine

    12. Chinese Sesame Balls

    These Chinese Sesame Balls are another classic dim sum dessert to try.

    The golden crispy exterior and yummy black sesame pasta filling will make everyone happy. To make these fried sesame balls, just follow these tips, and you’re good to go.

    Your entire family will love this dessert for sure!

    Get the Recipe @ cooking-therapy

    13. Baked Nian Gao

    This baked Nian Gao is an upgraded version of classic steamed nian gao, and we’re sure you’ll love this upgrade.

    The main attraction of this baked dessert is the crisp outside and the chewy center. They’re addictive and ideal for parties or get-togethers.

    Impress everyone with this amazing Nian Gao recipe!

    Get the Recipe @ healthynibblesandbits

    14. Chinese Egg Cake

    This Chinese Egg Cake is a classic, old-style Chinese sponge cake that everyone will enjoy.

    These egg cakes come out so delicious that you will make them all the time. Just follow these tips to make them perfect.

    It’s a great addition to your collection of Chinese desserts!

    Get the Recipe @ chinasichuanfood

    15. Strawberry Snow Skin Mooncakes

    Mooncakes are a traditional Chinese delight that are made during the mid-autumn festival when the moon is the brightest. There are many ways to make them, but today, we want you to try these Strawberry Snow Skin Mooncakes.

    This no-bake recipe is super flavorful and addictive, and the strawberry custard filling with whole strawberries makes them just divine.

    So, what are you waiting for? Give these gorgeous mooncakes a try.

    Get the Recipe @ zhangcatherine

    16. Mango Sago

    Surprise everyone this summer with this Cantonese dessert Mango Sago. It’s a mix between your favorite pudding and smoothie.

    Mango Sago has the perfect blend of fruity, sweet, and creamy flavors without being too heavy like other desserts.

    It’s a delicious and quick dessert for a hot day. Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ teakandthyme

    17.  Cantonese Steamed Milk Egg Pudding 

    Try this Cantonese Steamed Milk Egg Pudding. It’s an easy Chinese version of your favorite crème brulée without the crunchy sugar top.

    This lightly sweet and creamy dessert is like a blank canvas that can be customized with any of your favorite toppings however you like.

    Try it tonight and see how you can play around with this delicious dessert.

    Get the Recipe @ thewoksoflife

    18. Tapioca Thousand Layer Cake

    This Tapioca Thousand Layer Cake is another amazing streamed cake for you to try. It’s a classic Southern Chinese dish.

    This beautifully layered cake is lightly sweet, has an amazingly chewy and moist texture, and is popularly served as a snack or dessert.

    Just follow this easy recipe to make this delicious steamed cake. We guarantee everyone will love it.

    Get the Recipe @ healthynibblesandbits

    19. Chinese Walnut Cookies

    Do you like making new types of cookies? Then make these delightful Chinese Walnut Cookies!

    Every bite of the crispy, crumbly, walnut-flavored cookies is super joyful, and once you’ve tried it, you will have to add them to your favorite cookie collection.

    Get the Recipe @ omnivorescookbook

    20. Eight Treasure Rice Pudding

    Eight Treasure Rice Pudding is a classic Chinese Festival treat that is super easy to make with the help of this recipe.

    This pudding is made with glutinous rice, dried fruits, nuts, and red bean paste. It delivers perfectly sweet, sticky, gooey, aromatic, and nutty flavors and textures that everyone will fall in love with.

    If you’re tired of the same old pudding, give this Chinese treasure a try!

    Get the Recipe @ redhousespice

    21. Chinese Banana Fritters 

    If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth on a lighter note, then this Chinese Banana Fritter recipe is perfect.

    In this recipe, bananas are coated in a thin batter and fried to crispy perfection. Serve with a sprinkle of powdered sugar, a drizzle of syrup, or enjoy as is. They will vanish in no time!

    These lighter Asian-style banana fritters can be made vegan, so it’s a win-win.

    Get the Recipe @ omnivorescookbook

    22. Chinese Coconut Buns

    Create delicious Chinese bakery-inspired Coconut Buns with this excellent recipe.

    Indulge in the soft milky buns that are laced with fragrant ribbons of coconut and vanilla flavors. Follow this recipe to amaze everyone!

    They’re great with a cup of coffee, tea, or dunked in chocolate sauce. Give these Chinese buns a try!

    Get the Recipe @ healthynibblesandbits

    23. Chinese-Style Swiss Roll

    Are you a sponge cake fan? Then this prefect Chinese-Style Swiss Roll recipe is just for you.

    This helpful recipe will help you to make the best Swiss Rolls at home. Just follow its easy tips and techniques.

    It’s one of our favorite Chinese desserts!

    Get the Recipe @ bearnakedfood

    24.  Chinese New Year cookies 

    Planning to throw a Chinese-themed party? Then add these Chinese New Year Cookies to your menu! They are super fun to decorate and eat.

    These cookies are not your traditional cookies. They’re actually almond flour sugar cookies and are perfectly soft and buttery. Cut them into different shapes and add the icing of your choice.

    We bet these cookies will make everyone super happy!

    Get the Recipe @ teakandthyme

    25. Wife Cakes

    Let’s end with the quintessential Chinese bakery classic, Wife Cakes. They’re super popular and also known as Sweetheart Cakes.

    The recipe features flaky pastry filled with deliciously chewy, sweet winter melon and coconut filling, which makes them so good.

    Once you try them, you will instantly understand why these cakes are so famous. Everyone will love them!

    Get the Recipe @ siftandsimmer

    We hope you enjoyed this list of Chinese Desserts. There’s so many yummy recipes to choose from!

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    25 BEST Chinese Desserts

    This collection of great Chinese Dessert will satisfy your sweet tooth with some great flavors from the East!


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