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    The 15 BEST Rabbit Recipes

    If you love trying out new dishes, then Rabbit Recipes should definitely find a spot in your kitchen.

    Rabbit is an incredibly versatile and delicious meat that can be used to cook variety of different dishes for the whole family to enjoy.

    From cozy stews to unique international dishes, there are plenty of amazing recipes for you to explore!

    Cook your way through all of these great rabbit recipes, and find some new favorites!

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    Rabbit Recipes:

    1. Rabbit Stew

    This recipe for rabbit stew in beer is nothing less than sumptuous!

    A rich broth packed with tender rabbit and hearty vegetables in a delicious paprika laced broth. Every bite is pure comfort.

    There’s a good reason it tops our list of rabbit recipes!

    Get the Recipe @ whereismyspoon

    2. Buttermilk Fried Rabbit

    Classic buttermilk-fried rabbit is a dish that often goes overlooked, due in part to the popularity of fried chicken.

    However, cooking with rabbit offers a unique flavor profile and texture that many people may not have experienced before.

    The creamy tang of the buttermilk marinade lends itself perfectly to the tender rabbit meat, creating a dish that is both satisfying and unforgettable.

    Get the Recipe @ honest-food

    3. Valencian Paella

    This traditional paella recipe is a dish with roots tracing back to the Valencia region of eastern Spain, originally made with rabbit, chicken, and locally-grown vegetables

    The blend of flavors from the savory meats and vegetables creates a unique, and irresistible taste.

    It’s one of our favorite rabbit recipes!

    Get the Recipe @ krumpli

    4. Garlic Roasted Rabbit

    This mouth-watering recipe is a famous Czech delicacy that lends a tantalizing twist to traditional rabbit roasts.

    Combining perfectly roasted and succulent rabbit meat with a garlicky kick, it’s one of those dishes that has to be tasted to be believed.

    The addition of pork belly makes the dish extra special.

    Get the Recipe @ cooklikechechs

    5. Rabbit Tacos

    These rabbit tacos are a delicious treat that make the most of the tougher leg cuts of the rabbit by slow cooking them to tenderness.

    The succulent meat is then enhanced by adding a medley of Mexican spices before being nestled in warm tortillas.

    It’s a perfect meal for any day of the week.

    Get the Recipe @ biknysculinarycarnival

    6. Crock-Pot Rabbit White Bean Chili

    This hearty white bean chili is a warm and satisfying dish that’s perfect for a cozy night in.

    Made with a whole rabbit, which you don’t even need to cut up beforehand, this chili is loaded with protein and full of flavor.

    Simply place the rabbit along with some delicious veggies and spices into your crockpot, and let it do its magic.

    Get the Recipe @ rusticfamilyrecipes

    7. Rabbit Curry

    If you like big flavors, this Rabbit Curry needs to find its way onto your dinner table!

    Rich and creamy, it’s a Madras style Indian curry that tastes amazing. Serve with basmati rice or naan bread for a hearty dinner.

    Get the Recipe @ honest-food

    8. Rabbit Pot Pie

    You’ll love this decadent Rabbit Pot Pie, exquisitely crafted with tender pieces of rabbit meat and complemented by the delicate flavors of wild mushrooms.

    Infused with the aromatics of leeks, onions and garlic, this dish is one of the best pot pies you’ll ever eat!

    Get the Recipe @ eatthelove

    9. Rabbit Tagine with Apricots

    The rabbit tagine is an aromatic, slow-cooked dish that is beautifully balanced in terms of flavor.

    The sumac spice and harissa provide a nice little tang and a hint of heat, while the sweetness of dried apricot balances out the savory notes.

    It’s a truly delightful dish that’s full of exotic, Moroccan-inspired flavours.

    Get the Recipe @ krumpli

    10. Rabbit Ragout with Tagliatelle

    Get the Recipe @ drizzleanddip

    11. Rabbit Cacciatore

    Rabbit Cacciatore, an authentic rabbit stew, is popular for all the right reasons.

    Pan-roasted rabbit braised in red wine, mushrooms, tomato sauce, and juniper berries combine beautifully to create a hearty dish.

    Get the Recipe @ philosokitchen

    12. Catalan-Style Rabbit Stew with Sherry, Mushrooms, and Almonds

    Tender rabbit chunks simmer away in a homestyle Catalan sauce that’s elevated with sherry, earthy mushrooms, and a delightful “picada” made with ground almonds.

    This rabbit stew recipe is sure to impress!

    Get the Recipe @ saveur

    13. Rabbit Roulade

    This Rabbit Roulade is sure to impress guests!

    The rabbit meat is filled with salami, provolone and carrot, then rolled up and baked low and slow. Wow!

    Get the Recipe @ foragerchef

    14. Slow Cooker Rabbit Stew

    This slow cooker rabbit stew recipe is perfect for those who enjoy dishes that are both tender and flavorful.

    The dish is easy to prepare and will appeal to the entire family, making it a great option for a cozy night in.

    Try it out and savor every spoonful of this rabbit stew!

    Get the Recipe @ thecaglediaries

    15. Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Rabbit and Back Trumpet Mushrooms

    We’re ending this list of rabbit recipes with a bang!

    Sweet potato gnocchi with black trumpet mushrooms is a spectacular dish with layers of different flavors. And the best part is, it all cooks in one pan!

    Get the Recipe @ foragerchef

    We hope you enjoyed this list of the best rabbit recipes. There are so many ways to cook rabbit, it’s hard to pick a favorite!

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    15 BEST Rabbit Recipes

    This collection of great Rabbit Recipes includes fifteen great dishes that will appeal to a variety of palates!


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