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    The 25 BEST Argentinean Recipes

    Are you looking to cook something new and delicious with some unique Argentinian flair? Look no further! These Argentinian Recipes are as varied and unique with flavorful ingredients.

    From traditional empanadas and pastries, all the way to iconic dishes such as churrasco steak or locro stew, you will love to try these amazingly new cuisine.

    So pull out those pots, fire up the grill, it’s time to explore everything the best of the best Argentinian recipes!

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    Argentinian Recipes:

    1. Steaks with Chimichurri (Churrasco)

    Let’s start off this list of Argentinean recipes with the best and most authentic Steak with Chimichurri, famously known as Churrasco!

    Chimichurri is the most loved condiment, which is made with easy-to-find ingredients and tastes simply delicious.

    Just cook your steak how you like it, and directly serve this homemade chimichurri over your steak. It’s too good!

    Get the Recipe @ cafedelites

    2. Argentinian Beef Empanadas Tucumanas

    Skip your regular empanadas, try these outstanding Argentinian Beef Empanadas Tucumanas, and become a forever fan of this version.

    This traditional handheld delicacy is made with crispy bread dough that is filled with tender beef sautéed with onions, and spices, then mixed with chopped hard-boiled eggs. It is then baked to golden perfection.

    You will totally love the delicious filling and wonderfully textured crispy dough, which makes the best empanadas ever.

    Get the Recipe @ mission-food

    3. Argentine Locro Stew 

    Now, this one is special. Argentine Locro Stew is a hearty and meaty stew that is bursting with incredible flavors and ingredients.

    The stew is made with chorizo sausage, beef, and pork ribs along with butternut squash, corn, carrots, onions, garlic, and bell peppers. This one pot simply irresistible.

    We’re sure once you try this comforting Argentinian stew you will enjoy it every now and then. It’s great for cozy nights, but you can relish this stew all year long.

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    4. Argentine Milanesa

    Argentinians loves their Mileanesa, a very popular national dish. It’s basically a breaded steak or veal dish.

    It’s super easy to recreate at home, you just need thinly sliced steak or veal that is coated in crunchy bread crumbs, and then fried crisp.

    You will love this simple yet fabulous dish served hot with French fries or mashed potatoes, and a side of fresh salad. Super yummy.

    Get the Recipe @ authenticfoodquest

    5. Carbonada e Zapallo (Argentinian Beef Stew in a Roasted Pumpkin Shell)

    Ok now, this Carbonada e Zapallo is really something. It’s a great comfort family meal, or perfect to serve on Halloween nights!

    This beef stew is made with vegetables, dried fruit, potatoes, and spices, making it totally scrumptious. The fun part is that it’s served in a roasted pumpkin shell.

    You just need to find the perfect sized pumpkin for this dish, and amaze everyone at home with this awesome stew.

    Get the Recipe @ foreignfork

    6. Fugazzeta (Argentinian Stuffed Pizza)

    If you want something easy, cheesy, and classic, then this Fugazzeta, or Argentinian Stuffed Pizza, is definitely for you.

    This homemade pizza is surprisingly easy to make. Just knead your dough and then stuff it with layers of mozzarella cheese and sliced onions, then covered it up with another layer of dough. Top with more cheese, then bake.

    Your new stuffed version of pizza is ready to devour. We bet it’ll be one of your favorite Argentinian recipes!

    Get the Recipe @ tarasmulticulturaltable

    7. Matambre (Argentinian Stuffed Flank Steak)

    Want something super impressive for your future events? Then, try this Matambre, it’s an Argentinian Stuffed Flank Steak dish.

    It features beef that is stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, bell peppers, a mixture of cilantro, garlic, and olive oil, then nicely rolled up tight and grilled to charred golden perfection.

    This Matambre will be the star dish of any event, and with very minimal effort from your end.

    Get the Recipe @ jocooks

    8. Chimichurri

    You will find the end number of chimichurri recipes on the internet, but this Chimichurri is a real deal and authentic one!

    Chimichurri is a loose oil-based condiment with lots of fresh herbs, and it can be a great accompaniment to your favorite grilled or barbeque meats.

    Try this recipe for traditional Chimichurri, and we bet you will make it again and again. It’s just classic…

    Get the Recipe @ cafedelites

    9. Chupín De Pescado

    Looking for something to cook with your favorite fish? Don’t fry it, instead stew it in Argentinian style, and make the most delectable stew, Chupín De Pescado!

    It’s made with chunks of firm white fish, potatoes, tomatoes, and bell peppers cooked in super flavorful white wine infused broth.

    Serve this hot in a bowl with your favorite toasty bread and enjoy the best Argentinian traditional stew. It’s so good!

    Get the Recipe @ 196flavors

    10. Provoleta

    If you still haven’t tried Provoleta yet, then you are missing out on major flavors and a great party appetizer dish.

    This traditional Argentinean dish is made by simply melting provolone cheese with fresh cherry tomatoes and homemade pesto in a hot skillet till it is completely melty gooey perfection.

    Serve this sizzling hot with crusty bread and make it the center of attraction on your dinner table. Your family and friends will love to dig into this cheesy deliciousness.

    Get the Recipe @ therecipecritic

    11. Alfajores (Argentinian Cookies)

    These Alfajores, or Argentinian Cookies, will be loved by everyone at any time, or on any occasion. They are soft, sweet, and crumbly shortbread sandwich cookies which are filled with dulce de leche.

    These light, buttery with a hint of lemon-flavored cookies are super easy to make, and they just melt in your mouth deliciously.

    Pair these cookies with coffee or tea, and make a classy afternoon treat. These Argentinian cookies will be your new favorite sweet dish for sure.

    Get the Recipe @ muydelish

    12. Chimichurri Meatballs

    All chimichurri fans, yet another recipe to add to your collection is Chimichurri Meatballs! It can be awesome comfort food, finger food, dinner food, or all at the same time.

    This is the easiest meatball recipe you will ever make, just follow some tips to make it the best every time.

    Serve these bite-size meatballs with super flavorful chimichurri dipping sauce and make any occasion a super hit. Everybody is going to ask you to share this recipe.

    Get the Recipe @ themodernproper

    13. Niños Envueltos 

    This Niños Envueltos is a traditional dish of Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, and it’s basically made with tasty meat rolls stuffed with different ingredients.

    There are many versions, but this recipe uses cabbage leaves to make it more special and delicious. It’s very easy to make and full of delicious flavors.

    So what are you waiting for? Try this famous Niños envueltos for dinner, and amaze everyone with this unique dish.

    Get the Recipe @ 196flavors

    14. Medialunas (Argentinian Croissant Style Pastries)

    Learn how to make Argentina’s most delicious Croissant Style pastries at home with this classic recipe, famously known as Medialunas.

    Medialunas are quite unique in terms of flavors and consistency compared to your regular croissant.

    This recipe will help you make the best of these pastries, you just need to follow it step by step.

    Enjoy this as a breakfast delight with your favorite coffee, or can have it as a light dessert.

    Get the Recipe @ amigofoods

    15. Revuelto Gramajo

    Guys, start your day with some Argentinian flavors by making this fantastic Revuelto Gramajo.

    It features the best combination of potatoes, eggs, cheese, peppers, onions, and many more tasty ingredients, which uplift the simple dish to the next level of deliciousness.

    Just give it a try, and you will become a fan of this Revuelto Gramajo for sure.

    Get the Recipe @ happy-mothering

    16. Argentinian style Milanesa a la Napolitana 

    Yet another stunning dish, Argentinian style Milanesa a la Napolitana, will instantly become your family’s favorite. This dish is made with crispy schnitzel topped with tomato sauce, ham, and cheese.

    Serve over your favorite spaghetti, and make a whole outstanding dish that is simply divine. All this just in 15 minutes of your time. Isn’t it great?

    Get the Recipe @ byandreajanssen

    17. Argentinean Tamales

    Have you made tamales yet? If not, then these Argentinean Tamales are best to start with. They are also called Humitas en Chala con Queso de Cabra, or Corn Pudding Tamale with Goat Cheese.

    This authentic recipe can help you make the best perfect tamales at home. Just follow the recipe and all the techniques to perfect it.

    You will love this version of tamales. It’s best served for breakfast, but you can enjoy it whenever you crave it. Try it and let us know how you like this Argentinean style.

    Get the Recipe @ honeyfromrock

    18. Tortitas Negras (Argentinian Little Black Cakes)

    Are you in the mood for baking and want to try something new? Then, we’ve got you covered with this Tortitas Negras, or Argentinian Little Black Cakes!

    These classic Tortitas Negras are small, sweet yeast-based rolls topped with a generous coating of crunchy dark brown sugar. They are super easy to make, but do need time to rise.

    Serve fresh and warm with a hot coffee, and enjoy the most popular Argentinian pasty at home.

    Get the Recipe @ tarasmulticulturaltable

    19. Asado

    Do try this Traditional South American Asado recipe! It’s a classic barbeque dish, and very popular in Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

    It simply consists of beef, sausages, and other meats that are slow-cooked on a grill called a parrilla to juicy perfection. You will fall in love with this version of Asado, as it tastes just fabulous and makes your day super duper memorable.

    Do try this Argentinian Asodo soon.

    Get the Recipe @ 196flavors

    20. Argentinian Salsa Criolla

    If you’re a salsa lover, then you’ve got to try this Argentinian Salas Criolla, which makes anything and everything gorgeous and super flavorful.

    This easy recipe is made with simple and easy ingredients like red, green, and yellow peppers, Roma tomatoes, white onion, extra virgin olive oil, red vine vinegar, oregano, salt, and pepper. Just chop, drizzle and assemble.

    It’s a great side for any Argentinian main.

    Get the Recipe @ mediterraneanlatinloveaffair

    21. Pasta Frola

    Meet your new favorite dessert recipe, Pasta Frola, an Argentinian Quince Tart. It’s a classic and super attractive dessert.

    It features simple pastry dough flavored with citrusy orange zest, and then filled with a fruity quince jam and topped with a simple lattice design to make it look more classy.

    The best part of this tart is the unique apple pear-flavored quince, which makes this simple tart a super hit.

    Get the Recipe @ theflouredtable

    22. Sándwich de Miga 

    This Sándwich de Miga is a very popular sandwich in Argentina, you can find them literally in every bakery store. They are well known for a quick lunch or snack, and are also great to feed large crowds.

    You can easily make some components in advance, so it’s quick to assemble. The ingredients are ham, cheese, boiled eggs, veggies and creamy mayo all stacked up in two or three layers.

    It’s surely one of the easiest Argentinian recipes out there.

    Get the Recipe @ 196flavors

    23. Dulce De Leche

    Guys, make your own Dulce De Leche at home and we bet you will never ever buy store-bought again. This traditional Latin dessert is very famous in Argentina, and is widely used in many recipes.

    This delight is made by caramelizing milk and sugar to get the ultimate sweet treat. You can make it from scratch with the traditional method over the stove top, or in an oven water bath. Both instructions are given.

    You can jazz up almost anything and everything with it, so do try this popular Latin dessert tonight.

    Get the Recipe @ laylita

    24. Tortas Fritas

    Tortas Fritas is a traditional Argentinian fried cake recipe that is very popular. You can make them sweet or salty.

    These Tortas Fritas are easy and quick to make and they taste just delicious with dulce de leche or jam. They can be a great treat for mornings, or you can enjoy on rainy days with some tea.

    This amazing recipe will help you make this super tasty fried cake so you can whip up one more Argentinian delight at home.

    Get the Recipe @ 196flavors

    25. Argentinian Beef Stew

    We are wrapping up our delicious list of Argentinean Recipes with a hearty and comforting dish, Argentinian Beef Stew, also known as Carbonada Criolla. It uses tender beef, vegetables, herbs, and dried apricots to make a stunning stew.

    You will absolutely love this version of beef stew, and once you try it you will add it to your beloved stew repertoire.

    Get the Recipe @ amigofoods

    Argentinian cuisine is full of flavor, and with its vast array of ingredients and recipes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! So the next time you’re in the mood for something new and exciting, consider giving one of these Argentinian recipes a try.

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    25 BEST Argentinian Recipes

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