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    The 35 BEST Camping Recipes

    When you’re planning a fun outdoors adventure, don’t forget about the food! These great Camping Recipes will keep your appetite satisfied on your next camp out.

    You’ll find all sorts of campfire recipes here, like foil pack meals and cast iron recipes, as well as make ahead cold dishes, and so much more.

    Go through this whole list of great camping food ideas, because the food is half of the fun!

    the best camping recipes

    The Best Camping Recipes:

    1. Shrimp Foil Packets with Summer Veggies

    It’s camping season, ya’ll! We’re giving you a great camping dinner idea that is quick to prepare, with easy clean-up later. Plus, it’s fun to eat with your friends and family.

    These Shrimp Foil Packets are a delicious healthy-ish meal with all your favorite summer veggies. Ready in just 12 minutes on your grill or campfire, this is great meal prep for all your future campouts.

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    2. Shish Kabob

    Grilling seasons mean kabob season, and this Shish kabob is mandatory!

    This recipe is unbelievably flavorful with homemade marinade and fresh vegetables, that are grilled to perfection. Enjoy this summer with these bite-size appetizers alongside your cold beer. Cheers…

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    3. Rainbow Pasta Salad

    This rainbow pasta salad is everybody’s no-brainer, a ridiculously easy, salad that you can throw together in less than 30 minutes!

    It’s a great make ahead meal to take on your camping trips.

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    4. Cheesy Campfire Potatoes

    We always need easy and convenient dishes when camping, and these Cheesy Campfire Potatoes are simply the best.

    This delicious dish is made by dumping all the ingredients in foil and just grilling it. Perfectly flavored for summer cookouts, this side dish is ready in no time…

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    5. Campfire Nachos 

    Enjoy your favorite nachos in the woods, with these fun and easy recipe Campfire Nachos.

    These nachos are loaded with all your favorite ingredients, and you can also customize them and make them your own. It makes a perfectly crunchy, cheesy meal that everyone will enjoy together.

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    6. Easy Campfire S’mores

    Marshmallows and camping always go hand in hand, and this super easy Campfire S’mores recipe is too good to be true!

    It’s incredibly simple to make in a foil pan. Just put marshmallows, chocolates, and crackers in the pan and cook on the fire, that’s it. Enjoy these sweet sticky gooey treats with everyone.

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    7. Hobo Foil Packets

    Make your campfire dinner more filling and delicious with these Hobo Foil Packets!

    These foil packets are loaded with sausages, carrots, onions, and potatoes and drizzled with your favorite seasoning, and put on the fire. Your no-mess dinner is ready to relish.

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    8. Camp Chili & Cornbread

    Give your camping meal a hearty flair with this Camp Chili and Cornbread, it’s very satisfying and filling.

    This recipe is easy to make and will make everyone happy…

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    9. Dutch Oven Dutch Baby

    Make your outdoor mornings more delightful and filling with this Dutch Oven Dutch Baby!

    These awesome German pancakes are just amazing, with great texture and flavor. See your hearty sweet breakfast disappear fast.

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    10. Grilled Corn in Foil

    Foil recipes are always a delicacy while camping, and this recipe comes in the number one position, Grilled Corn in Foil!

    It’s very simple to make, just take aluminum foil and put a corn cob add seasonings, and close it and put it into the grill or fire pit. Yummy…

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    11. Garlic Butter Steak and Potato Foil Packets

    These Garlic Butter Steak and Potato Foil Packets will become your new favorite grilling dish.

    This recipe is incredibly easy to make with buttery garlicky flavors. It makes your dinner absolutely delicious.

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    12. Campfire Skillet Breakfast

    Breakfast in the woods sounds just amazing, and it tastes extremely delicious and filling. This Campfire Skillet Breakfast is exactly what you all will experience.

    So enjoy this dish with a hot cup of coffee.

    Get the Recipe @ reallifewithdad

    13. Cowboy Stew

    Imagine a hearty stew while camping, it is such a cozy idea! This Cowboy Stew is undoubtedly the one.

    It’s made with easy and flavorful ingredients that are rich in flavors. Perfect to serve with bread or rice. You can make this comforting stew at home or on a campfire.

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    14. Tin Foil Jambalaya

    Tin Foil Jambalaya is not a traditional Jambalaya recipe! It is very easy to make with the same ingredients, and flavors that make a delicious and filling meal.

    This recipe will add tons of flavor to your campout.

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    15. Dutch Oven Campfire Lasagna

    Getting your favorite Lasagna in the forest is actually a dream come true, isn’t it? This Dutch Oven Campfire Lasagna will fulfill your dream to the core.

    It’s cheesy, saucy, and has tons of Italian flavors which you all will love. Try it yourself…

    Get the Recipe @ freshoffthegrid

    16. Campfire Cones

    Jazz up your classic s’mores with more toppings and flavors with these Campfire Cones! This recipe is just too good, and it’s very easy to make.

    Simply load up your waffle cone with chocolate, marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, or any other handy ingredients, wrap it in foil, and put it on a campfire or on a grill.

    Your sweet and addictive cone is ready to relish…

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    17. Chicken Fajita Foil Packets

    Chicken Fajitas in Foil Packets, the plan itself is mind-blowing! On your next camping trip, this Chicken Fajita Foil Packet recipe is just perfect, with Tex-Mex flavors, which you’ll love.

    It’ll be one of your favorite camping recipes.

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    18. Campfire Apple Crisp in Foil Packets

    This Campfire Apple Crisp in Foil Packets recipe is stunning for your camping dessert!

    It’s very easy to make and has amazing flavor. Make your camping unforgettable with these delectable Apple Crisp packets.

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    19. Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

    Cinnamon Roll in a campfire? Yes, you read it right, it’s hard to believe but it’s true.

    Now you can make your favorite Cinnamon Rolls on a campfire, and they are exactly the same gooey goodness. Just give it a try…

    Get the Recipe @ adventuresofmel

    20. Butter Garlic Herb Salmon Foil Packets

    Now these Butter Garlic Herb Salmon Foil Packets are a real treat for camping, as they’re insanely delicious with melt-in-your-mouth salmon and fresh veggies.

    These foil packets are easy to make over the grill, baked, or on campfire. Make your family and friends super happy with these packets.

    Get the Recipe @ therecipecritic

    21. Cheeseburger Hobo Packets

    Give your favorite cheeseburger an easy and compact twist with this Cheeseburger Hobo Packet recipe!

    This no-bun burger is just awesome, with juicy well-seasoned beef, potatoes, carrots, and cheese, making it an incredibly delicious easy meal. Loved by kids and adults alike, so enjoy…

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    22. Walking Tacos

    Walking Tacos are just WOW. It is a fantastic chip packet of deliciousness that is loaded with all your favorite toppings. You just need to put all the goodness in one bag and that’s it, amazing walking tacos are ready for you to devour.

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    23. Dutch Oven Campfire Spinach Dip

    This impressive Dutch Oven Campfire Spinach Dip will be a super hit appetizer at your next camping trip for sure.

    This remarkably easy dip is so flavorful, cheesy, and yummy that it will make you full and satisfied. Make sure you are carrying enough crusty bread or crackers.

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    24. Healthy Chocolate Overnight Oats

    You’ll love these Healthy Chocolate Overnight Oats, because they’re shockingly easy to make and very convenient.

    These portable oats are a flavor-packed and super filling chocolate delight. So you can easily prep ahead of time this delicious breakfast for your next campout.

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    25. French Toast Foil Packet

    Have you ever tried your favorite french toast on a grill or on a campfire? If not, then you must try this super easy and absolutely tasty French Toast Foil Packet recipe!

    These flavor-packed toasts are loaded with strawberries, walnuts, and cinnamon, perfectly crunchy, sweet deliciousness.

    Get the Recipe @ littlesunnykitchen

    26. Campfire Grilled Chicken Panini

    Make your camping meal exciting with this Campfire Grilled Chicken Panini recipe!

    It’s amazingly delicious and loaded with your favorite ingredients, what else could you ask for?

    Get the Recipe @ girlcarnivore

    27. Grilled Barbecued Hot Dogs

    Hot Dogs are everyone’s favorite, but these Grilled Barbeques Hot Dogs are exceptionally delicious, and the reason is the sauce.

    This warm mixture of amazing sauces is mixed together, which takes these hot dogs to another level. So do try this amazing recipe…

    Get the Recipe @ asouthernsoul

    28. Barbecue Chicken Foil Packets

    If you are searching for easy foil wrap recipes, then you have come to the right recipe for Barbeque Chicken Foil Packets!

    This sensational foil is loaded with chicken, potatoes, cheese, green onions and barbeque sauce. Wrap them up and put them on the grill, and wait for a wonderful meal.

    Get the Recipe @ spendwithpennies

    29. Camping Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos

    We always look for make-ahead recipes, and these Camping Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos are a great example.

    These super tasty burritos are amazingly flavorful and filling at the same time. Perfect breakfast for camping or other outdoor activities.

    Get the Recipe @ girlcarnovore

    30. Campfire Bacon Cheeseburger

    All bacon lovers, this recipe is just for you, Campfire Bacon Cheeseburger! This charred flavored bacon cheeseburger is simply mouth-wateringly delicious, as it just melts in your mouth.

    This recipe has all the tips and tricks to make it a perfect and tasty bacon cheeseburger, so follow this recipe…

    Get the Recipe @ adventuresofmel

    31. Campfire Pizza

    Make your favorite pizza on fire, and you will get to know how delicious it tastes. This Campfire Pizza recipe shows how to make it perfectly.

    You can easily customize this pizza as you like and, with ingredients on hand. You will simply love this pizza.

    Get the Recipe @ princesspinkygirl

    32. Campfire Cheater Chili Mac Skillet

    This is the easiest and tastiest campfire dish you have ever made, Campfire Cheater Chili Mac Skillet!

    This family-friendly recipe is packed with your favorite chili flavor with cheesy and gooey macaroni. Just imagine how tasty it would be…

    Get the Recipe @ thekitchenmagpie

    33. Grilled Meatball Subs

    Make yourself and your family an awesome dinner with these Grilled Meatball Subs!

    This sub is packed with cheesy saucy meatballs loaded in crunchy bread with cheese, then grilled to perfection. You can make this recipe on a grill or campfire.

    Get the Recipe @ gimmesomegrilling

    34. Campfire Meatloaf Foil Packets

    Foil recipes are always easy to make, and very easy to clean up too. This Campfire Meatloaf Foil Packet is a delicious dinner that everyone will enjoy.

    It’s filled with all your favorite ingredients, and it looks and tastes absolutely appetizing…

    Get the Recipe @ skinnytaste

    35. Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Foil Packets

    We are wrapping these fabulous camping recipes with the best Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Foil Packets!

    These packets are filled with tender shrimp, sausage, and fresh summer veggies, all seasoned with Cajun spices, and cooked this foil to perfection.

    The end result will be out-of-this-world tasty and super addictive packets that are ready for you to devour…

    Get the Recipe @ therecipecritic

    There you have it, thirty five amazing camping food ideas. Pin or bookmark this collection of great camping recipes so you always know where to find it.

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    35 BEST Camping Recipes

    When you plan a camping trip, don't forget about the food! These great Camping Recipes will keep you full on your next camp out.


    • meat
    • veggies
    • seasonings
    • foil


    1. place meat and veggies in foil, season well.
    2. wrap foil into sealed packet.
    3. cook on grill or campfire.

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