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    The 30 BEST Mac and Cheese Recipes

    Macaroni and cheese, perhaps the ultimate comfort food. This creamy, cheesy, gooey pasta dish is a favorite for all ages. It’s just one of those dishes you can’t help going back for.

    Whether eaten as a main, or piled alongside some fried chicken or meatloaf as a side, it’s a dish we can all agree is absolutely irresistible. We decided to compile a list of delicious and easy Mac and Cheese Recipes to up your comfort food game.

    Here you’ll find everything from basic stovetop and baked recipes, to unique methods like sheet pan, slow cooker and instant pot.

    We have rounded up recipes that include various meats and veggies, and even some with unique flavorings like Cajun seasoning and Indian masala.

    Cook your way through this list of great macaroni recipes, I’m sure many of them will find their way into your regular rotation!

    The 30 BEST Mac and Cheese Recipes.

    1. Stovetop Mac and Cheese

    Beginning our delicious list is this homemade one-pan Stovetop Mac and Cheese. It’s great for a meal that needs to be made quicker, and you can customize what gets mixed in by choosing add-ins like cooked broccoli or glazed carrots.

    Get the Recipe @ dinneratthezoo

    2. Baked Mac and Cheese

    This beautiful Baked Mac and Cheese is cheesy, creamy and topped with panko-parmesan crunch bits. The panko gets mixed with parmesan, butter, and paprika to make for a beautiful golden-brown bake. 

    Get the [email protected] momontimeout

    3. Tuscan Chicken Mac and Cheese 

    Filled with a ton of flavor in just one pot, you have to check out this Tuscan Chicken Mac and Cheese. It’s got garlic, sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, spinach, sauce, and tasty pan-seared chicken. 

    Get the Recipe @ cafedelites

    4. Blue Cheese Bacon Mac and Cheese

    While Blue Cheese Bacon Mac and Cheese may sound unique, this dish is sure to impress you! The blue cheese is paired with a sharp white cheddar, crispy bacon, butter, and more to bring together a great dish.

    Get the Recipe @ gimmesomeoven

    5. Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

    If you’ve got a little extra time to spare, try making this Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese. Blending a tender pasta with two different cheeses and seasoning, this dish is creamy, cheesy, and absolutely worth the wait.

    Get the Recipe @ dinneratthezoo

    6. Taco Mac and Cheese

    Can’t decide between a taco Tuesday or a mac and cheese Monday? Then we have the dish for you! This terrific Taco Mac and Cheese combines traditional mac and cheese with taco seasoning, black beans, green onions, and fresh cilantro! 

    Get the Recipe @ averiecooks

    7. Spanakopita Mac and Cheese

    If you’re craving Greek food, or something similar to a spinach pie, why not try this Spanakopita Mac and Cheese? It’s definitely more sophisticated than traditional mac and cheese, but the authentic Greek flavors will have you falling in love with it!

    Get the Recipe @ lemonsforlulu

    8. Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese

    This easy to make Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese can be ready for dinner in under an hour, and it tastes great! This cozy meal is made with butter, flour, tons of smoked Gouda cheese, pasta, milk, and more to make an excellent dish. YUMMM.

    Get the Recipe @ theviewfromgreatisland

    9. Cajun Chicken Mac and Cheese

    Cajun seasoning gives this recipe a kick! You can determine how hot the spice is, so it can be mild or burning depending on your preferences. So good.

    Get the Recipe @ iambaker

    10. Italian Style Mac and Cheese

    Classic mac and cheese, but made Italian style! This Italian Style Mac and Cheese is made using penne noodles covered in mozzarella cheese sauce. It’s also filled with Italian seasoning and freshly grated parmesan.

    Get the [email protected] jocooks

    11. Mac and Cheese Cups

    These adorable Mac and Cheese Cups are perfect for serving a large crowd, or if you just want to make a fun lunch! They bake into crispy cups, that are filled with pasta on the inside that’s soft and creamy. Easy staple ingredients help make this dish easy-peasy.

    Get the Recipe @ therecipecritic

    12. Pimento Mac and Cheese

    Pimento cheese, pimento cheese please! This phenomenal Pimento Mac and Cheese is perfect for pimento cheese lovers, or anyone looking for a tasty dish. Made with elbow macaroni, milk, red peppers, and more, you don’t want to miss it!

    Get the Recipe @ plainchicken

    13. Instant Pot Mac and Cheese

    If you’re starving and you want food quickly, try making this Instant Pot Mac and Cheese. It uses only five ingredients, and can be made in under fifteen minutes. Perfect if you just need food right away!

    Get the Recipe @ pinchofyum

    14. Carbonara Mac and Cheese Souffle

    Described as fluffy, puffy, yummy, gooey, cheesy, and creamy, this Carbonara Mac and Cheese packs in so much flavor, you need at least six adjectives to describe it! The traditional Roman dish is combined with the homemade classic to make a great meal.

    Get the Recipe @ jocooks

    15. Lobster Mac and Cheese

    Want some seafood in your mac and cheese? This Lobster Mac and Cheese is both flavorful and indulgent. The gooey cheesiness combined with the melt-in-your mouth lobster makes for a spectacular dish.

    Get the Recipe @ therecipecritic

    16. Sheet Pan Mac and Cheese

    This mac and cheese is made on a sheet pan and covered with a layer of crunchy bits. It’s like a fresh baked casserole, except the top is crispy and baked to perfection, and the inside is filled with creamy mac and cheese.

    Get the Recipe @ damndelicious

    17. Creamy Broccoli Mac and Cheese

    The best way to get your vegetables in is to add them to this delicious creamy Broccoli Mac and Cheese. It’s a fairly basic recipe, but it uses pasta shells for the pasta and adds in some broccoli to help spruce things up!

    Get the Recipe @ damndelicious

    18. Jalapeño Popper Mac and Cheese

    Is anyone craving something spicy? This Jalapeño Popper Mac and Cheese is salty and cheesy with a bit of spice. It’s got jalapeños, crispy bacon, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and it’s topped with buttery panko crumbs and baked until golden brown.

    Get the Recipe @ spicysouthernkitchen

    19. Creamed Spinach Mac and Cheese

    Another great recipe that sneaks the greens in, this Creamed Spinach Mac and Cheese takes a bunch of fresh spinach and bakes it into an amazing pot of cheesy goodness. Even if you aren’t a fan of vegetables, you should still try it for yourself.

    Get the Recipe @ howsweeteats

    20. Mac and Cheese Meatloaf Casserole

    While Mac and Cheese Meatloaf isn’t something you hear everyday, this casserole pulls it off! This hearty dinner has a ground beef base, with the creamy mac and cheese on top, making for a great combination of two classic comfort foods!

    Get the Recipe @ thisisnotdietfood

    21. Smoked Sausage Mac and Cheese

    This creamy mac and cheese is filled with spectacular smoked sausage. It works great as a main dish, and pairs nicely with fresh vegetables, or any other healthy side dish. You’ll be sure to love it!

    Get the Recipe @ southernbite

    22. Garlic Shrimp Mac and Cheese

    This outrageously good Garlic Shrimp Mac and Cheese can be made using only one pot and takes under twenty minutes. Who doesn’t love a dish that tastes great and is easy to make?

    Get the Recipe @ recipetineats

    23. Roasted Veggie Mac and Cheese

    You’ll easily get your vegetables in with this Roasted Veggie Mac and Cheese. The dish is both colorful and comfy, containing vegetables like squash, red bell peppers, broccoli and more!

    Get the Recipe @ gimmesomeoven

    24. Panera Copycat White Cheddar Mac and Cheese

    If you love the mac and cheese they serve at Panera, then you must try this Panera Copycat White Cheddar Mac and Cheese! It’s super rich and creamy, just like your favorite restaurant.

    Get the Recipe @ modernhoney

    25. Masala Mac and Cheese

    This Masala Mac and Cheese is mouthwaterin. If you’re craving something comforting and spicy, this one’s for you!

    Get the Recipe @ ministryofcurry

    26. One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese

    Made using ground beef, canned tomatoes, beans, pasta, spices, and a cheese of your choosing, this One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese is simply scrumptious. Whether you’re craving mac and cheese, chili or both, give this one a try. 

    Get the Recipe @ recipetineats

    27. Mac and Cheese Ham Casserole

    Go ahead and ham it up with this Mac and Cheese Ham Casserole. It’s not just delicious, but also easy to make and filled with ham chunks and shredded cheese. It’s sure to become a family favorite. 

    Get the Recipe @ togetherasfamily

    28. Breakfast Mac and Cheese

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting mac and cheese for breakfast, and this recipe is perfect for it. It’s made with one pot and uses three different cheeses, spicy breakfast sausage, potatoes, and a runny egg. Perfect start for your morning!

    Get the Recipe @ showmetheyummy

    29. Creamy Pesto Mac and Cheese

    Feel the power of pesto with this Creamy Pesto Mac and Cheese. Mixed in beautiful béchamel sauce, grated parmesan, and doused in perfect pesto, this dish is sure to impress even the most picky pesto lovers.

    Get the Recipe @ budgetbytes

    30. Italian Meatball Mac and Cheese Stuffed Peppers

    Last but most certainly not least are these Italian Meatball Mac and Cheese Stuffed Peppers. The peppers serve as a shell or container for the meatball mac and cheese, making for a wonderful party dish.

    Get the Recipe @ halfbakedharvest

    YUMMM! Who knew there were so many different ways to enjoy your favorite mac and cheese? Try some classics, or experiment with different cooking methods, cheeses or add ins. They’re all so good!

    Bookmark or pin this delicious collection so you always know where to find it the next time those cheesy cravings hit. And be sure to subscribe to GypsyPlate, we’re always cooking up new dishes for you. Have fun…

    Mac and Cheese recipes.

    The 30 BEST Mac and Cheese Recipes

    This great collection of easy Mac and Cheese Recipes will give you plenty of creamy, cheesy, gooey dishes everyone will love!


    • elbow macaroni
    • cheese
    • butter
    • flour
    • milk
    • salt
    • pepper


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