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    The 45 BEST Salad Recipes

    Salad Recipes… These are absolutely going to change your idea of a bowl of salad. A good salad needs to be fulfilling and satisfying with all the possible colors and textures and flavors you can throw in a single bowl. Then every single bite, and you would start thinking, why don’t I have salad enough in my life?

    Salads don’t need to just be sides. With enough greens and veggies and protein, salads could become your new mains. You can do so much with a simple thing called salad.

    Most of the time, it can be just emptying your refrigerator and using whatever you find on that day. We have compiled this healthy and nutritious, yet so finger licking delicious, list of Salad Recipes for you. Each salad is one tasty meal after another.

    This Salad Recipes list has all the regulars like Caesars and pasta salads, with classics like Waldorf and Nicoise salads. Plus very popular salads from all over the world like Italian Panzanella, Spanish Pipirrana, and Thai and Mexican inspired salad. Have fun going through this amazing list of Salad Recipes…

    The 45 BEST Salad Recipes.

    Salad Recipes

    1. Cucumber Avocado Tomato Salad with Pesto

    We’re starting our list of salad recipes with our Cucumber Avocado Tomato Salad, but with major flavor bender… delicious basil pesto dressing.

    This one is there for you to brighten up any meal of the day. Dig into it with your scrambled eggs and toast first thing in the morning, or along with your favorite sandwich for lunch, or use it as a topping for your taco night.

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    2. Antipasto Salad

    If you always hover over the antipasto bar in your grocery store, this salad is for you. It’s full of different flavors and textures from salami, tomatoes, artichokes, pepperoni, olives and cheeses with a delicious homemade Italian dressing. Get some crusty bread to go with this salad along with your favorite wine and you are all set.

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    3. Caesar Salad Recipe

    No salad can get as simple as Caesar!! You can make homemade Caesar Dressing and make it tad bit more special. The good dressing is the key for a good Caesar.

    One of the all time classic salad recipes!

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    4. Greek Salad (Horiatiki)

    This traditional Greek Salad recipe, known to the locals as Horiatiki, is one of our summertime favorites!

    Crisp cucumbers, sweet cherry tomatoes, red onions, briny olives and capers, creamy feta, and a simple herb dressing. That’s all it takes. And the results are top notch.

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    5. Macaroni Salad

    This Macaroni salad is loaded is creamy delicious with sweet and tangy dressing. It’s so easy and great for all the potlucks and BBQs coming your way.

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    6. Wedge Salad

    How about this classic wedge salad. Fresh, crispy and delicious. This goes great with your favorite steak, pork and chicken mains.

    It’s one of the most classic salad recipes for good reason!

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    7. Farro Salad with Roasted Vegetables

    This Farro Salad with Roasted Vegetables is one of my new favorite light meals. It’s so refreshing, a perfect alternative to those summer burgers.. If you are looking for a great summer salad idea, this is it!!

    It’s a great make ahead dish, perfect for meal prep. And it goes great with a variety of proteins (we used shrimp this time), or you can skip them and go meatless.

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    8. Mexican Street Corn Salad

    Are you a fan of elote? Mexican Street Corn Salad, AKA Elote Salad, is an easy and tasty side dish that will be the new star at all of your cookouts and potlucks.

    It’s one of our favorite salad recipes!

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    9. Hawaiian Chicken Salad

    Hawaiian Chicken Salad – Take a look at this colorful platter. It’s full of tropical flavors, a variety of textures, and it happens to be healthy.

    This is a great summertime dish, when you want something light, yet satisfying.

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    10. Spanish Summer Salad (Pipirrana)

    Here to celebrate tomato season this summer is a tribute to all those luscious summer tomatoes, ripening on the vines in warm sunshine. Mixed with just a few more cool crunchies, and you have yet another colorful popular traditional dish, pipirrana, all the way from the south of Spain.

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    11. Gado Gado (Indonesian Salad with Peanut Sauce)

    Gado Gado is a famous salad out of Indonesia. It’s loaded with veggies, carbs and protein for a complete meal, and topped with the most amazing peanut dressing.

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    12. Chicken Caesar Salad

    Today we are going to tell you how to transform the humble salad into a full-fledged meal: the Chicken Caesar Salad. This dish has the lightness of a salad with the heartiness of a main course. 

    Crisp romaine lettuce along with savory parmesan cheese, and crunchy croutons lay the foundation. Adding perfectly seasoned and cooked chicken breast elevates this classic salad into a satisfying meal that’s both easy to make and a joy to eat.

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    13. Tortellini Pasta Salad with Prosciutto

    This gorgeous Tortellini Pasta Salad is one dish that looks as great as it tastes. It’s so quick and easy, yet such a crowd pleaser. Whether you’re hosting a potluck or just with family, everyone will love this one!

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    14. Jennifer Aniston Salad

    This Jennifer Aniston Salad recipe went viral online, for good reason! Inspired by the famous “Friends” star, it’s both healthy and delicious!

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    15. Balela Salad (Middle Eastern Bean Salad)

    Let us present you Balela deliciousness!! So colorful, so easy, so refreshing… This hearty, colorful salad comes from many Middle Eastern countries and is bursting with flavors and textures.

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    16. Taco Salad

    Guys, we’ve found you the best and the most delicious Taco Salad recipe, which can easily be your show-stopper dish.

    All you need is the best ingredients and some tips to make it amazing every time. It’s one of our go-to salad for dinner ideas.

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    17. Antipasto Pasta Salad

    Now here is the star of your next potluck spread! Our Antipasto Pasta Salad is so good and so satisfying that the guests may forego the main dish for a second helping.

    And it’s so easy. It can be your quick weeknight dinner, complete with protein, veggies and carbs. Or it can be meal prep for all the week’s lunches.

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    18. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

    This Mediterranean Quinoa Salad is the light and tasty side dish you need this summer. A simple mix of quinoa, a few veggies, some Mediterranean staples, and a zesty lemon dressing is all it takes.

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    19. Rainbow Pasta Salad Recipe

    Every get together and potluck star… Pasta salad. Make it prettier by adding all kinds of different colors. Quick, easy, and very colorful. Take it to your next potluck, or make a big batch and have lunches for days!

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    20. Mango Salad

    Summer is here, and so are mangoes. How about some great refreshing Mango Salad to celebrate the sunny days. 

    It’s bright and cool, where the sweetness of mangoes is well complimented with a tad bit of tang and a little heat.

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    21. Greek Steak Salad Bowl

    Packed with colorful, crunchy veggies, protein, whole grain, and yummy feta cheese, this Greek Steak Salad Bowl is sure to leave you satisfied! Now that looks very inviting.

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    22. Watermelon Salad

    Have some pool side party or BBQ get together coming up? Make this super easy and quick fruit salad, which is refreshing and inviting to every single person. 

    This vibrant Watermelon Salad is just what you need on any hot summer day. Our watermelon salad recipe is a perfect balance of sweet, juicy watermelon chunks, fresh mint leaves, tangy feta cheese, and a hint of lemon and honey for an added zesty kick.

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    23. Israeli Couscous Salad with Lemon Dijon Vinaigrette

    This gorgeous Israeli Couscous Salad is light and fresh, yet at the same time oh so satisfying. Not to be confused with traditional couscous, these chewy little morsels are a great addition to your pantry!

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    24. Zucchini Carrot Salad with Catalina Dressing

    Ready for something new in your salad bowl? How about a spiralized zucchini carrot salad dressed with fresh, homemade Catalina dressing and mingled with toasted almond slivers and fresh mint leaves? Your veggies take on a new look after spiralizing, and that homemade Catalina dressing…

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    25. Vietnamese Chicken Salad Recipe

    This Vietnamese Chicken Salad is vibrantly fresh from crunchy veggies and loads of herbs. It’s a perfect combination of sweet, savory and tangy!

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    26. Three Bean Salad

    This easy Three Bean Salad recipe is a summertime potluck classic. But it goes so well with so many things, we love it all year long! 

    Fresh green beans are mixed with garbanzo beans and kidney beans, then all get tossed with a tangy dressing. It’s tasty, budget friendly, and a surefire hit. 

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    27. Tabbouleh Salad

    Tabbouleh is a traditional Middle Eastern salad full of fresh colors and flavors. It’s made with loads of parsley and mint along with tomatoes, onion and bulgur dressed generously in olive oil and lemon juice. This one is a must for some pita or shawarma time.

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    28. Chicken Larb Salad (Thai Larb Gai)

    Get ready for a cracking new flavor with this Authentic Thai Larb Gai Recipe! In Laos and Thailand, Larb is more than just a dish, it’s a social experience. 

    Meet Larb Gai, a Thai chicken salad that’s packed with flavor.

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    29. Thanksgiving Kale Salad

    Add some color and freshness to your Thanksgiving spread with this delicious kale salad. The wide array of flavors combine for a salad that tastes as beautiful as it looks.

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    30. Thai Steak Salad

    Here, your favorite steak is marinated in Asian influenced marinade and grilled to perfection. All you are doing later is placing thinly sliced steak over a bed of lettuce with plenty of cilantro, mint, peanuts and cucumber and dressing it with one tasty Thai inspired homemade dressing. Now that’s one hearty salad.

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    31. Strawberry Spinach Salad

    Everyone’s favorite summer salad gets just a little heartier. Add perfectly grilled, juicy tender chicken thighs to regular strawberry spinach salad, give a dash of creamy poppy seed dressing and you are set for one tasty meal any time of the day this summer.

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    32. Caprese Salad Recipe

    There is nothing so simple, yet delicious as a salad out of your juiciest and sweetest ripe summer tomatoes. Make this Italian classic. Simple, yet colorful and vibrant Caprese salad!!

    Get all the colorful tomatoes and layer them with mozzarella and basil leaves with a drizzle of sweet and tangy balsamic reduction. Take this to your table and see all get impressed with minimum efforts on your part.

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    33. Mediterranean Avocado Salmon Salad

    This amazing tasty salad has all the Mediterranean flavors and is ready in minutes. Perfectly pan seared flaky salmon along with cucumber, olives, tomatoes, avocado and feta cheese with a lemon herb dressing is an absolute treat when you are in the mood for something healthy and light.

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    34. Tuna Niçoise Pasta Salad

    This classic fancy French salad gets a little bit more hearty by adding whole wheat pasta in addition to the usual ingredients. This salad is great for entertaining and get togethers.

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    35. Classic Waldorf Salad Recipe

    Another oldie but goodie. The Waldorf salad has been popular for 100 years or so and is believed to have originated in the Waldorf hotel in New York city. Simple salad with simple ingredients like apples, celery and mayo, with some grapes and nuts too. All goes so well together.

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    36. Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad

    Some days all you need is that great Cobb salad. Make it more special by adding grilled chicken and you are set for one satisfying meal any time of the day.

    It’s absolutely delish with bacon, boiled eggs and avocado with honey dijon dressing, and is one of our favorite salad recipes.

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    37. Panzanella Salad

    Have you heard of Panzanella Salad? Meet this Italian classic. All you need is some great ripe tomatoes and some bread along with crunchy fresh cucumber.

    Finish it of with fresh basil and mozzarella and you end up with yummy Panzanella…

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    38. Classic Potato Salad

    The star of every potluck and BBQ party. You’ve got to have some Potato salad. Not just any potato salad, but something super creamy, crunchy and finger licking delicious. This one is loaded with pickles and celery along with the usual potato salad musts. Super easy and simple.

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    39. Chipotle Lime Carnitas Salad

    Missing your burrito bowl from Chipotle? Whip up this chipotle lime carnitas salad. It’s so much better and healthier. And it’s super easy to make from your leftover pulled pork. Chipotle lime dressing will keep you digging into it till you finish it all.

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    40. Fruit Salad Recipe

    Now who wouldn’t like to keep on munching this rainbow of colors from all these fruits with sweet and fresh honey lime dressing?

    It’s a colorful salad for anytime you have plenty of fruits lying in your refrigerator. Healthy can be pretty!!

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    41. Bruschetta Chicken Pasta Salad

    Now this pasta salad is all carb lovers’ dream. Juicy tender Italian seasoned grilled chicken on a bed of pasta cooked with tomatoes, garlic and cheese… Yummy.

    It will be one of your favorite salad recipes.

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    42. Southwest Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

    Looking for some Tex Mex flavors in your salad? This Southwest salad has all and some more. Perfectly seasoned grilled chicken, avocado, beans and corn over a bed of romaine tossed with lime vinaigrette. So good and fulfilling.

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    43. Balsamic Steak Gorgonzola Salad

    This salad has a beautiful combo of two grilled things, Steak and Corn!! You can make this colorful, delicious bowl in just 20 minutes. It’s loaded with tomatoes, red onion, grilled corn, gorgonzola cheese, gremolata and of course perfectly grilled steak, all drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. Now personally, we can eat it any day and every day.

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    44. Classic Chef Salad Recipe

    Now this one is an old classic, too. Chef’s salad comes in many forms and variations. Basically, whatever is available in your refrigerator. But it’s always loaded with greens, assorted meats, cheeses, vegetables and this one comes with thousand island dressing. Very hearty and satisfying salad recipe.

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    45. Egg Salad

    Everyone should have one amazing tasting egg salad under their belt. Such a simple salad, but yet with the right ingredients, it’s always finger licking delicious. This classic southern farm style egg salad is loaded with green onions, celery, sweet pickles and pimentos. Make a sandwich, have it over a bed of lettuce or on crackers. It’s so, so good.

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    46. Fattoush Salad

    This famous Lebanese salad is so easy to whip up, and it’s so good and the perfect side for lots of Mediterranean mains. Made with pita bread with cucumber, tomatoes and bell peppers with plenty of mint and sumac. Yumm…

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    Now you have it. One great looking and tasting salad after another. Make the most of it and start experimenting with your salads. There is so much you can do to whip up this healthy meal any time of the day.

    Save all these amazing salad recipes by pinning it to your favorite board or bookmarking it, so it’s easy click away to health. Have fun…

    Salad recipes.

    The 45 BEST Salad Recipes

    This great collection of Salad Recipes will give you plenty of healthy options for sides, lunches or light dinners!


    • lettuce
    • tomato
    • cucumber
    • carrots
    • olives
    • meat
    • cheese
    • dressing


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