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    The 30 BEST One Pot Meals

    Sometimes, when life gets busy, you just want things a bit easier in the kitchen. Less time cooking. Less dishes! That’s why we decided to compile this list of easy One Pot Meals.

    Whether you’re looking for a super quick weeknight dinner or an impressive looking company meal you’ll find all here.

    This list includes comfort food One Pot classics like Chilis and Southern fares as well as exotic dishes like Indian Chicken Korma and West African jollof rice.

    So get out your trusty dutch oven or cast iron skillet, scroll through this list and get ready to cook up some awesome dinners!

    The 30 BEST One Pot Meals.

    1. Mediterranean Braised Chicken

    Let’s start this list with one of our favorites! This gorgeous Mediterranean braised chicken is your coq au vin taken to the next level! So many layers of flavor, yet so easy. Just brown up the chicken, make a quick sauce and braise everything in the oven. Great company meal.

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    2. Creamy Tortellini Soup

    This super cozy and hearty Creamy Tortellini Soup get great flavors from sausage and sundried tomato pesto. You’ll keep coming back to this one pot dinner again and again.

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    3. One Skillet Mexican Casserole

    Need a break? Yet want to put dinner on the table? This is when this One Skillet Mexican Casserole come into play. 

    10 minutes of active cook time on your part, with simple pantry staple ingredients, and this amazing casserole full of Mexican flavors happens. And did you hear one skillet? Yup music to my ears, for easy clean up later.

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    4. Dublin Coddle

    Dublin Coddle is a hearty and cozy meal of of potatoes, sausage and bacon. Loaded with rich and satisfying flavors, this is what you call comfort food!

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    5. Chicken Provençal

    We’re wrapping this list up with a real stunner – Chicken Provençal. Beautiful golden brown chicken braised in white wine, nestled between eye catching olives, plump cherry tomatoes, oh-so French shallots, tangy capers and plenty of garlic and herbs. Life can’t be more beautiful!

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    6. Brunswick Stew

    Brunswick stew – a hearty southern one pot dish that’s perfect for chilly nights. If you love barbecue flavors, this is sure to become one of your new favorites.

    It’s loaded with smoked meats, veggies and great seasonings. And best of all, it’s super easy. Only a few minutes of hands on time is all it takes.

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    7. Creamy Chicken Skillet

    This creamy chicken skillet is your weekday best friend. It’s super easy , it’s super tasty and it’s a low carb bomb. Start to finish in 30 minutes, this just may become a new staple in your rotation.

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    8. Chicken Cacciatore

    Chicken Cacciatore is a classic Italian dish, where chicken is braised to tender perfection in a well seasoned tomato based sauce..all in one big pot.

    It is a rustic dish with plenty of fresh herbs, veggies, and usually a good splash of wine. The next time those Italian cravings hit, make this restaurant quality dish in your own kitchen…all you need is piece of crusty bread with this one pot meal.

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    9. The Ultimate Chili

    This giant batch of Ultimate Chili is loaded with three types of meat and three types of beans. This recipe can feed a big crowd, or give you leftover lunches for days.

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    10. Cheesy Tortellini Bake

    This Tortellini Bake is an easy, one-skillet, dinner loaded with meat, sauce and melty cheese that the whole family will love!

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    11. Albondigas Soup (Mexican Meatball Soup)

    This Albondigas Soup, or Mexican Meatball Soup, features plump meatballs and lots of veggies in a super flavorful broth. So comforting and so easy to whip this up, all in one pot.

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    12. Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

    If you want your chili on the lighter side, try this easy Vegetarian Black Bean Chili. It’s super healthy and whips up in about 30 minutes.

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    13. Fasolada (Greek Bean Soup)

    Fasolada is the ultimate Greek comfort food. This white bean soup is notable for a very generous drizzling of olive oil. Great simple meatless night option.

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    14. Zuppa Toscana

    This hearty and comforting soup is based on the version made famous by Olive Garden. But I don’t want to call it a copycat, because this home made version is much better!

    The post included instructions for stovetop, instant pot and crock pot.

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    15. Chicken Jollof Rice

    Chicken Jollof Rice is a colorful and tasty one pot meal from West Africa. Simple preparation, then in the oven it goes. Impress your guests with this easy and exotic treat!

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    16. Jambalaya Soup

    Jambalaya Soup! This hearty soup is boldly flavored with great Creole seasoning and is loaded with meats and veggies. It’s great on the stovetop, or in a slow cooker or instant pot.

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    17. Mediterranean Chicken Skillet

    This Mediterranean Chicken Skillet is a one skillet meal from stovetop-to oven-to table. It’s easy, healthy and tastes delicious!

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    18. Southern Braised Chicken with Black Eyed Peas

    Southern Braised Chicken is the newest addition to your comfort food repertoire. It’s hearty and full of cozy flavors, all simmered slow and long in one pot.

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    19. Puerto Rican Sancocho (Caribbean Beef & Vegetable Stew)

    Time for another bowl of our Latin favorite… Sancocho!! Puerto Rican style!!! This Caribbean beef and root vegetable stew is brimming with flavors. That’s because its been simmering for a couple of hours in amazing Latin flavor bombs.

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    20. Shrimp Creole with Sausage

    This Shrimp Creole with Andouille Sausage is a flavor bomb! Plump shrimp and hearty sausage in a great Creole seasoned tomato sauce. If you’re a fan of New Orleans style food like us, this one is going in your rotation!

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    21. Spanish Clams with Chorizo

    These Spanish Clams are simmered with cannellini beans, chorizo sausage and great flavor enhancers in one pot. It’s an amazing tapas dish that will easily impress guests, but is easy enough for any weeknight.

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    22. Harissa Chicken

    Harissa Chicken is a boldly flavorful dish with great North African flavors. It only takes about ten minutes of hands on time, then your oven does the rest in one skillet.

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    23. Country Captain Chicken

    Country Captain Chicken… Indian curry meets Lowcountry cooking. Simply known as Country Captain, this is a Southern Icon you may have never tasted. Make this curry in one pot and you can serve it with piece of bread or naan bread.

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    24. Birria (Mexican Beef Stew)

    Beef Birria is an amazingly flavorful Mexican stew with a rich chili pepper infused consommé. Just wait till you try the meat in tacos…

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    25. Ground Turkey Chili (Slow Cooker or Stove Top)

    This healthy one pot Ground Turkey Chili is a cozy meal the whole family will love. It can be cooked on stove top or in the slow cooker.

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    26. Dirty Rice (Cajun Rice Recipe)

    Dirty Rice is a famous dish in Creole and Cajun cuisines. White rice gets a “dirty” color from bits of meat and a generous dose of seasonings.

    It’s a super delicious recipe that’s packed with flavor. And although it’s usually served as a side dish, we love it as a main.

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    27. Mexican Picadillo

    Mexican Picadillo is a boldly flavored ground beef recipe that’s loaded with plenty of veggies and seasonings. It’s an easy dinner option when the Mexican cravings hit.

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    28. Chicken Korma

    Chicken Korma is a rich and mild, yet finger licking delicious Indian Curry. This version is cooked in the Moghlai style. Make this Indian classic that can be cooked in just one pot and saves lot of cleaning up.

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    29. Ropa Vieja (Cuba’s National Dish)

    Ropa Vieja is a TRUE Cuban Classic!! Beloved throughout the generations, this rustic and humble Latin dish is very popular not only in Cuba, but many of its neighboring Spanish speaking countries. All you need is piece of bread or rice to go with this great meal cooked in one pot.

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    30. Meatball Minestrone Soup

    This bowl of Meatball Minestrone Soup is a huge upgrade over the original Italian soup with the addition of plump chicken meatballs. Try making this Italian classic, perfect for one pot meal dinner.

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    So… which recipe to cook first? We hope you enjoyed going through this collection of great one pot meals. One thing is for sure, doing less dishes is a good thing!

    Be sure to bookmark or pin this One Pot Recipe Ideas post so you always know where to go when you’re in the mood for easy and delicious. Enjoy!

    One pot meals.

    The 30 BEST One Pot Meal

    Yield: 6 servings
    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Cook Time: 20 minutes
    Total Time: 30 minutes

    This great collection of easy One Pot Meals will feed your family and save on dishes!


    • beef
    • chicken
    • pork
    • seafood
    • veggies
    • rice
    • noodles
    • potatoes


    1. Choose a recipe that looks tasty. Try something you haven't had before, it's fun to experiment!
    2. Make a shopping list and buy the ingredients.
    3. Cook your new favorite One Pot Meal!


    1. Let me know which recipes you try, I love hearing from you!

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