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    The 30 BEST Rice Bowl Recipes

    Rice Bowls… They’re a tasty, filling and fun ways to eat your meals, with rice, protein and veggies all in one bowl. We can’t get enough!

    That’s why we have compiled this list of great Rice Bowl Recipes for you to cook. And they’re all so easy.

    You’ll find a variety of flavors in rice bowls from all over Asia, Latin America, the Mediterranean, and more!

    Cook your way through all of these delicious rice bowl recipes, you’re going to love digging in to these!

    the best rice bowl recipes.

    The Best Rice Bowl Recipes:

    1. Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

    We are starting this list of Rice Bowl Recipes with our irresistible Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Bowl!

    This bowl is just divine. It is bright, crunchy, savory, and filled with umami flavors that come together so beautifully. It’s a super delicious and easy Bowl that will definitely make you happy…

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    2. Katsudon (Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl)

    Make the most popular Japanese rice bowl in your own kitchen, with this Katsudon (Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl) recipe! It’s simply a savory and flavorful pork cutlet omlet over a bed of rice.

    This delicious staple dish of Japan is the best comfort foods you can try.

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    3. TikTok Salmon Rice Bowl

    Give your leftovers a new makeover by making this internet sensation Tik Tok Salmon Rice Bowl recipe. It’s an easy and delicious way to use your leftover salmon and leftover rice. It takes just 5 minutes to make a super tasty lunch.

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    4. Korean Ground Beef Bowl

    This Korean Ground Beef Bowl has just the right combination of sweet, salty, umami, and just a touch of spicy. Try it when you crave some Asian flavors, or just need something super quick.

    It’s one of our favorite rice bowl recipes!

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    5. Sesame Chicken Bowls

    If you crave your favorite Chinese food, make this Sesame Chicken Bowl recipe! This Sesame Bowl is savory, sweet, nutty and well garnished.

    Enjoy this easy and simple bowl that gets ready in less than 30 minutes. It’s a perfect weeknight dinner…

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    6. Ground Turkey Stir Fry Bowl

    This is one of the healthiest and tastiest ground turkey recipes!! Throw in whatever veggies you have on hand, make a quick homemade sauce out of your pantry, and sizzle your wok in minutes to make this healthy stir fry recipe for your family… all this in under 25 minutes!!

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    7. Thai Cashew Chicken Bowl

    Give your stir fry night a new twist with this Thai Cashew Chicken. It’s an easy dish that’s bursting with layers of flavor and texture.

    Just a little chopping, mix up a sauce, and a quick stir fry is all the effort needed to put this tasty and nutritious dinner on the table.

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    8. Greek Chicken Rice Bowl

    Are you searching for quick and easy meal ideas? Then make this Greek Chicken Rice Bowl recipe!

    This delectable and healthy dish is loaded with protein, carbs, and lots of fresh vegetables, making it a filling and satisfying meal that is perfect for busy weekdays.

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    9. Fajita Chicken Burrito Bowl

    This Fajita Chicken Burrito Bowl recipe is a well-balanced meal that is filled with succulent chicken, flavorful rice, veggies, and zesty dressing.

    These incredible flavors go perfectly with each other, and also you can easily customize this burrito bowl as you like.

    Make your family this lovely bowl of goodness…

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    10. Thai Basil Chicken Bowls

    Try this super delicious and quick Thai Basil Chicken Bowl recipe! You will love this extremely flavorful Thai-style chicken that is very simple to make, and it’s also easy on your pocket.

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    11. Chipotle Carnitas Burrito Bowls

    This Chipotle inspired Caritas Burrito Bowl recipe is just loaded with delicious things. You can meal prep ahead of time, so you can make a quick meal for your loved ones.

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    12. Shrimp Bowl with Cilantro Lime Rice

    This Shrimp Bowl with Cilantro Lime Rice recipe is just mouthwatering, made with tasty shrimp, black beans, and corn, then is topped with a super flavorful and zesty chipotle ranch dressing. Make this bowl for a quick lunch or dinner.

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    13. Bibimbap (Korean Rice Bowl)

    You will get addicted to this Bibimbap (Korean Rice Bowl) recipe! This delicious Korean dish is well seasoned and perfectly balanced with flavorful savory bibimbap sauce.

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    14. Fish Taco Bowls

    If you’re craving tacos but want to eat something a little more filling, try this Fish Taco Bowl recipe, which is just amazing! It comes with a super tasty cilantro lime dressing.

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    15. Cuban Chicken Rice Bowl

    Are you looking for a quick and simple meal prep recipe? Then try this Cuban Chicken Rice Bowl! This flavor-packed bowl is extremely scrumptious, and is made with flavorful ingredients that go perfectly with each other. This rice bowl makes a great leftover too…

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    16. Firecracker Chicken Rice Bowl

    You will love this Asian-style Firecracker Chicken Rice Bowl recipe!

    This flavorful crispy chicken and rice dish is super easy to make with sweet and spicy flavors, that make this bowl absolutely delectable.

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    17. Spicy Thai Chicken and Brown Rice Bowls

    Thai Chicken and Brown Rice Bowls are a well-balanced and extremely healthy meal! This Thai-flavored chicken bowl can be an easy meal prep dish.

    It’s super versatile and you easily can make it your own.

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    18. Spicy Salmon Poke Bowls

    Make a gourmet meal at home with this delicious Spicy Salmon Poke Bowl recipe! Sushi lovers will definitely relish this bowl.

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    19. Easy Taco Bowl

    Try a delicious twist on your regular taco, by making this Easy Taco Bowl recipe! This recipe is so forgiving that you can make it as per your choice, and with any ingredients in your hand. The simple and delicious taco bowl is a great option for a make-ahead meal.

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    20. Teriyaki Chicken and Rice Bowls

    This Teriyaki Chicken and Rice Bowl is a perfect summertime recipe! This rice bowl is loaded with flavorful grilled ingredients, with a tasty homemade teriyaki sauce.

    It’s a perfect Asian-style meal that will certainly be a hit at your home.

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    21. Grilled BBQ Chicken Bowls

    Enjoy this awesome Grilled BBQ Chicken bowl recipe, which is a great summer treat! This easy and quick bowl is jam-packed with the perfect blend of hot and cold flavorful ingredients.

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    22. Spicy Korean BBQ Chicken Rice Bowl

    Make a healthy and colorful meal with this Spicy Korean BBQ Chicken Rice Bowl recipe! This is the best bowl, which you can completely make your own by adding your favorite ingredients.

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    23. Banh Mi Rice Bowls

    Jazz up your traditional Banh mi Sandwich with this super flavorful Bahn Mi Rice Bowl recipe. This delectable rice bowl is packed with pork, pickled veggies, and siracha mayo, making it an irresistible and easy meal that you and your family will devour.

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    24. Hawaiian Poke Bowl

    Hawaiian Poke Bowls are loaded with sushi ingredients, but in bowl form. You will enjoy the different textures and flavors of this rice bowl recipe, which makes a perfect weeknight meal.

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    25. Tofu Coconut Rice Bowl

    This Tofu Coconut Rice Bowl recipe is refreshing and completely plant based! It’s made with crispy, sticky tofu, pineapple, and avocadoes drizzled with tasty sweet chilly sauce, all served over coconut rice.

    Get the Recipe @ thealmondeater

    26. Mediterranean Rice Bowls

    Make this Mediterranean Rice Bowl, which is loaded full of flavors and textures. This insanely tasty recipe is very easy to put together, as well as completely customizable.

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    27. Southwest Salmon Rice Bowls

    This Southwest Salmon Rice Bowl recipe is extremely easy to make, and it gets ready in just 31 minutes.

    It is loaded with full of healthy, filling, and delicious ingredients that are perfect for any time of the week.

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    28. Tropical Shrimp Rice Bowl

    Try this mouthwatering Tropical Shrimp Rice Bowl recipe! It has all the tropical flavors and a deliciously sweet, tangy, spicy sauce, which elevates this rice bowl to the next level.

    Make this recipe and you will surely get rave reviews.

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    29. Gyudon (Japanese Beef and Rice Bowl)

    Gyudon (Japanese Beef and Rice Bowl) is totally filling and delicious at the same time!

    This easy and flavorful dish is made with thinly sliced beef and a tasty sauce spread over a bed of rice. It’s simply amazing.

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    30. Vietnamese Beef and Crispy Rice Bowl

    Make this surprisingly easy and delicious Vietnamese Beef and Crispy Rice Bowl recipe! This vibrant and extremely flavorful bowl gets ready in just 30 minutes.

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    31. Kalua Pork Rice Bowl

    This Hawaiian Kalua Pork bowl is a great slow cooker meal with tropical flavors. It will satisfy your taste buds and fill you up.

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    What a great variety of Rice Bowl recipes for you to try. They’re all so healthy and fulfilling, plus they look great!

    Save or pin this collection of great recipes so you always know where to find it. And be sure to subscribe to GypsyPlate, we’re always cooking up new easy recipes for you!

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    30 BEST Rice Bowls

    This collection of easy Rice Bowl Recipes has a ton of one bowl meals that your family will love for weeknight dinners!


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