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    The 35 BEST Mushroom Recipes

    Wondering what to cook with mushrooms? They’re super versatile and go great in a variety of sides and mains with mushrooms.

    That’s why we’ve compiled this great list of Mushroom Recipes for you, from GypsyPlate and around the internet.

    You’ll find pastas and soups, stir fry dishes and so many more mushroom recipes here. Whatever type of mushroom you’re cooking with, there’s something for you here.

    Cook your way through all of these great mushroom recipes. They’re all great!

    The 35 BEST Mushroom Recipes.

    1. Mushroom Stroganoff

    This easy Mushroom Stroganoff is a lighter and healthier take on your traditional beef stroganoff. It’s also super quick, and super tasty!

    With just a handful of basic ingredients, you can have this meatless dinner on the table in under half an hour. Great weeknight dinner option!

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    2. Caprese Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

    Your meatless night never looked so fancy and tasty! These Caprese Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms are what my dream looks like when I steer away from protein some days.

    These big ol’ mushrooms are tender, fleshy goodness stuffed to the brim with everyone’s classic summer favorite… Caprese!!

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    3. Southern Braised Chicken with Mushrooms and Black Eyed Peas

    Southern Braised Chicken is the newest addition to your comfort food repertoire. It’s hearty and full of cozy flavors. With just a few humble ingredients and a few minutes of hands on time, you’ll have a dish the whole family is going to love.

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    4. Easy Steak and Mushroom Flatbread

    This easy steak Gorgonzola flatbread is a wonderful light dinner that’s packed with unique flavors and ingredients. It has steak, Gorgonzola cheese, arugula and mushrooms. It’s a great meal for a light dinner, or even just a snack.

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    5. Gorgonzola Portobello Steak Skillet

    This Sausage and Mushroom Frittata is savory, adaptable to whatever you have on hand, great for a weekend breakfast. It’s easy, healthy and full of flavor.

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    6. Pork Pinwheels

    Stuffed and roasted pork loin with spinach and mushrooms… with plenty of feta cheese. How can it not turn into one of the most gourmet, sophisticated and elegant looking thing on your platter?

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    7. Creamy Sausage and Mushroom Pasta

    This Creamy Ground Sausage Pasta is a family favorite Italian pasta recipe!

    Easy, cheesy, creamy pasta with savory mushrooms, tender penne noodles, and Italian sausage, all in a light yet rich creamy garlicky and parmesan sauce. YUM!

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    8. Mushroom, Spinach and Egg Breakfast Skillet

    If your breakfast table needs sprucing up, try this fresh and exciting breakfast skillet. It’s tasty, packed with nutrients and it’s also low carb.

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    9. Creamy Lemon Chicken and Mushroom Soup

    Creamy Lemon Chicken and Mushroom Soup is going to win your hearts… BIG time! Some magic happens with just a little bit of lemon, a little bit of butter and little bit of cheese and cream. Not to forget tons of spinach.

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    10. Jägerschnitzel (Hunter’s cutlet with mushroom gravy)

    Jägerschnitzel is crispy fried pork cutlets topped with one of the tastiest and creamiest mushroom gravies you can cook.

    It is a very rustic and classic traditional dish all the way from Austria, though it is also a classic in Germany. Your otherwise oh-so-basic pork loin gets transformed after some beating into tender pork schnitzel.

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    11. Chicken Marsala

    Chicken Marsala is an Italian-American classic. Tender chicken is smothered in a wine based mushroom sauce. We love it with pasta or mashed potatoes. Your whole family will enjoy it!

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    12. Mushroom Ramen

    This mushroom ramen recipe is restaurant quality, made right at home! The marvelous mushroom broth is perfectly seasoned, and a soft boiled egg tops the broth. The mushroom and egg combination bring the dish together, and it makes a great broth!

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    13. Creamy Baked Chicken Thighs with Mushrooms & Bacon

    This is about to become one of your new favorite chicken and mushroom recipes. It’s a creamy delight of flavors, all enhanced by bacon. YUM!

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    14. Salisbury Steak

    Now this one is an absolute TREAT. This meal is made up of a simple ground beef patty and a rich mushroom gravy. Delicious can be super easy. Serve it over mashed potatoes or pasta and you are set for one cozy comfort night.

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    15. Brown Butter Mushroom Pasta

    Brown Butter Mushroom Pasta is a quick and easy pasta that tastes so gourmet. It’s one of our favorite mushroom side dishes, but you can also eat it as a lunch or light main.

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    16. Creamy Mushroom Soup

    A real classic, Creamy Mushroom Soup is full of flavors and so easy to make. The deep earthy flavor of mushrooms in a silky smooth broth is just too irresistible. You’ll just love this recipe!

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    17. Smothered Pork Chops With Mushroom Gravy

    This smothered pork chops recipe creates a dish that’s juicy and rich. The pork chops are pan-seared and cooked in an outstanding mushroom gravy. This is soul food at its best!

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    18. Creamy Mushroom Risotto

    Risotto is a famous Italian rice preparation. Many find it intimidating, but you’ll be amazed how easy it is when following this recipe. Packed full of mushrooms, it’s a great side dish.

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    19. Asian Style Udon Noodles with Pork and Mushrooms

    This Japanese inspired Chicken Udon soup has a wonderful broth, which is packed with plump udon noodles, marinated chicken and caramelized mushrooms. So good!

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    20. Shrimp and Mushrooms in a Garlic Bisque Sauce

    This Shrimp and Mushrooms in a Garlic Bisque Sauce is so flavorful, juicy and delicious. The recipe is very easy to make with fresh ingredients. It tastes absolutely amazing over rice, pasta or mashed potatoes. This is one of our favorite mushroom recipes.

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    21. Creamy Garlic Mushrooms

    These Creamy Garlic Mushrooms are ridiculously easy to make, and are so versatile. Serve them as a party appetizer, or have them over steak, tossed with pasta, on pizza, or any other way you can think of!

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    22. Stuffed Mushrooms

    These sausage Stuffed Mushrooms are an outstanding appetizer recipe for your next get together. They’re the tastiest little bites, which your guests will go crazy for!

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    23. Beef Mushroom Stir Fry

    For a quick and easy dinner, make this Beef Mushroom Stir Fry. Everyone loves a good stir fry now and then, and they are so super fast. This one has all the great Asian flavors you expect.

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    24. Cube Steaks with Mushroom Gravy

    In this recipe, tenderized cube steak is seared, then smothered in an amazing mushroom gravy.

    It’s an under 30 minute, family friendly, meal perfect for busy weeknights.

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    25. White Mushroom Pizza

    This White Mushroom Pizza is a great mushroom recipe. It’ topped with garlic herb sautéed mushrooms and two types of cheese. So good!

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    26. Beef and Mushroom Pot Roast

    This Beef and Mushroom Pot Roast makes for a spectacular comfort food. It’s just a classic meal that uses real ingredients. Who doesn’t love that? One of the best mushroom recipes!

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    27. Chicken Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna

    Everyone’s favorite lasagna in a new avatar. This chicken and mushroom white lasagna is a comfort food masterpiece. Serve this up the next time you have guests over and be prepared for some big praise.

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    28. Creamy Mushroom Gnocchi

    This Creamy Mushroom Gnocchi is the perfect recipes for when you want something saucy and comforting. It’s a great meatless dinner idea, but also goes great with grilled chicken or seafood!

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    29. Portobello Mushroom Burger

    This Portobello Mushroom Burger is the best meatless burger ever! It’s nicely marinated, then topped with cheese, onions, tomatoes, arugula, and pesto sauce.

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    30. Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup

    This cozy and creamy Wild Rice Soup is a perfect warmer when the temperatures start to dip. It’s easy to make, and will be one of your family’s favorite mushroom recipes.

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    31. Mushroom Sandwich Melts

    These Mushroom Sandwich Melts are fun appetizers that have a whole lot of flavor in such a little package. Perfect for your potlucks and get togethers.

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    32. Chicken and Mushroom Fajitas

    Chicken and Mushroom Fajitas are an easy, customizable and delicious dish. This recipe is full of flavor and packed with nutrients. This Fajita mix is absolutely delicious. Awesome mushroom recipe!

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    33. Beef Bourguignon

    Beef Bourguignon is a savory French classic. Tender chunks of chuck roast, mushrooms, veggies and potatoes braised in a wine infused broth. So good. Foods like these make for happy meal times.

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    34. One-Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta with Spinach and Mushrooms

    This pasta recipe filled with spinach and mushrooms is going to be one of your favorite meatless mushroom recipes. It’s total creamy, cheesy comfort food!

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    35. Southwest Sausage and Egg Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

    Meet your new favorite breakfast! These Southwest Sausage and Egg stuffed Portobello Mushrooms are filled with has egg, black beans, corn, tomatoes, and is topped with melty cheese. Such a great way to start the day!

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    So there you go, thirty five amazing mushroom recipes. Don’t they all look delicious? Which ones will make their way into your regular rotation?

    Save or pin this collection of great recipes so you always know where to find it. And be sure to subscribe to GypsyPlate, we’re always cooking up new easy recipes for you!

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    35 Ways to Cook Mushrooms

    This great collection of easy Mushroom Recipes has plenty of great mains and sides for you to cook. We love this easy creamy stroganoff:


    • 2 Tbsp Butter
    • 1 small onion, chopped
    • 16oz mushrooms, sliced (we used baby bella)
    • 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
    • 2 Tbsp flour
    • 2 cups vegetable or beef stock
    • 1 Tbsp worcestershire sauce
    • 1 Tbsp dijon mustard
    • 3/4 cup sour cream
    • Salt and pepper to taste
    • 8oz egg noodles
    • Parsley, for garnish


    1. Cook noodles according to directions on package. (Alternately, you can serve this mushroom stroganoff with rice or mashed potatoes)
    2. Melt butter in a skillet over medium high heat. Add onions and mushrooms and sauté until soft, about 6-8 minutes.
    3. Add in garlic and stir for a minute, then stir in flour.
    4. Stir in stock, worcestershire sauce and dijon mustard. Simmer for about five minutes.
    5. Fold in sour cream. Once nicely mixed, stir in noodles and garnish with chopped fresh parsley.


    1. Let me know which recipes you try, I love hearing from you!

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