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    The 20 BEST Vermicelli Recipes

    What’s your favorite type of noodle? If you love vermicelli, you’ve come to the right place!

    We’ve compiled this great list of easy Vermicelli Noodles for you to try. You’ll a big variety of dishes, for both the standard Vermicelli pasta variety as well as the Asian rice vermicelli.

    Cook your way through all of these Vermicelli recipes, and you’ll never wonder “what to cook with vermicelli noodles?” again. You’re sure to find some new family favorites!

    Have fun…

    the best vermicelli recipes

    Vermicelli Noodle Recipes:

    1. Bun Cha (Vietnamese Meatball Vermicelli Bowl)

    We’re starting off this list of vermicelli noodle recipes with one of our favorites… Bun Cha is a vibrant mix of juicy caramelized pork meatballs, delicate vermicelli and fresh garnishes, all united by one refreshing, flavorful light dipping sauce.

    Every single bite is pure harmony.

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    2. Pancit (Filipino Fried Rice Noodles)

    Pancit… It’s a Filipino classic. Simply meaning noodles, pancit is everyones favorite stir-fried noodles with meat and vegetables.

    You can make it customizable with any meat or vegetable available in your kitchen. This will be one of your go to vermicelli recipes.

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    3. Laksa Noodle Soup

    You might’ve never tried laksa noodle soup before, but all you need to know is that it’s delicious!

    The iconic Malaysian spicy coconut noodle soup is rich, fragrant, complex, and bursting with flavors! Whether you’re already a fan or you’re a newbie, you’ll enjoy it!

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    4. Singapore Noodles

    These Singapore noodles are absolutely phenomenal! They’re made with thin rice noodles, shrimp, Chinese barbecue pork, eggs, and bell peppers. It’s also customizable, so you can change the ingredients to your liking.

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    5. Lemongrass Vermicelli Salad

    Here’s a perfect summer salad… Vermicelli noodles, seared tofu, fresh herbs and veggies in a lemongrass-lime based sauce. It’s all you need some days to cool off the heat.

    Easy and simple, yet brimming with amazing Asian flavors.

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    6. Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup

    If you love red curry, you’ll love this Thai red curry noodle soup. Who needs to order Thai takeout when you can make a delicious and easy noodle soup right at home? It’s packed with flavor and uses chicken bites, vermicelli noodles, cilantro, basil, and more!

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    7. Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)

    Anyone in the mood for pho? This pho recipe, which is a Vietnamese noodle soup, tastes amazing! It’s a traditional pho recipe, but with a few time-saving shortcuts.

    The chicken or beef, Asian favorite toppings, and broth all combine wonderfully to make a tasty soup.

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    8.  Vietnamese Noodle Salad

    Looking for light, refreshing salad with Asian flavors? Try this Vietnamese Noodle Salad with crunchy vegetables, fresh herbs, and vermicelli rice noodles. All gets tossed with a beautiful, fragrant Vietnamese dressing.

    You can make it customizable with any protein of your choice. Great for an easy lunch or potlucks.

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    9. Vermicelli Noodle Bowls 

    These vermicelli noodle bowls can be made in under 30 minutes, and are jam packed with flavors.

    Fill your bowl with vermicelli noodles along with veggies, lettuce and fresh herbs, and enjoy it with sweet and tangy dressing.

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    10. Stir-Fried Vermicelli Noodles

    Want to make a stir fry with a twist? Try this vermicelli noodle stir fry with the veggies of your choice and Asian aromatics, ready in 20 minutes.

    You can make this vegan with tofu, or bulk it up with any protein of your choice. Easy recipe for a busy weeknight meal.

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    11. Lebanese Rice with Vermicelli

    This Lebanese Rice with Vermicelli is a very popular Middle Eastern side dish that you can pair with any main.

    It’s made with only three ingredients, yet it’s beautifully flavored and top with pine nuts. Great to serve with their stews and meat delicacies.

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    12. Thai Style Shrimp and Avocado Noodle Bowls

    Make this restaurant worthy shrimp noodle bowl right in your kitchen with a few Thai staple ingredients. The shrimp are perfectly cooked in coconut broth with herbs, and the soup is bulked up with vermicelli noodles. Yum…

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    13. Chinese Hot Pot

    Chinese Hot pot is a traditional dining experience for the whole family to sit down together and enjoy the meal. It’s a warm and comforting social dining experience with friends and family where diners sit around simmering pot of soup.

    Meat cut in thin slices, seafood, vegetables and starches are flash cooked in a simmering hot pot and enjoyed together. Try making this Chinese hot pot for a different interactive dining experience with your guests.

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    14. Vietnamese Spring Rolls

    Spring rolls, with a Vietnamese twist! These fresh spring rolls are made with shrimp or pork, vegetables, herbs, and vermicelli noodles all wrapped in rice paper.

    Serve with their popular Nuc Cham dressing and it’s a great lunch or light dinner option.

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    15. Sukiyaki

    Sukiyaki is a Japanese version of hot pot with beef, vegetables, tofu, and vermicelli noodles simmered in a sweet sauce. It’s a great way to enjoy a meal with your friends and family.

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    16. Stir Fried Vermicelli with Pork

    Stir Fried Vermicelli with Pork, or Ma Yi Shang She, is a Sichuan classic. Mung beans, vermicelli noodles, and ground pork cook in a delicious sauce spiced up with their famous chili bean paste. Ready in 20 minutes, it’s a great weeknight dinner option.

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    17. Vietnamese Chicken Vermicelli Noodle Soup

    Craving a chicken noodle soup? Swap the regular noodles with vermicelli and Asian flavors. This broth soup is delicately flavored with Asian spices and aromatics.

    Give this chicken noodle soup a try and you will be amazed at the flavors created by simple ingredients.

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    18. Garlic Butter Salmon Vermicelli Bowl

    This colorful vermicelli bowl is a refreshing change if you’re looking for healthy and tasty dinner meal.

    Beautifully flavored garlic butter salmon chunks with fresh vegetables and Vietnamese dipping sauce on top of a bowlful of vermicelli. It’s the nest new age alternative to salad bowl meals.

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    19. Vermicelli Upma

    Vermicelli upma is very common Indian breakfast dish, which is easy to make in under 30 minutes. Simple vermicelli is bulked up with veggies and earthy Indian spices. It’s a perfect snack, and even a great quick lunch idea.

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    20. Thai Green Curry Chicken Vermicelli Bowls

    If you’re a fan of spicy Thai food, try your Thai curry chicken on top of vermicelli. This delicious peanut butter and coconut milk flavored soup will be great idea for weeknights when you are craving some Asian food.

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    So there you go, twenty great vermicelli recipes for you to try. Don’t they all look delicious? Which ones will make their way into your regular rotation?

    Save or pin this collection of vermicelli noodle recipes so you always know where to find it. And be sure to subscribe to GypsyPlate, we’re always cooking up new easy recipes for you!

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    The 20 BEST Vermicelli Noodles

    This collection of easy Vermicelli Recipes will give you plenty of ideas to cook with your favorite type of noodle.


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