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    The 30+ BEST Burger Recipes

    Who doesn’t love a classic burger, piled high with all your favorite toppings? It’s the ultimate comfort food that satisfies both kids and grown-ups alike.

    That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite Burger Recipes for you to try at home.

    Whether you’re in the mood for something simple or more creative, there are so many delicious possibilities when it comes to making burgers at home.

    So fire up the grill or get out your skillet – these juicy homemade burgers will make dinner tonight anything but boring!

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    Burger Recipes:

    1. Classic Hamburger Recipe

    Sometimes, you just want a classic hamburger… here you have it! This recipe is super simple to make, and it tastes juicy and delicious!

    Combine ground chuck, onion, worcestershire sauce, and salt and pepper, and you’ll have a classic and simple, yet surprisingly great, burger!

    Get the Recipe @ spendwithpennies

    2. Salmon Burgers

    This easy Salmon Burgers recipe is a winner! These burgers are not only healthy, but they’re also unbelievably delicious. 

    They’re great for a weeknight dinner, or to impress guests. And you can easily prep them ahead of time, so all they need is a quick sear or grill and dinner is on the table in no time.

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    3. Loco Moco

    Loco Moco is a fun, yet delicious, Hawaiian dish. This recipe is one of our own and we know that you would definitely love it!

    This is called a Loco moco burger and it is a Hawaiian inspired beef patty with gravy. You can put it on top of rice with some gravy and an egg on top!

    This is great if you’re looking for a different type of burger meal, and you don’t really want to have it on a bun! This is an amazing recipe!

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    4. Smash Burgers

    Introducing smash burgers – the ultimate crispy and juicy burgers! It’s as simple as smashing beef patties in a pan with a spatula.

    Plus, toast the bun in the same pan for an extra level of deliciousness. Prepare to be amazed by these smash hit burgers!

    Get the Recipe @ natashaskitchen

    5. Cowboy Burgers

    Get ready for an amazing culinary experience! Prepare to be blown away by these incredible cowboy burgers.

    The secret lies in the delicious toppings that take these burgers to a whole new level of greatness.

    This recipe includes cheese, bacon, avocado, onion rings and spicy mayo. Let me tell you, you’ll never want a plain old burger after you taste this!

    Get the Recipe @ thecookierookie

    6. Mediterranean Portobello Beef Burgers

    This portobello beef burger recipe is great if you are looking for a quick and healthy burger option. This is a barbeque recipe, and it is delicious!

    All you have to do is make the burger and top it with toppings like garlic herb cheese, roasted red peppers, arugula, and basil mayo, and you will definitely not be disappointed. Try it!

    Get the Recipe @ thegirlonbloor

    7. Drunken Aussie Beef Burgers

    Introducing the Drunken Aussie beef burger: a unique and delicious creation!

    Picture a mouthwatering combination of beer-infused beef, crispy bacon, tangy pineapple, melted cheese, crunchy onion rings, juicy beetroot, ripe tomato, and a perfectly fried egg on top.

    These flavors harmonize flawlessly, creating a taste sensation you won’t forget.

    Get the Recipe @ cafedelites

    8. Chili’s Santa Fe Burger

    Craving Chili’s but stuck at home? This Santa Fe burger is a mouthwatering copycat of the restaurant’s famous dish.

    Combine a juicy beef patty with cheese, avocado, onion, jalapenos, and more irresistible toppings.

    Say goodbye to dine-outs at Chili’s because you can create this masterpiece right in your own kitchen!

    Get the Recipe @ thegirlonbloor

    9. Homemade Big Mac Recipe

    Craving a McDonald’s Big Mac but don’t want to make a pit stop? Try this copycat recipe!

    Perfect for family meals, it includes all the iconic Big Mac ingredients like sesame seed bun, cheese, pickles, and that mouthwatering sauce we all love.

    Prepare to be impressed by the deliciousness!

    Get the Recipe @ thegirlonbloor

    10. Shake Shack Burger (Perfect Copycat)

    If you’ve never had shake shack before, but have always wanted to try it, this is your perfect opportunity! This is the best copycat recipe for that classic shake shack burger, and you can make it right at home!

    You’ll be amazed at the flavors of this burger! This also comes with the classic shack sauce recipe, which definitely completes the meal. Have fun with this little taste of Shake Shack!

    Get the Recipe @ thegirlonbloor

    11. Crispy Chicken Burger with Honey Mustard Coleslaw

    Introducing a delectable twist on the classic chicken burger – prepare to be blown away!

    This mouthwatering treat features a honey mustard coleslaw topping, adding a burst of flavor you won’t be able to resist.

    And for those who like a little heat, we’ve thrown in some jalapeños. Brace yourself for an unforgettable culinary experience – this chicken burger is a must-try!

    Get the Recipe @ kitchensanctuary

    12. Juicy Lucy

    Indulge in the “Juicy Lucy,” the burger that lives up to its name. Bursting with cheese, it’s a culinary delight.

    Simply stuff American cheese inside the patty, grill to perfection, and serve on a brioche bun for an irresistibly juicy burger that oozes deliciousness.

    Get the Recipe @ pinchofyum

    13. Crispy Fish Burger with Shoestring Fries

    The fries also pair great, and it all comes with a lemon garlic mayo sauce that is to die for!

    Want to switch things up a little? This fish burger is great, especially paired with the fries that the recipe includes! This is super simple to make, and the fish offers an alternative option to a usually hearty meal.

    Get the Recipe @ kitchensanctuary

    14. Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers

    Calling all turkey lovers, this is the alternative you’ve been waiting for… Turkey burgers! This delightful turkey burger is packed with spinach and feta for an extra burst of flavor.

    If you’re searching for a lighter meal option, this burger is perfect for you. Give it a try and fall in love!

    Get the Recipe @ therecipecritic

    15. Juicy Air Fryer Hamburgers

    Air fryers are all the rage, and for good reason! They make anything taste great! These air fryer hamburgers are no different!

    These are super juicy, and after trying this recipe, you’ll never want to cook a burger any other way.

    This recipe is also super simple since it requires only 4 ingredients. Amazing!

    Get the Recipe @ therecipecritic

    16. Teriyaki Burgers with Grilled Pineapple

    Get ready to experience the amazing flavors of a teriyaki burger like never before! This recipe is perfect for grilling and will leave your taste buds craving for more.

    Combining juicy turkey burgers with a delicious homemade teriyaki sauce and a heavenly slice of pineapple on top, this dish is a must-try.

    Don’t be surprised if you find yourself going for seconds!

    Get the Recipe @ wellplated

    17. KFC-Style Crispy Chicken Burger (Zinger Burger)

    Craving a mouthwatering Zinger burger? This KFC-inspired copycat recipe will satisfy your taste buds with its irresistible flavor!

    Get ready for an even crispier version of the iconic crispy chicken sandwich. Best of all, this super simple recipe is perfect for anyone to cook at home.

    Say goodbye to KFC runs and enjoy this homemade delight anytime you want!

    Get the Recipe @ chilitochoc

    18. Korean-Style Beef Bulgogi Burgers

    Experience the mouthwatering fusion of Korean cuisine and classic burgers with this delectable beef bulgogi burger.

    Made with a savory blend of ground beef, soy sauce, sesame oil, and more, each bite is a harmonious celebration of flavors.

    Treat yourself to a Korean-inspired dish that will leave your taste buds craving more.

    Get the Recipe @ dinnerthendessert

    19. Grilled Southwest Burgers

    These burgers are from the Southwest, and they are just amazing!

    They’re topped with thick cut onions and bell peppers, and they are just the perfect meal if you’re looking for something Southwest inspired and you still want a burger!

    You will be craving this often once you try this delicious meal!

    Get the Recipe @ afamilyfeast

    20. Butter Burger Recipe

    Experience the mouth-watering delight of a butter burger. Indulge in the perfect combination of juicy, cheesy, and buttery flavors.

    This amazing Wisconsin-inspired recipe is sure to satisfy your cravings for a truly delicious and satisfying meal. Don’t miss out on this culinary masterpiece.

    Get the Recipe @ thecookierookie

    21. Sweet Onion Mushroom Swiss Burgers

    Burgers topped with onions, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese. This sounds like heaven, and it is! Just as the title suggests these burgers are rockin’!

    This burger is super juicy and we know that you will love it once it hits your taste buds. Have fun making this meal for the whole family!

    Get the Recipes @ littlespicejar

    22. Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburgers

    These barbecue bacon cheeseburgers combined some of this authors favorite things: bacon, cheese, onion rings, and the classic burger!

    If you try this recipe you will definitely be satisfied! This burger comes topped with barbecue sauce (of course), and the beef patty is so juicy! This is a great burger!

    Get the Recipe @ tasteoflizzyt

    23. Thai Style Fish Burger

    This is another recipe for the fish lovers! These Thai style fish burgers will have you wanting more! These come with a sweet chili sauce, which really amps up the flavor.

    I can’t imagine a world without these burgers, because they are just that good! I hope you will love this!

    Get the Recipe @ kitchensanctuary

    24. Pimento Cheeseburgers

    Pimento cheese… It’s a great snack! It’s even better on burgers, so here is a perfect recipe if pimento cheese is your sort of treat.

    This pairs an amazingly seasoned beef patty with a great cheese spread which, of course, includes pimento cheese.

    This burger will add a little bit of spice into your life and we hope you love it!

    Get the Recipe @ thecookierookie

    25. Italian Turkey Burgers

    Discover the perfect Italian twist to a classic turkey burger! Indulge in the flavors of Italy with this mouthwatering recipe.

    Experience the exquisite combination of juicy turkey, melted mozzarella and asiago cheese, and perfectly grilled peppers.

    Prepare to amaze your taste buds and delight the whole family with this sensational meal!

    Get the Recipe @ wellplated

    26. Caramelized Onion Blue Cheese Burgers

    Do you consider your flavor palate more refined? This burger will definitely be for you!

    This burger is called a caramelized onion blue cheese burger, and it’s exactly what the title suggests. This burger is amazing and it is surprisingly simple!

    So, really anyone can have it, especially if you are feeling super fancy that night! Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ aberdeenskitchen

    27. The Ultimate Double Cheeseburger

    What’s better than one cheeseburger? Two cheeseburgers! This is a great recipe if you want a classic double cheeseburger like the restaurants, but in a deliciously homemade form.

    Just coat some beef patties with salt and pepper and add cheese and a few other toppings, and you’re good to go! So juicy!

    It’s one of our favorite burger recipes!

    Get the Recipe @ kitchensanctuary

    28. Low Carb Burger in a Bowl (Five Guys Copycat)

    If you are on a keto diet, as many people are these days, then this Five Guys copycat is perfect for you! This is a burger in a bowl, and it is delicious.

    A traditional burger without the bun, this is the perfect alternative with all of the regular fixings! It includes things like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and basically anything you’d like!

    We are definitely looking out for our low-carb friends!

    Get the Recipe @ thegirlonbloor

    29. Stovetop Burgers

    So you want to make burgers… but you’ve just run out of propane, or, you just don’t really feel like grilling tonight. That is perfectly fine! This recipe teaches you how to cook burgers on the stove!

    This is a really simple thing to do and the recipe included in this is just perfect! You will enjoy your grill free night, and who knows, you might never have to turn on the grill again to cook your burgers!

    Get the Recipe @ thecookierookie

    30. Applebee’s Quesadilla Burger Copycat

    Here is a copycat of the quesadilla burger from Applebee’s and it is amazing, and even comes with their Mexi Dash ranch sauce.

    This burger quesadilla comes with a beef patty smashed in between a tortilla. It is delicious, and also super unique!

    If you’ve tried it from Applebee’s and you loved it, you’ll love it even more when you make it right at home!

    Get the Recipe @ thegirlonbloor

    31. Venison Burgers

    Nothing says cookout like a nice juicy burger. Because venison is naturally so lean, this recipe uses bacon to up the fat content.

    It’s topped with blue cheese and, to make it unique, seared peaches.

    Get the Recipe @ krumpli

    32. Copycat Chick-fil-A Sandwich

    Chick-fil-A sandwiches are iconic! This recipe is for those Sunday afternoons when you are craving a sandwich but can’t get one!

    This is an amazing copycat recipe that tastes just like the real thing, and it includes the iconic ingredients such as pickles, tomatoes and lettuce!

    This is a great sandwich, even if you’re not necessarily looking for an exact replica of a Chick-fil-A burger!

    Get the Recipe @ damndelicious

    We hope you enjoyed our compilation of the best burger recipes. There are so many scrumptious recipes to choose from. Which one will you try first?

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    30+ BEST Burger Recipes

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