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    The 40 BEST Easy Freezer Meals

    Are you looking for delicious, easy meals that you can make ahead of time for later? Look no further than these easy Freezer Meals!

    From hearty soups and stews to crowd-pleasing casseroles, these simple and flavor-packed dishes are easy to prepare and are perfect for meal prep.

    With minimal effort, you can create flavorful main courses that will last you all week long!

    Cook your way through all of these great freezer meals, they all taste just as good as leftovers.

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    Freezer Meals:

    1. Birria (Mexican Beef Stew)

    Let’s begin our Easy, Freezer-Friendly list of recipes with an epic Mexican Beef Stew, popularly known as Birria.

    This rich and flavorful stew has meat so tender that it melts in your mouth. It makes the best Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and much more.

    So make sure you make a huge batch and savor this fantastic stew for days!

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    2. Chicken Cacciatore

    Try to make classic and restaurant-worthy Italian Chicken Cacciatore at home with this dazzling recipe.

    This dish is loaded with fresh herbs and veggies, and a splash of wine adds a unique rustic flavor. Enjoy this hearty dish along with any starchy sides and impress everyone!

    It can be kept in the freezer for up to four months.

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    3. Ground Turkey Chili

    Imagine making the easiest and most delicious version of chili with this Ground Turkey Chili recipe.

    This healthy bowl of comfort food is jam-packed with all your favorite and easily customizable toppings.

    It makes for a great weeknight, freezer-friendly meal option.

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    4. Crock Pot Barbacoa Pork

    Savor endless classic Mexican dishes with this flavorful, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth tender Crock Pot Barbacoa Pork.

    You will love this braised barbacoa pork recipe. It is full of moist, juicy, and garlicky flavors. It makes a super hit dish that can easily freeze for months.

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    5. Guinness Beef Stew

    If you always crave delicious comfort food, try this Guinness Beef Stew to satisfy everyone’s cravings!

    The rich, succulent flavors are made with fresh herbs, veggies, and beef cooked in Guinness stout gravy, creating a fabulous dish.

    This recipe shows two different cooking methods to make this amazing dish, either in the slow cooker or the instant pot. Make a large quantity, and enjoy the leftovers!

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    6. Meaty Cabbage Soup

    Make yourself one of the coziest meals ever with this Meaty Cabbage Soup.

    This magical recipe is all about comforting flavors and hearty ingredients that you will definitely get hooked on.

    It’s one of our favorite easy freezer meals.

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    7. Brunswick Stew

    Are you a barbeque fan? Then this Southern Brunswick Stew is just for you!

    This tomato-based stew is made with meat and assorted veggies saturated in barbeque sauce flavors that make it taste amazing. You can easily freeze and store this in an airtight container for months without compromising the quality.

    So be sure to give this classic recipe a try!

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    8. Chile Verde

    Yet another classic Mexican dish for your winter nights is this Chile Verde.

    This comforting dish is one of the best, with super tender pork chunks in flavorful, spicy green tomatillo sauce. The taste is just too good! Everyone is sure to love this effortlessly tasty recipe.

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    9. Country Captain Chicken

    Country Captain Chicken is an exceptional Southern American dish bursting with vibrant spices and amazing flavors.

    A delicious mixture of flavors and ingredients makes this dish super duper delicious. Make a huge batch. The leftover tastes just as good as the day you made it!

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    10. Cochon de Lait (Cajun Pulled Pork)

    Cochon de Lait is the best Cajun Pulled Pork recipe you will ever come across.

    This Louisiana cooking style makes the pork extremely flavorful, and it melts in your mouth deliciously. You can serve this pork in many different ways, and each way will be a knock-out dish.

    It’s a perfect crowd-pleaser recipe.

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    11. Chicken Meatball Noodle Soup

    Chicken Meatball Noodle Soup is an awesome twist on your classic chicken soup.

    This super fun and cozy recipe has all the incredible flavors that you will love. Just make sure you make it in large quantities. It stores perfectly in the refrigerator or the freezer.

    So, whenever it’s cold outside or you’re under the weather, treat yourself to a bowl of this amazing soup!

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    12. Eggplant Parmesan

    Do you like Italian food? Do you like comfort food? This Eggplant Parmesan is the perfect combination of both! No one is going to miss the meat with this great dish!

    It freezes perfectly, and makes for a great make ahead meal.

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    13. Spanish Chicken

    Spanish Chicken is a new flavor-bomb dish just for you. This recipe needs only a few minutes of prep time, and you can let your oven do all the work.

    Everyone will enjoy these Spanish flavors made with chicken, chorizo, tomatoes, olives, peppers, chickpeas, and tasty spices. This dish is super yummy!

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    14. Puerto Rican Picadillo

    Make a Puerto Rican classic, homemade-style ground beef dish, famously known as Picadillo.

    This dish is loaded with Spanish flavors and exotic ingredients. It is also highly customizable, so you can easily make it your own.

    It pairs great with tacos, burritos, empanadas, or with rice. Whatever you pair it with is sure to taste great!

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    15. Mediterranean Braised Chicken with Apricots

    If you need a fancy yet easy dinner dish to wow your guests, try our best Mediterranean Braised Chicken with Apricots.

    The chicken is rubbed with well-seasoned Mediterranean spices, seared to perfection, and then braised in red wine, fresh herbs, and apricots.

    Serve with a glass of red wine, and everyone will fall in love!

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    16. Jamaican-Style Pepper Steak

    This Jamaican-Style Pepper Streak will become your new favorite stir fry! It takes time to cook it low and slow, but the flavorful tenderness is well worth it.

    The beef strips are cooked in soy, tomato, and beef broth sauce, making this dish special and a winner. Be sure to try this amazing Jamaican-style dish!

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    17. Puerto Rican Sancocho (Caribbean Beef & Vegetable Stew)

    Explore this classic Caribbean dish, Puerto Rican Sancocho, at home to make your dinner spectacular!

    This one-pot dish is bursting with delicious Latin flavors, and the beef and root veggies create such comforting flavors that you will surely get addicted.

    Make a huge batch and savor it for a long time. The leftovers still taste amazing!

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    18. Carbonnade Flamande (Flemish Beef and Beer Stew)

    Guys, get ready to experience one of the most delicious and most satisfying stews ever with this Carbonnade Flamande, or Flemish Beef and Beer Stew.

    This rich and velvety stew is made with beef, beer, lots of caramelized onions, gingerbread, mustard, spices, and fresh herbs.

    Served Belgian-style with some crunchy French-fries, everyone will be happy!

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    19. Beef Tagine (Moroccan Beef Stew)

    It’s time for some Moroccan flavors with this stunning Moroccan Beef Stew recipe.

    This Beef Tagine takes hours to simmer and is brimming with earthy, sweet, and savory flavors. It is definitely worth the wait because its deliciousness is out of this world!

    This Tagine is perfect in large batches.

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    20. Dublin Coddle

    Dublin Coddle is an authentic Irish dish that makes for a brilliant comfort food option on St. Patrick’s Day.

    This pocket-friendly recipe is made with bacon, sausages, onions, potatoes, and other flavorful ingredients to create a magical dish.

    Everyone will devour this rustic and cozy dish, which tastes great with some crispy bread.

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    21. Cincinnati Chili

    Are you tired of having the same old chili all the time? Then try this delicious version of your beloved comfort food, Cincinnati Chili.

    This unique recipe uses a powerful seasoned meat sauce that is served over spaghetti noodles. There are so many options when it comes to toppings for a customizable experience.

    So don’t wait any longer to try this Cincinnati Chili!

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    22. Chicken Korma

    Creamy, rich, and super flavorful, Chicken Korma is the most famous dish from India.

    It is super easy to make at home, and your family will absolutely love it. So make your Indian weekends special with this terrific recipe.

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    23. Carne Guisada (Latin Beef Stew)

    One more famous Latin Beef Stew for you to try this weeknight is this Carne Guisada.

    This recipe is all about the ultimate seasonings, like sofrito, sazon, adobo, and olives, that take this stew to the next level of deliciousness. Every bite is pure bliss!

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    24. Pernil

    Pernil will be very popular with your guests this holiday season!

    Puerto Rican-style pork shoulder soaks beautifully in a delicious and flavorful marinade and is then slow-roasted for hours for fall-apart meat with crispy skin.

    The number of dishes you can make using this classic Pernil are endless. So, don’t worry if you have leftovers. This meal is freezer friendly too.

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    25. Greek Meatballs (Soutzoukakia)

    Greek Meatballs are super tasty and way easier to make than pronouncing their traditional name, Soutzoukakia.

    These meatballs are full of flavor and perfectly simmered in the tastiest and most well-seasoned tomato sauce. Serve these yummy meatballs with rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, and much more.

    They can also be frozen for up to two months.

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    26. Ropa Vieja (Cuba’s National Dish)

    This incredible Ropa Vieja, a Cuban national dish, is also very popular in many neighboring countries.

    Imagine the juiciest and most tender beef slow-cooked in a classic tomato wine sauce along with some hearty veggies. We bet it’s going to be a drool-worthy family dish.

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    27. Meatball Minestrone Soup

    Enjoy this classic Italian soup, Meatball Minestrone, with your loved ones!

    You can easily upgrade your traditional soup with this amazing flavor-packed bowl of meatballs, veggies, beans, and pasta in a well-balanced tomato broth.

    It tastes so good and definitely makes for a top-notch soup.

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    28. Southern Braised Chicken with Black Eyed Peas

    Meet your new favorite cozy dish made with simple ingredients and full of delicious flavors, Southern Braised Chicken with Black Eyed Peas.

    This dish is so versatile that you can make so many variations with amazing final results every time! What are you waiting for?

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    29. Japanese Beef Curry

    Let us introduce to you this special Japanese Beef Curry recipe.

    It’s rich, velvety, and full of savory, sweet, and umami flavors. This version of curry will surely win your heart and make it onto your list of favorite freezer recipes.

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    30. Albondigas Soup (Mexican Meatball Soup)

    One more amazing Mexican dish is this Albondigas Soup, which will leave you feeling completely satisfied.

    This hearty bowl is packed with a flavorful, light broth along with perfect spices and herbs and combined with plump meatballs for a match made in heaven.

    It tastes even more delicious as leftovers, and you can freeze it well for up to two months.

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    31. Spicy Sausage Pasta

    Spicy Sausage Pasta makes a really quick weeknight dinner that will wow everyone.

    The irresistibly spicy Italian sausages make the best meat sauce. Simply toss with cooked pasta, and that’s it! Your special pasta dinner is ready to devour.

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    32. Jamaican Jerk Chicken

    Jamaican Jerk Chicken will surely give you a spice kick and totally satisfy all your taste buds.

    This tropical treat features chicken that’s been perfectly marinated in jerk marinade and then cooked to charred perfection on the grill or baked in the oven.

    Just read the instructions for freezing the leftovers well for two to three months.

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    33. Salisbury Steak

    Salisbury Steak will definitely give you a nostalgic feeling. This old-fashioned cooking is full of comforting flavors.

    This straightforward recipe is made with a well-seasoned beef patty smothered completely in the most flavorful thick mushroom gravy.

    Serve with smooth mashed potatoes, and experience a restaurant-worthy meal at home.

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    34. Thai Cashew Chicken

    How about making something really easy and quick for a weeknight dinner? This delicious Thai Cashew Chicken recipe has you covered.

    This stir fry only requires a small amount of effort when chopping, mixing Asian sauces, and tossing it all together to make a fabulous take-out standard dish.

    This recipe is great for meal prepping ahead of time and also for storing leftovers.

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    35. Pork Vindaloo

    Pork Vindaloo is a very popular Indian curry from the western state of Goa.

    You will totally love the divine blend of delicious flavors in one single curry, like spicy, tangy, and sweet. It’s just too good! Once you make the curry base, the rest of the dish will fall into its tasty place.

    You can use any of your favorite proteins to make this flavorful curry to impress your family.

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    36. Cheesy Tortellini Bake

    Make a memorable meal with our cheesy Tortellini Bake, and we guarantee it will become your new go-to meal.

    This easy one-skillet dish is all about making a delicious, meaty pasta sauce, tossing tortellini in, and simply baking it too cheesy to gooey perfection.

    You will savor every bite of this bake!

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    37. Pollo Asado

    Pollo Asado means grilled chicken and is very popular in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

    The star of this recipe is the perfectly citrusy marinade with amazing Latin flavors to make this chicken glorious. You can grill, roast, or pan-fry it to make a super hit dish.

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    38. Maafe (Senegalese Peanut Stew)

    Have you ever used peanut butter in a savory gravy? If not, try our African delicacy called Maafe, a famous Senegalese Peanut Stew.

    Imagine indulging in the most creamy, rich stew made with delicious peanut butter, tomato, aromatic spices, your favorite protein, and veggies. Sounds delicious, right? We assure you it tastes as good as it sounds!

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    39. Greek Chicken Souvlaki

    Greek Chicken Souvlaki is brimming with delicious Mediterranean flavors and uses easy ingredients.

    This recipe needs only 20 minutes of active time to make outstanding Greek skewers. Amaze your crowd with Greek Chicken Souvlaki and make your summer or events unforgettable!

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    40. Panda Express Beijing Beef

    We will finish off our list of freezer-friendly dishes with the famous Panda Express Beijing Beef!

    This easy stir-fry recipe makes a delicious weeknight dinner that features crispy beef strips, onion, and red bell peppers tossed together in the tastiest sweet and tangy sauce. Yum!

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    So there you go, forty great freezer meals for you to try. Don’t they all look delicious? Which ones will make their way into your regular rotation?

    Save or pin this collection of amazing dishes so you always know where to find it. And be sure to subscribe to GypsyPlate, we’re always cooking up new easy recipes for you!

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    featured image for easy freezer meals post

    40 BEST Easy Freezer Meals

    This collection of Easy Freezer Meals includes plenty of great make-ahead dinners that will satisfy any palate!


    • 1 tbsp olive oil
    • 1lb ground beef
    • 3-4 garlic cloves, finely chopped
    • 24oz pasta sauce
    • 1 tsp dried basil
    • 1 tsp dried parsley
    • 1 tsp dried oregano
    • 1 tsp dried thyme
    • 1/2 tsp red chili flakes
    • salt to taste
    • pepper to taste
    • 1.5 cups water
    • 22oz refrigerated cheese tortellini
    • 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
    • 1/4 cup shredded parmesan cheese


    1. Preheat oven to 375°F
    2. Heat olive oil in a 12-14 inch oven safe skillet over medium high heat.
    3. Add ground beef and brown until no pink remains, breaking the meat up with a wooden spoon as it cooks.
    4. Add in garlic and cook for a minute or two.
    5. Stir in pasta sauce, water, and all herbs. Bring to a simmer, then stir in tortellini and mix till everything is well combined. Top with mozzarella and parmesan cheese.
    6. Cover with foil and bake about 20 minutes, or till tortellini is cooked.
    7. If desired, remove foil at the end and broil a few minutes to brown up cheese.

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