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    The 25 BEST Jewish Recipes

    If you’re are wondering what is Jewish food, go through these unique Jewish Recipes here!

    This collection of recipes has a rich history and influences from different cultures. It offers a variety of flavors that might be new to lot of us.

    From the hearty flavors of kugel and cholent that are staples of a Shabbat meal, to delicious classics like latkes and knish, there’s something in Jewish cuisine for everyone.

    Cook your way through all of these amazing Jewish recipes, and let us know your favorites!

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    Jewish Recipes:

    1.  Crispy Latkes

    Let’s begin with a popular and traditional Jewish celebration snack, Latkes. They will instantly become a family favorite.

    They’re grated potato pancakes which are well seasoned and then pan fry till they are golden crispy outside and soft inside. The recipe is easy to make, but you need to follow some tips and techniques to make it amazing every time.

    Serve these super delish latkes with a dollop of apple sauce or sour cream, and simply enjoy this tasty Jewish snack.

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    2. Reuben Sandwich

    Impress everyone by making this Classic Reuben Sandwich at home, which is perfectly cheesy and gooey!

    It’s made with rye bread that is loaded with succulent corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and Russian dressing, and then gets grilled or pressed till it’s buttery crisp. It’s an epic sandwich that is fast, easy and so delicious.

    And if you have some leftover corned beef in the fridge, then it’s a jackpot for you.

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    3. Israeli Couscous Salad 

    Make your lunch or weeknight dinner super easy and quick with this awesome Israeli Couscous Salad! This vibrant light bowl is loaded with fresh flavors and amazing textures.

    It features colorful veggies, olives, feta cheese, pine nuts, and pearled couscous, all tossed together in a super tasty and zesty lemon dijon vinaigrette.

    It’s so delicious, and can be an easy contender for your potlucks, get-togethers, or any summer cookouts.

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    4. Slow Cooker Corned Beef

    Guys, you don’t have to wait till St. Patricks Day to enjoy your beloved Corned Beef, which contrary to popular belief is actually a Jewish recipe.

    This hassle-free recipe just needs a few ingredients and about 5 minutes of your prep time, then leave the rest to the slow cooker. It will deliver totally mouthwatering flavors.

    Make a huge batch, as leftovers can be relished as Reuben sandwiches for a week.

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    5. Challah Bread

    Making your own bread is always a pleasure, and this is the recipe for traditional Jewish Challah bread is no exception. It’s a beautiful braided bread and is very popular during holidays.

    The ingredients of this bread are pretty simple, and it has rich flavor and amazing texture. Just follow the braiding technique and you are good to bake to golden perfection.

    You will be amazed how these loaves come out so gorgeous and perfect. So don’t wait, try making this Challah soon.

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    6.  Jewish Brisket

    This Jewish Brisket is one of our favorite Jewish recipes!

    This classic recipe is so good. The low and slow-cooked brisket tastes irresistible, and it will melt in your mouth deliciously, making a completely holiday-worthy.

    The next time you crave a special meal, be sure to give this brisket a try.

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    7. Blintzes

    Blintzes are a popular variation of your beloved crepe, which are traditionally eaten during Jewish holidays and festivals. With the help of this recipe, you can make this delight any time of the year.

    They have a delectable cheese filling, and are topped with excellent berry compote. They’re the best blintzes you will ever make at home.

    Enjoy them as a breakfast, snack, or dessert.

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    8. Matzo Ball Soup

    Ok, now it’s time for the classic Jewish soup, famously known as Matzo Ball Soup. It’s celebrated on Passover, but is so delectable that you can make it whenever you crave some hearty, cozy comfort food!

    This excellent version is chock full of flavors, and is loaded with rich matzah ball, juicy chicken, carrots, and celery in an incredible delish broth.

    It’s one of the most famous Jewish recipes for good reason.

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    9. Chocolate Babka

    Have you made traditional Babkas at home yet? If not, then this recipe will guide you to make the most delicious Jewish sweet bread with ease.

    This babka is really something special. It’s soft, fluffy, and swirled with delicious ribbons of homemade chocolate ganache that melt into every groove of the dough.

    Babka takes time to make, but it will pay off incredibly. It’s a great idea to gift during holidays, or to serve for any of your special occasions.

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    10. Noodle Kugel

    Elevate your side dish game with this Jewish classic Noodle Kugel, and become a forever fan of this amazing dish!

    This recipe uses egg noodles, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, sugar, butter, cinnamon, vanilla, salt, and cornflakes. The combination comes out as pure goodness.

    You will love this quick and easy kugel, which can be paired with almost any of your favorite main dishes.

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    11. Charoset

    Surprise your family with this sweet condiment, popular in Israel, called Charoset.

    This dish is famous during Passover seder. It’s a mixture of diced apples, chopped walnuts, red wine, and cinnamon.

    You can add some more fun toppings like raisins and dates to make it your own.

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    12. Hamantaschen

    Cookie lovers, we’ve got you a really unique and easy recipe that will impress everyone, Hamantaschen. We know it’s difficult to pronounce, but it’s super simple to make.

    These triangle-shaped traditional cookies are soft and filled with assorted jams or homemade poppy seed filling.

    Simply follow the recipe and make this amazing Hamantaschen, and we are sure you will add it to your festive cookie tray. Super yummy.

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    13. Unleavened Bread (Matzah)

    This Unleavened Bread, famously called Matzah, is a very important symbolic element in the Jewish religion.

    Traditionally it’s made with only 3 ingredients flour, water, and salt, which are kneaded, rolled and then cooked on a hot skillet.

    Serve hot with a fresh salad and pair it with your favorite kebabs and your favorite dip.

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    14. Tzimmes

    Here’s yet another smashing side dish for you to try this holiday season, or any time of the year, Tzimmes!

    This classic and super easy Jewish dish is made with sweet potatoes, carrots, dried plums, dried apricot, orange juice, honey, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Combine altogether and baked to soft juicy perfection.

    Serve this colorful and delicious dish with chicken or beef, as it’s the perfect complement.

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    15. Holishkes (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)

    Holishkes are a much-celebrated Jewish dish, and this recipe is super duper delicious.

    A perfectly filled cabbage leaf is generously stuffed with a delightful dolmeh filling, then rolled up nice and tight. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it’s cooked to perfection in a sensational Persian stew base.

    It’s one of our favorite Jewish recipes.

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    16. Potato Knish

    We got you one more classic Jewish handheld snack to try, Potato Knish. It’s a flavorful potato mixture that is wrapped in delicate dough and then baked to golden perfection.

    The recipe takes time, but it will be well worth your time and effort. You can enjoy this knish as it is, or it’s popularly served with mustard, horseradish, or sauerkraut.

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    17. Rugelach

    Guys, here’s the best miniature crescent rolled pasty recipe with a sweet filling, Rugelach!

    So get ready to roll out this amazing pasty. It’s super easy to make from scratch. The buttery, tender, and flaky dough is nicely rolled and layered with filling made of brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins, and walnut.

    Indulge in the tastiest homemade Rugelach, and we bet everyone will enjoy these mini pastries.

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    18. Cholent

    If you really want to experience authentic Jewish flavors, then this Cholent is the perfect recipe to make.

    Cholent is famous by many names, like chamin, dafina, or skhina. It’s a savory slow-cooked stew with meat, potatoes, and beans, and is loaded with delicious and soul-satisfying flavors.

    Just follow the recipe and get to know the best Jewish flavors.

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    19. Jewish Chicken Fricassee with Meatballs

    This Jewish Chicken Fricassee with Meatballs will become your new comfort food meal, and your family’s favorite too.

    You will instantly love this recipe, made with browned chicken braised with flavorful meatballs in a super delicious carrot and onion sauce.

    Serve this hearty dish with white rice or egg noodles and make a complete meal.

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    20. Jewish Apple Cake

    Guys, this Jewish Apple Cake is a real treat!

    It’s a perfectly moist, dense cake that is bursting with layers of cinnamon sugar-coated apple chunks in every bite, making it simply unique and blissful.

    All you need is pantry ingredients and easy instructions to follow in this epic sweet. It’s a great cake to serve for special occasions or holidays.

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    21. Matzo Brei

    Upgrade your regular scrambled eggs into a Jewish delicacy and make yourself the best breakfast ever with this Matzo Brei recipe!

    This famous Jewish holiday dish is amazing. It’s made with crisp matzo sautéed in butter and mixed with rich pillowy scrambled eggs, creating the most delicious dish.

    You can make a sweet version also by adding cinnamon and sugar, the choice is yours.

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    22. Sufganiyot

    Sufganiyot is a classic Jewish jelly-filled doughnut recipe that is a million times better than your store-bought doughnuts.

    This Hannukah special dessert is really easy to make with super simple ingredients, and delivers the most fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth delicious treat.

    So make these amazing doughnuts at home, they’re going to be your all-time favorite sweet.

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    23. Fried Artichokes

    Make your favorite artichokes a star of the night by making it in Roman Jewish style with this Fried Artichokes recipe!

    It will turn out the best-fried artichokes ever, that has the most amazing crunchy outer leaves and soft, meaty, and juicy addictive heart.

    It’s so good!

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    24. Homemade Pastrami

    This Homemade Pastrami is a foolproof recipe, and is just out of this world delicious.

    It features a homemade pastrami spice mix that is made with everyday spices. Generously coat corned beef, then slow cook or pressure cook until it’s super duper tender.

    It’s a deli classic for good reason.

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    25. Beef Tzimmes

    We are ending our list of splendid Jewish Recipes with a Jewish holiday staple, Beef Tzimmes!

    It’s basically a beef and veggie stew that is sweetened with dried fruits, and is brimming with incredible flavors.

    To make it just awesome every time you need to follow this simple recipe so you can make the best stew right at your home.

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    So there you go, twenty five authentic Jewish recipes for you to try. They’re all so delicious! Which ones will make their way into your regular rotation?

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    25 BEST Jewish Recipes

    Discover a world of delicious and authentic Jewish Recipes that you can make from the comfort of your own home. From hearty soups to classic desserts, these recipes are sure to bring your family together!


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