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    The 40 BEST Party Food Ideas

    Who’s hosting a party soon? Get togethers and hosting a party need not be stressful any more, thinking what to feed the crowd. Let us present you with these absolutely fabulous Party Food Ideas that are so easy to make happen, sometimes with just a few ingredients on hand.

    This list has all the party foods, from appetizers to fun finger foods to great mains that can feed the large crowd. Be it your next BBQ party, pool party or special occasion like bridal showers or baby showers, this list of party food ideas has you covered.

    From simple classics like pigs in a blanket and buffalo wings, to no brainers like fancy cheese boards, to fancy looking baked brie to novel ideas like cheesecake stuffed strawberries, there are lots and lots of ideas that will make your party rock BIG time.

    Time to impress your guests and friends with one after other of these amazing party foods… Keep rocking…

    The 40 BEST Party Food Ideas.

    1. Easy Baked Brie with Nuts and Honey

    We are starting this fun party food list with easy Baked Brie with Honey and Nuts… What a sight it will be! When you take this gorgeous bubbling brie out of your oven, jeweled with a few nuts and a few herbs.

    You will be that proud host who will feel like a fancy gourmet chef when you cut through the rind. Your spectators will be mesmerized by that lava like gooey cheesy deliciousness oozing out… Everybody’s in serious cheesy territory here!

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    2. Garlic Parmesan Wings

    You can’t go wrong with a plateful of wings on any occasion. They are breeze to make in your oven with delicious garlic parmesan sauce. Thy will be always a Big HIT with the crowd. Be sure to make a big batch.

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    3. Surf and Turf Nachos

    These Surf and Turf Nachos will be a huge hit at your next get together. Perfectly marinated steak, succulent shrimp and all your favorite fixings atop a bed of crispy tortilla chips.

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    4. Mediterranean Charcuterie Board (Mezze Platter)

    Mediterranean Charcuterie Board or Mezze Platter – a lavish spread that is not just a treat for your taste buds, but a feast for your eyes as well! From tasty colorful dips like Moroccan Zaalouk, Greek Tzatziki and everyone’s favorite hummus, to hearty keftedes meatballs to wrap with pitas, to fresh fruits, veggies, cheese and olives… every nibble elevates your senses and you won’t be able to resist coming back for seconds, or thirds!

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    5. Olive Tapenade

    If you love olives, this tapenade is for you! Satisfy your “salty tooth” with this simple and easy appetizer from the South of France!  Earthy, robust olives, capers, garlic and a few other flavorings just chopped or pureed with plenty of olive oil… Simple, quick, delicious and addictive. This will look very fancy on your party table with little effort from your part.

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    6. Loaded Layered Hummus Dip

    Dress up your hummus like never before… Get that scooping going with this beautiful, bright and colorful Layered Hummus Dip. This luscious loaded hummus is perfect for your party or potluck appetizer. 

    Take this platter to your next entertaining, beautifully assembled with your favorite hummus drizzled generously with extra virgin olive oil. 

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    7. Kofta Kebab

    Have you considered Kofta platter for your next party get together? They are the easiest crowd pleasers for your next Mediterranean feast night. 

    Make a heap full of these fun hand held meals, throw in some easy salad along with Tzatziki and pita bread or saffron rice, and you are in for a lot of praises for minimum work on your part…

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    8. Cowboy Caviar

    This Cowboy Caviar can act as an salad or dip. It’s as simple as chopping all the veggies and mixing with beans all drizzled in a tasty, zingy chili lime dressing.

    Made with simple, healthy ingredients like cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, avocado, sweet corn, and beans, it makes up a giant bowl, making it perfect for all the potlucks and BBQ parties. Serve it with plenty of nachos or corn chips and you are all done.

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    9. Antipasto Salad 

    Make your party table cool and colorful with this Antipasto Salad. The mix of “meat, cheeses and vegetables” is always a winning combination. All you need is to present it in a cheeseboard fashion, and you end up with a great company first course for your party get together.

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    10. Fig and Prosciutto Flatbread

    Flatbreads are Fantastic… Fancy… and Fun meals!! And this Fig and Prosciutto Flatbread is absolutely gorgeous, and would be a WOW-worthy center piece for get togethers and parties.

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    11. Greek Chicken Souvlaki

    These Greek Chicken Souvlaki could be the mains for your next Mediterranean themed party. Sometimes, all you need is a few simple ingredients to create some amazing flavors. These Greek skewers are one of those recipes.

    Bite sized chunks of chicken are marinated with lemon juice, oregano and garlic and can be grilled, baked or cooked on the stovetop.

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    12. Gambas al Ajillo (Spanish Garlic Shrimp)

    For your next party, how about serving them a famous tapas from Spain? How does a sizzling platter of garlicky, seafoody goodness sound? Whip up this famous Spanish tapa, Gambas al Ajillo and take them sizzling straight to your party table. Make sure there is plenty of crusty bread for sopping up the garlicky sauce.

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    13. Homemade Hummus

    Hummus… this luscious, creamy dip is everyone’s favorite. The richness of tahini and chickpeas blended with tangy fresh lemon juice, a tiny hint of garlic and some toasty pine nuts. Put it on the table and see your guest gets drawn towards it, itching to scoop it with some pita or other crunchies…

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    14. Spanish Meatballs

    Want to make restaurant-quality meatballs at home? Then, we have found the best Spanish Meatball recipe for you!

    These melt-in-your-mouth meatballs are all about the flavors that are just irresistible, and it’s made using simple pantry ingredients.

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    15. Tzatziki

    Tzatziki surrounded by fresh veggies, plenty of pita or may be some Greek meatballs or falafel is the way to go for some Greek themed party. Cool, refreshing grated cucumbers folded in lusciously thick creamy yogurt, with a hint of zingy garlic and fresh lemon, along with fresh green herbs. It’s done in 15 minutes… Perfect!!

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    16. Greek Steak Gyros

    These Steak Gyros are our new favorite handheld meal. Tender strips of beautifully marinated steak are stuffed inside pitas with all of your favorite gyro fixings.

    They are a super easy meal that you can present a fun gyro bar for guests, where everyone gets to add toppings to their hearts content.

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    17. Taco Casserole

    Looking for some Mexican theme meal to feed the crowd? Tacos get transformed into a hot dish, aka Casserole… Taco Casserole!! Everyone’s favorite hand held meal gets a cozy comfort food make over. 

    Get ready for a really Out Of This World Delicious ground beef casserole. This 9×13 dinner is a real crowd pleaser.

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    18. Chapli Kababs

    Want to serve some new exotic flavors to the crowd? Try these chapli kababs. They can be made with any ground meat, chicken and beef being most popular. The ground meat is mixed with array of Indian spices and fresh herbs and quickly shallow fried. Try these patties instead of regular burgers and impress the crowd.

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    19. Birria Tacos

    Birria Tacos, AKA Quesabirria, are the ultimate taco experience. If there is a King or Queen of tacos, this is it. That moment when you dunk these Birria Tacos into its rich colored consommé and take a big bite.. Treat your guest to the ultimate taco experience with these delicious tacos..

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    20. Mexican Street Corn Salad

    This Mexican Street Corn Salad is going to be the new star at all of your cookouts and potlucks.

    When everyone else shows up with yet another pasta or potato salad, the crowd will gather around these amazing flavors that come from just a few simple ingredients.

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    21. Mediterranean Flatbread

    There is plenty to love about flatbreads. They’re one of the quickest meals on planet Earth, they are super delish, and they come out good looking, too. They are perfect any time meals, and act as superb, easy appetizers for your company.

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    22. Melitzanosalata (Greek Eggplant Dip)

    Our Melitzanosalata recipe is going to be the new star of your dip spread. Creamy, smoky roasted eggplant along with a good dousing of good old EVOO and a few other flavor enhancers.

    This Greek Eggplant Dip is so super simple, yet the end result is too good. All you need is a big pile of pitas to scoop it up.

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    23. Loaded Velveeta Rotel Cheese Dip

    This cheesy dip is so hassle free and an absolute HIT at parties and get togethers. This cheesy Rotel Dip with sausage is something people will be absolutely drawn to. It’s made with Velveeta, beer, pepper jack, black beans, Rotel, and sausage! You can make it in a skillet or in your crock. Just keep those tortilla chips flowing.

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    24. Spinach Artichoke Dip

    This Spinach, artichoke cheese dip is surrounded by bread rolls all baked together in one skillet. Result? Gooey, cheesy center piece for your party table. It’s super easy to make and so satisfying to see everyone digging in.

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    25. Bacon Wrapped Dates

    Now this is a real treat. Imagine dates stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped all over with bacon, brushed with maple syrup and then baked to golden brown perfection. People will rave about this appetizer for days, even after the party is over.

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    26. Taco Bell Nacho Fries

    Now how about creating a Taco Bell copycat for your next get together? These Supreme Nacho Fries! They are covered in in yummy nacho cheese sauce and topped with cooked ground beef, pico de gallo and sour cream. Fries are addictive just by themselves, serve them loaded with all these toppings and see them get polished off fast.

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    27. Shrimp Avocado Garlic Bread

    Thinking something fancier and more original than regular garlic bread? How about garlic bread topped with garlic shrimp and creamy avocados along with cherry tomatoes? Sound good? Try them on your people…

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    28. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

    If you are looking to serve something zingy and spicy, yet creamy bacony delicious, you can’t go wrong with these Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers. They are baked instead of fried, making it hassle free cooking time.

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    29. Devilled Eggs

    This classic NEVER gets old. Devilled eggs are always add delicious elegance to any party table. A plateful of devilled eggs is something you will see at any kind of party, be it holidays, summer parties or bridal showers. Give them the best tasting devilled eggs using this simple recipe.

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    30. Easy Bruschetta

    Want to keep it simple? You can always turn to good old Bruschetta. Easy to make and always a crowd pleaser. This Italian classic is made with fresh tomatoes, basil and onion over toasted baguette slices. You can also drizzle them with balsamic glaze to make them a little extra special.

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    31. Bang Bang Chicken

    Let us warn you, this appetizers made from simple chicken is very addictive. Crispy fried chicken is smeared with a delicious sweet chili creamy mayo sauce. Simple and inexpensive, yet always a HIT!

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    32. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries (Strawberry Blossoms)

    Now here is a very novel and creative party food idea, these Strawberry Blossoms. People are going to be amazed to see these red beauties at your next get together. Strawberries stuffed with Cheesecake!! So pretty, so elegant… Perfect for Valentines, New Years, baby showers, bridal showers, Mother’s Day… or even potluck parties.

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    33. White Sangria

    How about a cool, refreshing jug of white sangria to cool off during all the summer parties? It’s a fancy way to serve alcohol, rather than just wine and beer. This colored pitcher loaded with fruits would be a hit at your next party.

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    34. Potato Skins

    No one can get enough of this potato classic. These potato halves are filled with cheese and bacon and in they go for bake time. All you do later is garnish with sour cream and scallions. YUMM.

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    35. Hawaiian Pizza Sliders

    These Hawaiian Pizza sliders would be a big Hit for your next party. Get the sweet Hawaiian rolls and layer on pizza sauce, seasonings, ham, mozzarella, and pineapple… Plop them in oven. Voila! Yummy treats. It was never so easy to please the crowd.

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    36. Shrimp Guacamole

    Goa little beyond regular guacamole. Add some cooked shrimp into the mix and see the wonder on everyone’s faces when you serve this chunky Shrimp Guacamole to the crowd. Serve it with chips, crostini or crackers.

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    37. Sheet Pan Pizza

    No need to order a take out. Make this deep dish style sheet pan pizza and you are all set for a get together. You can go with basic toppings or be creative.

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    38. Baked Cheeseburger Sliders

    Got some hungry people to feed? Try these baked cheeseburger sliders instead of hitting up the grill for regular cheeseburgers. They will all love to have fun with all the cheese and bread pulling.

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    39. Easy Cheese Ball

    A good looking classic cheese ball is a MUST for festive times or get togethers. No need to buy expensive store bought cheese balls. You can make your own very easily in no time. This cheese ball is studded with bacon bits, nuts, shredded cheese and seasonings. Serve it with an assortments of crackers.

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    40. 10-Minute Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

    In search for healthy and fancy? Then you will be glad you found this smoked salmon pinwheels. They can be easily rolled up with a little bit of chive and dill cream cheese mix and a healthy dose of spinach, along with smoked salmon of course. This healthy appetizer can be on your party table in about 10 minutes. How cool is that?

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    Oh boy, so many options. So many varieties of great appetizers and party foods. You don’t have to make the same old dip, or same old burger for your next get together. Try these new inspirations and plan up a party that people will be talking about for days. Make it memorable with good food and good fun.

    Pin or bookmark these fabulous Party Food Ideas for all your future events. Have fun…

    Party food ideas.

    The 40 BEST Party Food Ideas

    Yield: Enough to feed a crowd
    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Cook Time: 20 minutes
    Total Time: 30 minutes

    This great collection of easy Party Food Ideas will feed a crowd at your next get together or special occasion!


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