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    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings

    Pizza, Pizza! Are you making your own homemade pie, or just wondering what to order from the pizza parlor? You’ve come to the right place!

    This list of pizza toppings includes the most popular pie garnishings worldwide, as well as some unique ideas you may not have thought of.

    There’s no reason to stick with the same variety every time, go wild with these pizza toppings.

    Whatever combo you go with, you’re in for one fun and tasty dinner!

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings.

    The BEST Pizza Toppings

    1. Pepperoni

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings -  pepperoni

    There can be little doubt that pepperoni is by far the most popular pizza topping in America. Every pizza shop has a pepperoni pie sliced and ready to serve at all times.

    An Italian-American invention, it’s a salty, slightly spicy cured sausage similar to salami.

    2. Bell Peppers

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - peppers

    Bell peppers are one of the classic veggie pizza toppings. They add so much crunch, flavor and color.

    Most often, green bell peppers find their way onto pizzas. But we also love the sweetness from red, yellow and orange peppers. Try a mix of all for the ultimate pepper experinece!

    3. Italian Sausage

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - sausage

    After pepperoni, Italian sausage is the most popular meat pizza topping. Sometimes it’s crumbled, sometimes it’s sliced, but it always adds amazing flavors to your pizza.

    Italian sausage is one of our very favorite pizza toppings, and pairs beautifully with our next item…

    4. Mushrooms

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - mushroom

    Though there are some who aren’t fans, we love our mushrooms. And they make amazing pizza toppings.

    Top your pizza with raw mushrooms before baking, or sauté the mushrooms with butter and garlic first, either way they can really enhance your pie.

    5. Black Olives

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - olives

    A staple on any supreme pizza, black olives add a salty brininess that can really enhance the overall flavor of a pizza.

    They are also our number one choice for a pepperoni companion.

    6. Artichoke Hearts

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - artichokes

    Often only found one the “premium toppings” section of pizza shop menus, we can’t recommend marinated artichoke hearts enough.

    If you’ve never tried them on a pie, grab a jar the next time you make one, you’ll be glad you did!

    7. Anchovies

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - anchovies

    Okay, maybe we’re getting a little controversial here. But love them or not, anchovies are one of the most popular pizza toppings, especially in Italy.

    They are often paired with capers for a double dose of salty brininess.

    8. Extra Cheese

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - extra cheese

    No matter what else goes on it, pizza comes down to three things: crust, sauce and cheese.

    Why not double up on the basics? We love our pizza extra cheesy, so give it an extra big dose of that mozzarella. You might not even need any other toppings!

    9. Canadian Bacon

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - Canadian bacon

    We’re not really sure how Canadian became one of the most popular pizza toppings. I mean, it’s great, but if it weren’t for pizza would you have ever heard of it?

    This bacon-ham hybrid somehow made its way into pizza parlors, and never looked back. Now, it’s one of the stars of the popular Hawaiian pizza, which also features…

    10. Pineapple

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - pineapple

    True, this isn’t the most versatile of toppings. I mean, you probably wouldn’t pair it with sausage or mushrooms. But paired with Canadian bacon one of the most popular pizza pairings around.

    The two make an amazing salty-sweet combo.

    11. Meatballs

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - meatballs

    Meatballs aren’t just for spaghetti, they are awesome on pizza! Whether as whole mini-meatballs or sliced jumbo meatballs, they are one of the best meat toppings.

    You can make them homemade, or buy premade meatballs. Either way, they’re a winner!

    12. Jalapeños

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - jalapenos

    If you want to give your pie a little kick, try jalapeños!

    You can go two ways here. Some love the fresh spiciness of sliced fresh jalapeños. Pickled jalapeños are also a popular choice. They are less spicy, but have a brininess similar to olives.

    Either way, we love them on our pizza!

    13. Chicken

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - chicken

    While not one of the most famous pizza toppings, chicken is one of the most versatile.

    Of all the meats, it’s the most mild and easiest to pair with even the most exotic toppings. Plus, it can take on just about any flavors. Chicken tikka pizza, anyone?

    14. Basil

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - basil

    Fresh basil… This amazing herb adds so, so much flavor even with the smallest of amounts. It’s a staple in Italian cuisine and should be in your cooking as well.

    Not to mention, it’s an integral ingredient of the most famous pizza variation: Pizza Margherita.

    15. Bacon

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - bacon

    Bacon is kinda the best ingredient ever, isn’t it? Somehow, that salty, smoky crunchiness just makes everything taste better. I mean, they even have chocolate covered bacon!

    Pizza is no exception. Crumble some freshly cooked bacon on your pizza and take it to the next level!

    16. Garlic

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - garlic

    Maybe we’re a bit biased on this one. I mean, we usually double or triple the amount of garlic in a recipe. But there’s no denying that it adds a ton of flavor to your pizza.

    You can spread it over your entire pie, or mix it with olive oil and coat your crust with the mixture.

    17. Eggplant

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - eggplant

    From eggplant parmesan to caponata, eggplant is one of the great ingredients in Italian cuisine.

    We love it on our pizza. Try eggplant paired with sausage or meatballs for an amazing meal, or go meatless and have it with mushrooms and peppers.

    18. Salami

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - salami

    A cousin to pepperoni, salami is a great pizza topping. It’s a great option for those who want the salty meatiness of pepperoni, but don’t want the spiciness.

    19. Spinach

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - spinach

    We love spinach on our pizza. It gives a ton of extra nutrition. It’s mild enough to not intrude on the other ingredients, but still adds its own touch of flavor.

    This pairs especially well with any of your favorite meat toppings.

    20. Sun Dried Tomatoes

    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings - sun dried tomatoes

    Have you ever tried sundried tomatoes on your pizza? If not, you’re seriously missing out!

    That’s why we’re wrapping up our list of pizza toppings with them. We want them to stick in your mind.

    You can get dry sundried tomatoes or oil packed, but either way they add sooo much flavor to your pie. Give them a try on your next pizza night, you may never go without them again!

    So many pizza toppings to choose from! Whether you’re looking for traditional or something new, there are so many interesting ways to top your pie!

    Save or pin this collection of great topping so you always know where to find it. And be sure to subscribe to GypsyPlate, we’re always cooking up new easy recipes for you!

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    The 20 BEST Pizza Toppings

    Are you making your own homemade pizza, or just wondering what to order from the parlor? This list of Pizza Toppings will make the best pie ever!


    • dough
    • tomato sauce
    • cheese
    • your favorite toppings!


    1. prepare pizza dough.
    2. top with sauce, cheese and your favorite toppings.
    3. bake and enjoy!

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