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    The 35 BEST Spinach Recipes

    Good old spinach… Plenty of spinach. So much so that Popeye would be mighty happy to see this list of great spinach recipes.

    Who wouldn’t like a green boost in their life? You can use spinach in your breakfast, in your snacks and appetizers, and of course in main meals. You can make some real cracking great dishes by using different cooking methods and a plethora of flavorings.

    We have come up with our list of the 35 best spinach recipes for you. Go through them all, I promise you some of them are going to become your favorites.

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes

    1. Crockpot Tuscan Chicken

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Tuscan chicken.

    This crock pot Tuscan chicken is drenched in a creamy sauce loaded with great Mediterranean flavors. It’s one easy and delicious make ahead weeknight dinner! Perfect spinach recipe.

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    2. Creamy Sausage Pasta

    Creamy Sausage Pasta

    The easiest spinach and sausage pasta in delicious cream sauce. This 20 minute meal is the perfect family-friendly dinner with flavors to please even the picky eaters!

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    3. Creamy Lemon Chicken

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Creamy lemon chicken.

    It’s creamy… it’s buttery… it’s smooth and silky… The Sauce… THE SAUCE IS THE KING HERE… Chicken smothered in this amazing sauce along with plenty of spinach. This will surely become one of your regulars.

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    4. Palak Paneer (Saag Paneer)

    Now this is a MUST if you like Indian food. This creamed spinach recipe with chunks of Indian cottage cheese (paneer) is a delicious perfect vegetarian dish. Get those naan rotis or a bowl of rice ready for this green awesomeness.

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    5. Creamy Tortellini Soup

    Creamy Tortellini Soup

    Creamy Zuppa Toscana flavors just get amplified by sun dried tomato pesto along with cheesy, pillowy tortellini. This soup has robust Italian flavors coming from sausage, plenty of spinach and seasonings. So, so good. You just have to try it out to hunt down these great flavors…

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    6. Tortellini al Forno

    Tortellini al Forno

    This Tortellini al Forno recipe is inspired by the popular Olive Garden dish. Plump, tender tortellini smothered in an amazing creamy sauce that’s enhanced by bacon and a variety of cheeses and tons of spinach.. Delicious!!

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    7. Green Rice Casserole

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Green rice casserole.

    This green rice casserole is a quick mix everything together and bake it kind of thing. Creamy, cheesy goodness with spinach and peppers, this might become your new way to add more spinach in your meals.

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    8. Sauteed Spinach and Potatoes (Aloo Palak)

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Aloo palak.

    Do you like spinach? Do you like potatoes? They pair up so well in this simple, homestyle, Indian aloo palak – meaning sautéed spinach with potatoes with a few Indian pantry staples. This is extremely easy and so flavorful.

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    9. Moroccan Lentil Soup

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Moroccan lentil soup.

    Give your regular lentils an exotic makeover with this delectable soup. The warm and flavorful combination of Moroccan spices will forever change your idea of a bowl of lentils. This bowl has loads of spinach too.

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    10. Pork Pinwheels

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Pork pinwheels.

    Add a gourmet flair to your family table with these fancy looking, yet easy to cook, pork pinwheels. What’s in the stuffing? Spinach + Mushrooms+ Feta… great combination.

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    11. Espinacas con Garbanzos (Spanish Spinach with Chick Peas)

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Espinacas con Garbanzos.

    This classic Spanish tapas is a great addition to your appetizer spread. Hearty chick peas and fresh spinach are cooked in a cozy sauce of tomatoes, onions and exotic spices. Delightful…

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    12. Creamy Lemon Chicken Soup

    Creamy Lemon Chicken Soup

    This creamy lemon chicken soup is going to win your hearts… BIG time! Some magic happens with just a little bit of lemon, a little bit of butter and little bit of cheese and cream. Not to forget tons of spinach.

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    13. Gado Gado (Indonesian Salad with Peanut Sauce)

    Gado Gado (Indonesian Salad with Peanut Sauce)

    Gado Gado… meet this Javanese Salad feast. Taste the rainbow on a plate, a medley of different colors, flavors and textures. Yes simple salad that turns into a super tasty complete meal with a good dose of protein, carbs and loads of nutrients on your plate.

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    14. Mushroom, Spinach and Egg Breakfast Skillet

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Breakfast skillet.

    These are sunny side up with a twist. Here your eggs are nestled between garlicky mushrooms and wilted spinach with a few seasonings, making it a nutrient dense start of the day.

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    15. Steakhouse Creamed Spinach

    This gourmet Steakhouse Creamed Spinach is a classic dish and is real easy to make. It has perfect flavor and texture. It’s boldly flavored, perfectly cooked spinach served up in a rich, velvety sauce that you can quickly whip up in just one skillet.

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    16. Creamy Spinach Stuffed Salmon in Garlic Butter

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Stuffed salmon.

    Now that looks absolutely fabulous. Crispy, pan seared stuffed salmon filled with a creamy spinach dip in garlic butter. This is a new delicious way to enjoy salmon!

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    17. Creamy Spinach & Mushroom Lasagna

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Lasagne.

    Time to give your lasagna a makeover. Creamy mushroom sauce, plenty of spinach and loads of cheese in between lasagna noodles… Sounds REAL good to me!

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    18. Spinach Ricotta Brunch Bake

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Spinach ricotta brunch bake.

    Take a look at this gorgeous spinach ricotta bake. Your brunch can’t look better than this. It has more than just bacon. There’s a lot more like cheddar cheese, red peppers, and a delicious spinach ricotta filling. Perfect for big crowd.

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    19. Easy Bacon and Spinach Frittata

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Frittata.

    A cheesy and veggie-filled frittata dotted with crispy bacon is the perfect dish for a weekend brunch. It looks pretty stunning. Who says spinach can be boring?

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    20. Spinach and Cheese Strata

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Strata.

    The quickest, easiest make-ahead savory bread pudding! It has all the tasty elements like garlicky spinach along with three types of cheese – Swiss, Gruyere and Parmesan. Should I say more?

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    21. Spinach Artichoke Dip

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Spinach artichoke dip.

    When you take this spinach artichoke dip to the table, it’s going to be one wow factor to all surrounding it. We’re talking gooey cheesy goodness surrounded by bread rolls, all baked in one skillet. Watch them all pull apart those bread rolls and dunking straight into that gooyiness.

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    22. Cheesy Mexican Spinach Dip

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Mexican spinach dip.

    This warm, creamy, cheesy Mexican spinach dip is easy make ahead appetizer, bursting with the usual Mexican spices and quite possibly the BEST Spinach Dip ever! Crowd pleasing appetizer for every occasion!

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    23. Irish Pub Spinach & Artichoke Melt

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Spinach and artichoke melt.

    This cheesy, butter fried Irish spinach and artichoke melt can be your lunch, dinner or just any time snack. There is something about spinach and lots of cheese…

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    24. Chicken Florentine Phyllo Pie

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Chicken Florentine phyllo pie.

    Take one look at this Chicken Florentine Phyllo Pie. A creamy, cheesy and delicious mixture of chicken and spinach nestled between crispy and flaky phyllo sheets. This stuff is truly heavenly.

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    25. Greek Spanakopita

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Spanikopita.

    Spanakopita is a classic Greek cuisine. This irresistible Greek spinach pie can be served as a side dish, appetizer or main entrée. It’s made with a rich spinach and feta filling layered between buttery crispy sheets of phyllo. Take a one bite and your hooked. Now that’s an awesome spinach recipe.

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    26. Strawberry Spinach Salad

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Strawberry spinach salad.

    A classic combination, spinach & strawberries! A bed of fresh spinach is tossed with ripe juicy summer strawberries, creamy avocado, candied pecans, feta cheese & thinly sliced onions. Perfect.

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    27. Tuscan White Bean Soup

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Tuscan white bean soup.

    This Tuscan white bean soup is a hearty blend of Italian sausage, vegetables and beans, all simmered together in a savory tomato broth. A quick and easy dinner option that is a complete meal in one pot!

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    28. Italian Wedding Soup

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Italian wedding soup.

    Italian wedding soup is a classic Italian soup made with juicy, tender herb-Parmesan infused pork meatballs, acini de pepe, carrots, celery, and spinach all simmered in a delicious broth.

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    29. Stuffed Chicken Breasts

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Stuffed chicken breasts.

    Cheese stuffed tender chicken breasts in a creamy spinach sauce… Dinner is served!

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    30. Roasted Garlic, Chicken & Spinach White Pizza

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - White pizza.

    How about going for a tomato sauce-less pizza today? Well it comes with loads of cheese, dollops of roasted garlic infused ricotta, and chicken and spinach. All of this works extremely well together.

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    31.Creamy Pan Seared Salmon

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Creamy pan seared salmon.

    Flaky, buttery salmon smothered in a flavor-packed, creamy sauce that’s ready in only 30 minutes! Would you like to make this for dinner? It looks like straight from some fancy restaurant!

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    32. Cheesy Spinach Enchiladas

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Enchiladas.

    Cheesy spinach enchiladas wrapped in tortillas and smothered in delicious enchilada sauce! Another cracking recipe when you don’t know what to do with that bag of spinach.

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    33. Creamy Spinach Mushroom Pork Chops

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Creamy pork chops.

    Pork chops smothered in creamy spinach mushroom sauce. Great meal over mashed potatoes or some pasta.

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    34. Mozzarella Chicken in Tomato Sauce

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Mozzarella chicken.

    This super simple mozzarella chicken comes together with fresh tomatoes, spinach, rich mozzarella, and some Italian herbs. The melty cheese in the end elevates the dish in a true Italian manner.

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    35. 6 Ingredient Flank Steak Stuffed with Parmesan, Spinach and Lemon Zest (Pinwheels)

    35 BEST Spinach Recipes - Stuffed flank steak.

    I am wrapping up this amazing spinach recipes compilation with this fancy and gourmet dish. These juicy stuffed flank steak rolls are so easy to make with only 6 ingredients. Make them on some special occasions for your friends and family. They will be polished off fast.

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    So you see, you don’t have to make spinach the same 2-3 ways. It’s very versatile and pairs up with so many things so well to give you some tasty meals. Start your day with the delicious breakfast ideas mentioned above. Or end your day with one of the easiest, or one of the fanciest, recipes using that green thing in your meals. No wonder it’s Popeye’s all time favorite. Pin or bookmark this page so you can come back to all these wonderful spinach recipes again and again.

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    The BEST spinach recipes.

    The 35 BEST Things to Cook with Spinach

    Yield: 4 servings
    Prep Time: 5 minutes
    Cook Time: 5 minutes
    Total Time: 10 minutes

    Add more veggie power to your meals with this collection of 35 of the best spinach recipes. For a quick and easy side, try this simple sautéed spinach with garlic and lemon.


    • 1 lb baby spinach
    • 2 tbsp olive oil
    • 2 garlic cloves, minced
    • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
    • Salt and pepper to taste


    1. Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium high heat heat. Add garlic a give a quick stir until fragrant, about 20 seconds.
    2. Add in spinach, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Sauté, stirring occasionally, until spinach wilts.
    Nutrition Information
    Yield 4 Serving Size 1
    Amount Per Serving Calories 89Total Fat 7gSaturated Fat 1gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 6gCholesterol 0mgSodium 165mgCarbohydrates 5gFiber 3gSugar 1gProtein 3g

    Nutrition information calculated by Nutritionix.

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