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    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes

    Sausages, the saviors! The saviors for the “what’s for dinner tonight” days. Tired of the same old chicken night? Try these sausage dinner ideas for a change. They are far more versatile than just grilling. The seasons wouldn’t limit them. They would find their way into some salad bowl in summer time and can be doused in some thick sauces or soups in winter. This collections of great sausage recipes will show you how…

    They could be your start of the day with some cracking breakfast casserole or hash, or in fun time pizzas or rolls, or they could be the star of dinner table with gumbos and jambalayas.

    Sausages come in various avatars in every culture from chorizo to Andalusian to Italian to kielbasa to bratwurst. They can be hot or sweet, spicy or mild. All of them can make some delicious, flavor packed sausage dinners.

    We have complied a list of some amazing Sausage Recipes that would go great in your repertoire. They will take care of you right from breakfast to a memorable sausage dinners.

    35+ BEST Sausage Recipes

    1. Jambalaya Pasta (Pastalaya)

    Jambalaya Pasta, aka Pastalaya, is a super tasty dish featuring shrimp, chicken and sausage smothered in a creamy, cheesy sauce full of Louisiana flavors.

    It’s like everyone’s favorite jambalaya, but with pasta instead of rice. How cool!

    Get the Recipe: Pastalaya

    2. Zuppa Toscana

    Zuppa Toscana

    A giant pot of this creamy concoction made up of crumbled sausage, tender, melt in your mouth potatoes, crispy heavenly bacon, and the goodness of kale. This can’t get any better. Yes, so much better than Olive Garden’s version.

    Get the Recipe: Zuppa Toscana

    3. Italian Sunday Gravy (Sunday Sauce)

    Italian Sunday Gravy (Sunday Sauce)

    Ah, Sunday Gravy, the heartwarming Italian-American culinary tradition that turns an ordinary weekend into a delectable feast!! 

    This is quintessential Italian-American comfort food that has not only conquered hearts, but also taste buds across generations. 

    Imagine a rich tomato sauce teeming with a medley of meats like short ribs or spare ribs, meatballs, and sausage simmering for hours, and you have the masterpiece that is Sunday Gravy.

    Get the Recipe: Sunday Gravy

    4. Lowcountry Shrimp and Grits

    Lowcountry Shrimp and Grits is an amazing comfort food. Plump shrimp and smoky sausage are smothered in a savory gravy and served over creamy, cheesy grits.

    Get the Recipe: Shrimp and Grits

    5. Spanish Clams with Chorizo

    These Spanish Clams are simmered with cannellini beans, chorizo sausage and great flavor enhancers. It’s an amazing tapas dish that will easily impress guests, but is easy enough for any weeknight.

    This is one of those dishes where just a few ingredients combine to form something unbelievably delicious.

    Get the Recipe: Spanish Clams with Chorizo

    6. Chicken Scarpariello

    Chicken Scarpariello

    Chicken Scarpariello, or “Shoemaker’s Chicken”, is a delightful dish where chicken braises with sausage and peppers in a white wine sauce. It’s yum!

    Get the Recipe: Chicken Scarpariello

    7. Creamy Sausage Pasta

    This simple affair happens in less than 20 minutes. Low efforts and low pressure, yet not compromising in flavors one tiny bit. The secret lies in the goodness of those Italian sausages.

    Get the Recipe: Creamy Sausage Pasta

    8. Italian Sausage Soup

    Italian Sausage Soup

    This Italian sausage soup happens with very simple, yet very flavor dense ingredients. Spicy Italian sausage along with fire roasted tomatoes, white beans and some fresh herbs and spices. That’s pretty much all you need to create this bowl of warmth.

    Get the Recipe: Italian Sausage Soup

    9. Low Country Boil (Frogmore Stew)

    Low Country Boil (Frogmore Stew)

    This Low Country Boil recipe is the best way to feed a crowd! Shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn all boil together in a well seasoned broth. 

    Also known as Frogmore Stew, it’s a southern classic that’s meant for a crowd, and is a common sight at outdoor celebrations.

    Get the Recipe: Low Country Boil

    10. Red Beans and Rice

    This Red Beans and Rice recipe is pure New Orleans comfort food. It’s an easy and budget friendly weeknight dinner full of flavor.

    Get the Recipe: Red Beans and Rice

    11. Pasta alla Norcina

    Pasta alla Norcina

    Pasta alla Norcina is a delightful dish where Italian sausage, mushrooms and al dente pasta are enveloped in a creamy white wine infused sauce.

    Originating from the town of Norcia in Umbria, Italy, known for its exquisite sausages, this dish beautifully showcases Italian culinary traditions.

    Get the Recipe: Pasta alla Norcina

    12. Dublin Coddle

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Dublin coddle.

    Dublin Coddle is an Irish fare. It’s an authentic Irish casserole dish made with potatoes and sausages along with bacon cooked low and slow in the oven. What’s the result? Some rich and very satisfying flavors. You can try this coddle as a teaser to perfect it for next St. Patrick’s day.

    Get the Recipe: Dublin Coddle

    13. Portuguese Bean Soup

     Portuguese Bean Soup

    Fooled ya! Portuguese Bean Soup isn’t Portuguese at all! Instead, it’s a hearty and comforting soup that originated in Hawaii.

    With a hodgepodge of ingredients like smoked ham hocks, macaroni, kidney beans, an assortment of veggies, and Portuguese sausage (hence the name), this is one flavor packed bowl you don’t want to miss!

    Get the Recipe: Portuguese Bean Soup

    14. Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash

    Acorn squash goodness mixed in with sausages. Perfectly roasted squash is filled with Italian sausage, colorful vegetables and topped with parmesan. Good looking, tasty and nutritious.

    Get the Recipe: Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash

    15. Creamy Tortellini Soup

    Creamy Tortellini Soup

    Creamy Zuppa Toscana flavors just get amplified by sun dried tomato pesto along with cheesy, pillowy tortellini. This soup has robust Italian flavors coming from sausage and seasonings. So, so good. You just have to try it out to hunt down these great flavors…

    Get the Recipe: Creamy Tortellini Soup

    16. Jambalaya


    If you’re on the lookout for a perfect company meal to feed a crowd, this Jambalaya recipe is it! 

    One of America’s most iconic dishes, this rice comes fully loaded with sausage, chicken, shrimp, veggies and a whole world of big flavors.

    Get the Recipe: Jambalaya

    17. Orecchiette with Sausage and Broccoli Rabe

    This easy Orecchiette with Sausage and Broccoli Rabe recipe is a light and satisfying dish, all the way from the southern tip of Italy.

    Get the Recipe: Orecchiette with Sausage and Broccoli Rabe

    18. Grilled Italian Sausage and Peppers

    Grilled Italian Sausage and Peppers

    This Grilled Italian Sausage and Peppers recipe is one of our favorite summertime cookout meals! 

    Not only is the flavor combination spot on, but it only takes about 20 minutes. And once they’re cooked, these sausage and peppers go with a huge variety of sides.

    Get the Recipe: Grilled Italian Sausage and Peppers

    19. Sausage Potato Casserole

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Sausage potato casserole.

    This hearty casserole combines two comfort food staples, sausage and potatoes. Add in a generous helping of veggies and you have one great complete meal!

    Get the Recipe: Sausage Potato Casserole

    20. Breakfast Tacos

    Breakfast Tacos

    Start your day with some flavor! These Breakfast Tacos are your new morning hero, combining easy, tasty, filling and fun!

    With just a few ingredients, most of which can be easily substituted, you can have better-than-restaurant breakfast tacos on your table.

    Get the Recipe: Breakfast Tacos

    21. Spicy Sausage Pasta

    Spicy Italian sausage cooked in a perfect wine infused tomato sauce over a bowlful of rigatoni. Yum. This would will come in your regular rotation in no time.

    Get the Recipe: Spicy Sausage Pasta

    22. Spanish Chicken

    This beautifully flavored Spanish Chicken is slow braised in a tomato sauce along with chorizo sausage, chick peas and other tasty ingredients. It’s a delicious combination!

    Get the Recipe: Spanish Chicken

    23. Italian Sausage Bake

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Italian sausage bake.

    This Italian Sausage Bake is a simple and easy dish and requires only a few basic ingredients. A side of pasta or crusty bread and your meal is complete!

    Get the Recipe: Italian Sausage Bake

    24. Biscuits and Gravy

    Biscuits and Gravy

    Who wouldn’t like some creamy, delicious gravy doused with plenty of sausages over some fresh hot biscuits? One of our favorite sausage recipes, this is a classic comfort breakfast.

    Get the Recipe: Biscuits and Gravy

    25. Australian Curried Sausages

    Australian Curried Sausages

    These easy and delicious Curried Sausages are just too good. A classic comfort food in Australia, this is a dish that needs to go global!

    Served them atop a bed of creamy mashed potatoes and you’ve got a unique twist on bangers and mash that’s sure to impress. All in about 25 minutes!

    Get the Recipe: Curried Sausages

    26. Kielbasa Pasta

    Kielbasa Pasta

    This Kielbasa Pasta is a quick and easy weeknight dinner that you’re going to want to put on repeat.

    With hearty pasta, smoky Polish sausage, and an assortment of fresh veggies, it’s a complete meal that gets ready in about 30 minutes!

    Get the Recipe: Kielbasa Pasta

    27. Sausage Rolls

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Sausage rolls.

    Sausage rolls are Australia’s answer to America’s Pigs in a Blanket. A juicy homemade sausage mixture wrapped in puff pastry. Make them for your next get together or some Sunday fun with your kids. They’re going to love this one.

    Get the Recipe @ recipetineats

    28. Italian Sausage and Tortellini Bake

    Italian Sausage and Tortellini Bake

    This Italian Sausage and Tortellini Bake is pure comfort food bliss. With a well seasoned tomato sauce and plenty of cheese, it’s a sure hit with all ages.

    Best of all, it only takes a few minutes of hands on time, then your trusty oven does the rest!

    Get the Recipe: Italian Sausage and Tortellini Bake

    29. Sausage Gnocchi Soup

    This easy Sausage Gnocchi Soup is the perfect bowl of comfort. Pillowy gnocchi and hearty Italian sausage simmer in a delightfully seasoned tomato broth, along with the goodness of spinach.

    Get the Recipe: Sausage Gnocchi Soup

    30. Lasagna Soup

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Lasagna soup.

    Feel like lasagna without going to the efforts of assembling it? Make it in a pot. 🙂 It has everything, cheesy noodles smothered in parmesan, mozz and ricotta. You might never go back to making traditional lasagna again. This one is going to be the whole family’s new favorite.

    Get the Recipe @ carlsbadcravings

    31. Apple Walnut Sausage Stuffing

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Apple walnut stuffing.

    Stuffing is a holiday special we always look forward to in our lives. This apple walnut sausage stuffing is easy and quick with plenty of crumbled sausages along with herbs and apple. Sounds fabulous!

    Get the Recipe @ damndelicious

    32. Easy One-Skillet Sausage and Peppers with Rice

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Easy skillet.

    This one skillet rice dish with sausage and peppers will be ready to go on your table in 30 minutes. Sounds good to my ears and eyes.

    Get the Recipe @ averiecooks

    33. Sausage and Veggie Hash

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes -  sausage and veggie hash.

    Here is a great way to start your day. A skillet full of sausage (you can throw in any of your favorite sausage or whatever’s available in your fridge) along with veggies, potatoes and Italian flavorings. Break some eggs on top and there you go. You are ready for anything after that hearty start.

    Get the Recipe @ chelseasmessyapron

    34. Authentic Seafood, Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Gumbo.

    Gumbo, a traditional Cajun specialty from Louisiana. A classic blend of meat and seafood and the holy trinity of vegetable along with Cajun spices and herbs. This would take a few hours, simmering in its goodness, but the wait would be well worth it when you get to sip your first spoonful.

    Get the Recipe @ garlicandzest

    35. Creamy Tuscan Sausage Pasta

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Creamy Tuscan Pasta.

    Like any other Tuscan thing, this Tuscan Italian sausage pasta is divine. Sausages cooked along with sundried tomatoes and spinach in a decadently creamy delicious Tuscan sauce. Absolutely addictive flavors.

    Get the Recipe @ therecipecritic

    36. Sausage Stuffed Eggplant

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Stuffed eggplant.

    If you love eggplant, this is the ultimate dish for you to bake. These eggplant boats are stuffed with spicy sausage and topped with cheese and baked to melty perfection.

    Get the Recipe @ diethood

    37. Sausage Mushroom Naan Pizza with Goat Cheese

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Naan pizza.

    Try making a pizza with Naan flat bread. You’ll save so much of your time and it comes out of the oven fantastic. This naan bread is piled high with chicken sausage, mushrooms and tangy goat cheese. Delicious.

    Get the Recipe @ cookincanuck

    38. Greek Sausage & Peppers (Spetzofai)

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Spetzofai.

    This classic Greek dish has all the Mediterranean flavors. Spicy sausage cooked in delicious tomato sauce with colorful bell peppers turns into beautiful flavors. All this in under an hour. Serve it with some crusty bread with a good sprinkling of feta cheese.

    Get the Recipe @ dimitrasdishes

    39. Paella

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Paella.

    Paella is a classic Spanish favorite. This one will really impress your family and guests. Sausage along with seafood and vegetables are all simmered in with saffron infused rice. This one sounds and looks delicious.

    Get the Recipe @ theforkedspoon

    40. English Bangers & Mash

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Bangers and mash.

    The ultimate British comfort food, bangers and mash along with delicious onion gravy. This is one of those famous sausage recipes, but is so easy. Try cooking your sausages British style!

    Get the Recipe @ all-thats-jas

    41. Autumn Sausage Veggie and Apple Sheet Pan Dinner

    The 35+ BEST Sausage Recipes - Sheet pan dinner.

    Look at this colorful sheet pan full of different veggies and sausages seasoned with garlic, herbs and plenty of olive oil. Something like this is easy to pull together when life gets busy.

    Get the Recipe @ cookingclassy

    Well there you go, so many different options and possibilities with super simple sausages. They are so versatile and jam packed full of flavors. Pin or bookmark this page so you know exactly where to go for some delicious sausage recipes. Go beyond grilling this summer and experiment with the flavors. We have plenty of awesome recipes coming your way. Stay tuned…

    Sausage recipes.

    35+ BEST Sausage Recipes

    Yield: 4 servings
    Prep Time: 5 minutes
    Cook Time: 15 minutes
    Total Time: 20 minutes

    This collection of over 35 great sausage recipes will have you eating good from breakfast till dinner, and everywhere in between. Try this simple grilled sausage recipe for a quick start!


    • 1lb sausage links (Italian or bratwurst)


    1. Preheat grill to 400°F.
    2. Place sausages on grill. Cook with lid closed, turning about every 3-4 minutes until internal temperature of sausages reaches 165°F.
    Nutrition Information
    Yield 4 Serving Size 1
    Amount Per Serving Calories 369Total Fat 31gSaturated Fat 10gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 19gCholesterol 98mgSodium 923mgCarbohydrates 2gFiber 0gSugar 1gProtein 21g

    Nutrition information calculated by Nutritionix.

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