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    The 25 BEST Chaffle Recipes

    Chaffle Recipes – Get ready for chaffles! These low-carb snacks taste like regular waffles, but without the carbs. And everyone loves them!

    In this roundup of the top 20 chaffle recipes, we’ve got something to satisfy every craving. From savory options that are perfect for breakfast to sweet indulgences that’ll become your new go-to dessert, you’re bound to find your new favorite.

    Trust us, once you go through these mouthwatering recipes, you’ll never look at your waffle maker the same way again. Don’t miss out, these chaffle recipes are a game-changer!

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    Chaffle Recipes:

    1. Chaffle Recipe

    Chaffles are a great substitute for bread if you are on a low-carb diet. Learn how to make them perfectly at home, with this excellent Chaffles recipe.

    You only replace regular flour with almond flour or coconut flour, to make it low carb, and you’ll still get a fluffy and light texture.

    Use them as a burger bun, sandwich bread, or even as breakfast toast.

    They’ll be a super hit with the entire family!

    Get the Recipe @ easylowcarb

    2. Keto Pumpkin Chaffles

    Give your traditional chaffel a break, and try these Keto Pumpkin Chaffles instead. It’s just perfect for the fall season.

    These are super easy to make and are full of pumpkin and pumpkin spice flavors, which you all will love.

    Serve them with butter and sugar-free maple syrup or other toppings like whipped cream, chopped nuts, sugar-free chocolate chips, or syrup. Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ kirbiecravings

    3. Cinnamon Roll Chaffle

    Are you on a keto diet and need something new and delicious for breakfast? We want you to try this Cinnamon Roll Chaffle, which you can enjoy guilt-free and be super satisfied.

    These Chaffles contain only 2 net carbs, including the tasty, cream cheese icing. This recipe is great for making ahead of time, so you can have these for busy mornings, too.

    Get the Recipe @ thebestketorecipes

    4. Taco Chaffle

    Give your new keto-trend Chaffle a Mexican makeover with this Taco Chaffle recipe.

    These Chaffles are perfectly crispy outside and then loaded with all your favorite taco toppings. You can literally make them your own.

    Guys, it will be a fun way to eat your beloved tacos in this style, so try it!

    Get the Recipe @ simpleyummyketo

    5. Pizza Chaffle

    Craving pizza while on a low carb, keto, gluten-free, and high-protein diet? Don’t deprive yourself anymore, as this Pizza Chaffle will satisfy all your cravings, leaving you super happy.

    These are absolutely quick and easy to make and deliver the best results. Even your non-diet followers will love this version of pizza chaffles.

    Simply follow this recipe step by step and you’re all set to indulge in this pizza deliciousness!

    Get the Recipe @ seekinggoodeats

    6. Oreo Chaffles

    Impress everyone at home with these Oreo Chaffles. They can be a really special treat for breakfast or dessert.

    The best part of these Chaffles, is they are tasty and healthy at the same time. You just have to make basic Chaffles with cocoa powder and then cook them to crispy perfection. Next, fill them with a simple, vanilla sugar-free frosting.

    You won’t believe this recipe is gluten-free and keto friendly!

    Get the Recipe @ wewanttoeat

    7. Chocolate Chip Chaffles

    Guys, learn how to make the best Chocolate Chip Chaffles at home, with this incredible recipe.

    These Chaffles come out absolutely delicious with the perfect crispiness. Lots of chocolate chips make it just fantastic every time.

    All you have to do is follow this quick and easy recipe and enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ midgetmomma

    8. Cubano Chaffle Sandwich

    This Cubano Chaffle Sandwich is pretty similar to your authentic one, but this version is great for keto and low-carb dieters.

    You don’t need any fancy ingredients or equipment to make this delight. In just 3 simple steps, you can make this sandwich. Simply make a Chaffle, load it with all your favorite ingredients, then finish it off in a broiler, until the cheese is melty.

    Relish this as a great lunch or dinner and be satisfied for a long time!

    Get the Recipe @ ketocookingwins

    9. Chocolate Chaffle

    For all sweet tooth lovers, this Chocolate Chaffle recipe is a must-try. It has rich, chocolaty flavors, and will satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings, in a healthy way.

    These soft and fluffy textured Chaffles are sugar-free and gluten-free and can be on your table in just 15 minutes.

    So follow the keto trend and experience this awesome treat!

    Get the Recipe @ sugarfreelondoner

    10. Keto French Dip Chaffle Sandwich 

    Guys, this Keto French Dip Chaffle Sandwich is going to be your new go-to meal. It’s absolute comfort food at its best!

    Imagine, thinly sliced roast beef, melted gruyere cheese, crunchy Chaffle bread, and rich au jus for dipping. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

    And, the best part is, this one is super easy to make. You can easily use your leftover roast to make this delish dish. Just follow the steps and you’ll be amazed!

    Get the Recipe @ kicking-carbs

    11. Keto Reuben Chaffle

    Have you made your favorite Reuben sandwich in a keto version? if not, then this Keto Reuben Chaffle is the best you can make at home.

    We guarantee it will taste better than the original. The shaved corn beef, juicy sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese, all stacked up in a buttery Chaffle. A drizzle of Thousand Island dressing makes everything just out of this world delicious.

    You will love this version for sure!

    Get the Recipe @ farmsteadchic

    12. Strawberry Shortcake Chaffle

    Need an amazing dessert, that’s really addictive and at the same time healthy, too? Then we have one awesome Strawberry Shortcake Chaffle recipe for you.

    This low-carb and keto Chaffle is loaded with homemade keto whipped cream and fresh sliced strawberries, making it just stunning.

    You can enjoy this sweet Chaffle for breakfast, too, without feeling a bit guilty!

    Get the Recipe @ midegetmomma

    13. Almond Flour Chaffles

    Give your waffle breakfast a break, and try these Almond Flour Chaffles. They’ll beat any of your favorite waffles.

    Hands down the easiest recipe, that delivers the perfectly soft, fluffy Chaffles. It will be famous with kids and adults.

    Serve them with fresh strawberry jam, keto pancake syrup, or simply anything you want to pair it with. Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ joyfilledeats

    14. Blueberry Chaffle

    Guys, start your day with these healthy Blueberry Chaffles, and wow everyone at home!

    It’s a great keto dish that has only 2 net carbs for each Chaffle. And they taste exactly like your favorite blueberry waffles.

    These delicious Chaffles are an amazing option for a healthy dessert. This recipe includes some serving ideas that will help you make a new version every time. Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe @ thebestketorecipes

    15. Gingerbread Chaffle

    Craving some gingerbread cookies while on a low-carb diet? Try this Gingerbread Chaffle recipe, and make yourself and everyone super happy!

    These Chaffles are extremely easy to make and come out mind-blowing every time! We bet you will keep this recipe handy.

    So what are you waiting for? Try them soon and relish them any time of the day!

    Get the Recipe @ lowcarbnomad

    16.  Keto Chocolate Chaffle Sundae

    Guys treat yourself to this Keto Chocolate Chaffle Sundae. They are rich, satisfying, and pure bliss!

    This recipe is going to be your dream come true dish. It’s low-carb and keto-friendly. Plus, you’ll love the combination of chocolate Chaffles, ice cream, chocolate syrup, and nuts.
    This will be a favorite, for sure!

    Get the Recipe @ kicking-carbs

    17. Keto BBQ Stacks

    We’ve got yet another ultimate comfort food recipe, Keto BBQ Stacks. They are delicious and have less than 3 net carbs per stack.

    Cheesy, jalapeño Chaffles are loaded with BBQ chicken and creamy slaw, which make these stacks just top-notch. If you have BBQ chicken ready, you can whip up this deliciousness in less than 20 minutes.

    You’ll definitely add this recipe to your favorite repertoire!

    Get the Recipe @ farmlifediy

    18. Corndog Chaffle

    Yes, this Corndog Chaffle is a low-carb and keto-friendly recipe that you all will love. It seriously tastes like your favorite cornbread.

    To make this Chaffle, use corn extract to get that delicious flavor. We know this isn’t cheap, but once you buy it, it will last for a long time. It’s actually a great option.

    Mark my words, once you make hotdogs in this style, you are not going back to the bread roll version again!

    Get the Recipe @ lowcarbinspirations

    19. Big Mac Chaffle

    Meet your new favorite and healthy fast food, Big Mac Chaffle. These are incredibly delicious and satisfy all your cravings for fast food.

    The recipe features perfect chaffles that are layered with ground beef patties, cheese, pickles, shredded lettuce, and onions. The delicious Big Mac Sauce makes this chaffle top notch.

    Your entire family will love this Big Mac Chaffle for sure!

    Get the Recipe @ thatlowcarblife

    20. Red Velvet Chaffles 

    If you’re a fan of red velvet cake, then you’re going to love these Red Velvet Chaffles. They’re perfect for a special breakfast, or a holiday, like Valentine’s Day, or Christmas morning.

    This keto version has an amazing spongy, fluffy texture. It’s perfectly sweet, tangy, and has a hint of chocolaty flavors.

    Serve this delicacy with a dollop of keto white chocolate cream cheese or whipped cream, and make your mornings a super hit!

    Get the Recipe @ ketofocus

    21. Chaffle Bagels

    Want to try something new for the family?Try these delicious Chaffle Bagels and amaze everyone!

    You’ll get obsessed with these! First, they are delicious and fluffy. Second, they’re great substitutes for bread and third, they are super easy to make. Just follow this easy recipe, and you are all set.

    Serve this hot with cream cheese, and your keto version is ready to eat!

    Get the Recipe @ thatlowcarblife

    22. Cheesy Garlic Chaffle

    Guys, this Cheesy Garlic Chaffle will be a definite crowd-pleaser. It has all the goodness of Italian-style bread, which can be enjoyed as a great appetizer or as a side.

    Simply make your Chaffle, then brush the tops with a combo of butter and garlic. Then, simply sprinkle mozzarella cheese and broil it, to cheesy, gooey perfection.

    Serve this with your favorite dipping sauce or simple tomato ketchup. You’ll enjoy every bite of this new keto version of garlic bread!

    Get the Recipe @ kaseytrenum

    23. Keto BLT Chaffle Sandwich

    No one can beat this Keto BLT Chaffle Sandwich. It’s so delicious, that you will always want to make this version.

    So skip the bread, and try this flavorful Chaffle. It’s all loaded up with crispy bacon, juicy tomatoes, and fresh lettuce.

    It’s actually a super easy recipe that you all will love to make. It’s healthy, flavorful, and filling!

    Get the Recipe @ greenandketo

    24. Broccoli and Cheese Chaffle

    Yet another healthy recipe for you to try for breakfast, Broccoli and Cheese Chaffle!

    This cheesy style Chaffle is amazingly easy to make. It’s loaded with all good-for-you ingredients, which make it more healthy and flavorful.

    The perfect crisp outside and fluffy texture inside will win your heart and soul!

    Get the Recipe @ midgetmomma

    25. Cornbread Chaffles

    Let’s end with the Cornbread Chaffle recipe, which is low-carb, keto-friendly, diabetic friendly, grain-free, and gluten-free. They have only 114 calories and 3.4 net carbs per serving.

    This one is also easy to make, so you can relish this easily at home. They’re amazingly fluffy inside and outside is just wonderful.

    Pair this with keto chili, beef, and broccoli along with salad.

    Seriously guys, try all our keto-friendly Chaffle recipes and surprise everyone at home!

    Get the Recipe @ theshortordercook


    There you have it, twenty five easy and delicious chaffle recipes! Pin or bookmark this collection of great dishes so you always know where to find it.

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    25 BEST Chaffle Recipes

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    Total Time: 10 minutes

    This collection of low-carb Chaffle Recipes includes both sweet and savory dishes that are perfectly keto friendly.


    • Chaffle Recipe
    • Keto Pumpkin Chaffles
    • Cinnamon Roll Chaffle
    • Taco Chaffle
    • Pizza Chaffle
    • Oreo Chaffles
    • Chocolate Chip Chaffles
    • Cubano Chaffle Sandwich
    • Chocolate Chaffle
    • Keto French Dip Chaffle Sandwich
    • Keto Reuben Chaffle
    • Strawberry Shortcake Chaffle
    • Almond Flour Chaffles
    • Blueberry Chaffle
    • Gingerbread Chaffle
    • Keto Chocolate Chaffle Sundae
    • Keto BBQ Stacks
    • Corndog Chaffle
    • Big Mac Chaffle
    • Red Velvet Chaffles
    • Chaffle Bagels
    • Cheesy Garlic Chaffle
    • Keto BLT Chaffle Sandwich
    • Broccoli and Cheese Chaffle
    • Cornbread Chaffles


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