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    The 30 BEST Portuguese Recipes

    I’ve always been curious about what people cook in Portugal, and I finally took the time to explore some Portuguese Recipes. They’ve got everything from hearty soups and stews to tasty pies and even some really nice breads. It’s a unique kind of cooking that has something for everyone to enjoy.

    I’ve looked into many dishes, like the well-loved Piri Piri Chicken, the traditional Caldo Verde Soup, and the famous salted cod fish. Portugal’s food scene is really exciting, and I’ve found these recipes to be pretty straightforward to make. As I went through them, I got to discover which ones I liked best.

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    Portuguese Recipes

    1. Portuguese Mussels (Moules à la Portugaise)

    We’re starting our list of incredible Portuguese Recipes with our most gorgeous and delectable Portuguese Mussels, aka Moules à la Portugaise. It will surely be a star of any event.

    This fancy dish is full of amazing flavors, and the awesome sauce makes these mussels simply out of this world delicious.

    So transform your favorite mussels into one of the most unforgettable meals in Portuguese style. Everyone will surely love it.

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    2. Portuguese Kale Soup Recipe (Caldo Verde)

    I absolutely love this Portuguese Kale Soup, aka Caldo Verde, and it will win your heart too with just one sip. Considered by many locals to be one of the pinnacles of Portuguese cuisine, this is just the kind of dish GypsyPlate was created to bring you.

    This hearty soup is rich, bold, robustly flavored, with chunks of sausage, greens, and potatoes.

    Get the Recipe: Caldo Verde

    3. Piri Piri Chicken (Nando’s Chicken)

    Make the famous Nando’s Chicken at home with this ultra-delicious Piri Piri Chicken recipe.

    This traditional Portuguese dish, where your chicken is marinated in piri piri sauce, will be bursting with amazing flavors. After marinating, grill to perfection and serve this spicy Mediterranean dish with a salad and rice.

    Try a glass of chilled Portuguese wine to compliment this tantalizing meal!

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    4. Portuguese Feijoada À Transmontana

    Introduce Portuguese Feijoada À Transmontana to your family with this authentic recipe. It’s a delicious stew made with sausage, meats, red beans, and cabbage.

    There are many versions of Feijoada, which is well-known in many countries, but this classic Portuguese is one of the best.

    This celebratory stew is great served with Portuguese rice and your favorite bread. Enjoy…

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    5. Portuguese Seafood Stew

    All seafood lovers, this Portuguese Seafood Stew recipe is a jackpot for you! It’s super simple to make, and get ready in less than 30 minutes.

    All you need is to gather your favorite seafood like clams, shrimp, and scallops, along with simple aromatics and spices.

    Relish this flavorful stew with crusty bread and salad, and make a complete family meal.

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    6. Bifanas

    If you need a super easy and super tasty sandwich recipe, this one’s for you!

    It’s a famous Portuguese Pork sandwich known as Bifanas, made with thin slices of pork that are marinated beautifully and then pan-seared along with sautéed onions and sweet peppers.

    We bet it’ll be one of your favorite Portuguese recipes!

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    7. Portuguese Salted Cod Fritters

    Trying to find some new and delicious appetizers for your future events? Then treat everyone with these Portuguese Salted Cod Fritters, aka Pastéis de Bacalhau.

    These fritters are really easy to make, just follow the simple recipe to make the best cod fritters ever.

    Serve them with a glass of wine, or pair them with rice, potatoes, and salad.

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    8. Cozido à Portuguesa

    If you want to try authentic flavors from Portugal, then try Cozido à Portuguesa. It’s a Portuguese stew with very unique flavors.

    There are many variations, but this recipe uses a combination of meat, Portuguese cured meats, and vegetables.

    So when you have time, do cook this slow and low stew, and experience new flavors from Portugal.

    Get the Recipe @ wetravelportugal

    9. Bitoque

    Give your beloved steak a Portuguese makeover by making this ultimate Bitoque, Portuguese-style Steak with Eggs!

    This dish features lean steak cooked in a delicious pan sauce, along with fried potatoes, fried egg, and rice. All together it makes such a divine dish.

    Just follow simple steps to make it amazing every time.

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    10. Portuguese Prego Rolls

    If you’ve never tried these Portuguese Prego Rolls before, then you are in for a real treat.

    It’s the tastiest sandwich made with deliciously marinated steak grilled to juicy succulent perfection, and then stuffed inside a fresh bread roll with onions and tomatoes.

    We are certain you will fall in love with these rolls, and they can make any party, get-together, or regular dinner a hit.

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    11. Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato

    Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato is a fancy appetizer and a very famous restaurant dish that is loved by almost everyone.

    This clam dish is amazingly easy to make at home, you just need good-quality of olive oil, garlic, cilantro, and white wine to coat your clams.

    Your new favorite way to enjoy clams is surely this Portuguese way.

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    12. Portuguese Fish Stew (Caldeirada de Peixe)

    Who doesn’t like a nice steaming pot of stew? This Portuguese Fish Stew, aka Caldeirada de Peixe, recipe is one of our favorites.

    This stew is simply busting with mouth-watering flavors. Imagine shrimp, fish, and potatoes all simmered in a mix of saffron, white wine, cilantro, and tomato broth. It’s so good.

    This is one of our favorite Portuguese recipes.

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    13. Mariscada 

    Here’s a real classic, Mariscada. This seafood rice dish is very popular in coastal parts of Portugal, and can make an excellent weeknight family meal if you love seafood.

    It’s made with lobsters, shrimp, clams, mussels, and cuttlefish, or you can add any of your other favorites, along with rice. All gets simmered with other flavor enhancers to make it simply heavenly.

    Don’t miss out on this seafood rice dish, it’s a real winner.

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    14. Shrimp Mozambique

    Give bold and unique flavors to your shrimp by making this traditional and very famous Portuguese Mozambique recipe.

    This easy and quick dish is made in just 30 minutes, where the shrimp are simmered in a super flavorful garlic sauce which is a combination of beer, good quality seasonings, and hot sauce.

    Traditionally this dish is served with white rice or fried potatoes.

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    15. Pastel de Nata

    Guys, learn to make Portugal’s classic and popular dessert, Pastel de Nata, at home and wow everyone.

    These buttery, sweet tarts are exceptionally delicious, but do need your time, patience, and practice to perfect. This recipe will guide you just perfectly on how to make them at home.

    Your hard work will pay off deliciously.

    Get the Recipe @ zhangcatherine

    16. Portuguese Easter Bread

    Make the ultimate braided bread at home with this Portuguese Easter Bread recipe. It’s just classic!

    The dough of this bread is super easy to make, just follow the easy steps and add extra white raisins to the dough to give some sweet flavors.

    This recipe creates 2 gorgeous loaves, so enjoy one and give a second to your favorite people, and make them happy too.

    Get the Recipe @ natashaskitchen

    17. Serradura (Portuguese Sawdust Pudding)

    No matter the occasion, you can never go wrong with this classic and delightful Portuguese sawdust pudding.

    This quick, easy, and no-bake recipe is excellent when you want something fancy and delicious without putting much effort. You just have to follow 3 simple steps to make this amazing dessert, then wait till it sets in the freezer.

    Perfect when you want a quick dessert fix, plus it is also great for making ahead of time.

    Get the Recipe @ aromaticessence

    18. Portuguese Francesinha Sandwich

    This Portuguese Francesinha Sandwich is not your regular sandwich, it’s a complete meal in itself, and is one of the famous Portuguese comfort foods.

    You will love this hearty, heavy, and amazing combination of ingredients and sauce. It consists of your favorite bread, sausages, meat, ham, cheese, and eggs, all covered in a delicious, rich meaty sauce.

    The star of this sandwich is the rich sauce, which makes it truly scrumptious.

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    19. Polvo à Lagareiro

    Have you cooked octopus at home? If not, this recipe is the best one to try, Polvo à Lagareiro. It’s a classic Portuguese seafood dish loved by everyone.

    The recipe looks intimidating, but it’s actually very simple to make. It features boiled and baked octopus which is paired beautifully with smashed potatoes in herbed garlic oil.

    This dish is popular worldwide, so give it a try and make your first octopus in Portuguese style.

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    20. Bacalhau a Gomes de Sá (Salt Cod Fish)

    Ok, now try this Bacalhau a Gomes de Sá, which is a popular Portuguese dish especially made during Good Friday, but you can definitely make it all year long.

    This flavorful dish is made with high-quality ingredients like salt cod, potatoes, onions, hard-boiled eggs, olives, and olive oil. All together it tastes super delicious.

    There are many ways to make the dish, but this recipe is the best when you want to have a traditional Portuguese salt cod fish.

    Get the Recipe @ oliviascuisine

    21. Bolo Rei (Portuguese Christmas Kings Cake)

    Looking for a showstopper this festive season? Then try this Bolo Rei, and simply impress everyone.

    This cake is not heavy like your typical Christmas cake. It’s a light and perfectly sweet fruit cake that you all will simply love. It’s super easy to bake at home, and the fruit and nuts taste just fabulous in every bite.

    Once you make this Portuguese king cake for Christmas, it will become a new tradition.

    Get the Recipe @ wandercooks

    22. Arroz de Marisco (Portuguese Seafood Rice)

    If you’re a fan of paella, then you will love Arroz de Marisco also, a Portuguese Seafood Rice which is the saucier and tastier version of paella.

    You can add all or any of your favorite seafood to make this classy dish. The sauce is made with anchovies and fried shrimp head broth, which makes the rice full of delicious flavors.

    This amazing Arroz de Marisco takes time to cook, but it will be worth every bit of effort you put in.

    It’s one of our very favorite Portuguese recipes.

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    23. Portuguese Carne Assada

    Get ready to experience Portuguese Carne Assada, the most delectable beef dish.

    It’s basically a very flavorful braised beef made with super tender and juicy meat, small red potatoes, chourico or chorizo, and onions. You can make this in a slow cooker or instant pot, both cooking methods are included in the recipe along with tips and tricks.

    So what are you waiting for? Give your favorite beef this Portuguese avatar by making Carne Assada, and relish it with your loved ones.

    Get the Recipe @ leitesculinaria

    24. Portuguese Tomato Soup With Poached Egg

    This Portuguese Tomato Soup with Poached Egg will be your new best friend for busy nights, as it’s incredibly flavorful, healthy, easy, and quick to make.

    This recipe uses all easy pantry staple ingredients to make a delightful meal. Simply follow the instructions and make yourself the best dinner in just 40 minutes.

    So whenever in hurry, keep this recipe in mind and enjoy a Portuguese dinner with your family.

    Get the Recipe @ foodfromportugal

    25. Arroz Doce (Portuguese Rice Pudding )

    Never had rice pudding? Now is your chance to make this Arroz Doce, a Portuguese Rice Pudding, with this excellent recipe.

    This version of rice pudding is perfectly sweet, thick, creamy, and served semi-set with a good drizzle of cinnamon powder, which adds amazing flavors.

    You should surely add this fantastic recipe to your dessert repertoire.

    Get the Recipe @ amummytoo

    26. Portugese Chocolate Salami

    Make Portuguese Chocolate Salami at home. Don’t worry it does not have any meat in it, it just looks like salami.

    It’s actually made with eggs, sugar, chocolate, and Maria biscuits, but you can easily add in your favorite nuts.

    You will totally love to bite into this deliciousness.

    Get the Recipe @ homemadeinterest

    27. Sonhos (Portuguese Doughnuts)

    Sonhos, Portuguese Doughnuts, are so good and so easy to make that you’ll want to have them for breakfast, dessert, and maybe as a snack in between.

    This authentic recipe for doughnut holes is nothing like your typical donuts. It’s light, airy on the inside, crispy outside, and well coated in white sugar. We’re sure it willbe a blissful bite that you will love.

    If you’re looking for a light and not overly sweet snack, then do give Sonhos a sure try.

    Get the Recipe @ recipegirl

    28. Caçoila (Portuguese Stewed Beef)

    Yet another smashing recipe for you to try is Portuguese Stewed Beef, known as Caçoila!

    In this stunning dish, beef, red peppers, and aromatics all simmered low and slow in red wine, tomato, and butter sauce, making it completely droll-worthy.

    Follow the simple recipe to indulge in this finger-licking delicious stewed beef.

    Get the Recipe @ leitesculinaria

    29. Chicken Espetada

    This cookout season wow everyone with this Peri Peri Chicken Espetada. It’s a sensational Portuguese dish that’s cooked on skewers.

    You just have to make flavorful peri peri sauce, marinate your chicken cubes for a good time, and then grill it to charred juicy perfection. That’s it.

    A simple, perfect, and flavorful grill dish which makes everyone super happy.

    Get the Recipe @ simply-delicious-food

    30. Portuguese Potatoes 

    We’re ending our wonderful list of Portuguese Recipes with a simple yet flavorful side dish, Portuguese Potatoes. We bet after trying it you’re always going to dress up your potatoes in Portuguese style.

    It’s not your regular potato dish with some flavoring. It’s a magical dish that is bursting with amazing flavors,.

    The best part is, it’s super easy to make so you can relish it anytime and anywhere. Make a huge batch, as the leftover tastes are just awesome the next day.

    Get the Recipe @ fedbysab

    Portuguese cuisine is full of flavor, and with its vast array of ingredients and recipes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! So the next time you’re in the mood for something new and exciting, consider giving one of these Portuguese recipes a try.

    Save or pin this collection of great recipes so you always know where to find it. And be sure to subscribe to GypsyPlate, we’re always cooking up new easy recipes for you!

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    30 BEST Portuguese Recipes

    Learn how to make traditional Portuguese recipes with this great collection. Whether you're looking for a home cooked meal or something special for a holiday, these recipes have something delicious for everyone.


    • 2 lbs mussels (see note 1)
    • 1/2 cup chicken broth (see note 2)
    • 1 small onion, chopped
    • 1 Bay leaf
    • 5 garlic cloves, chopped or sliced
    • 2 Tbsp tomato paste
    • 1 Tbsp honey
    • 1-2 fresh red chili peppers (see note 3)
    • 1/2 tsp cumin
    • 1 Tbsp red or white vinegar
    • 1 cup white wine
    • Salt to taste
    • Crushed black pepper to taste
    • 4 Tbsp butter
    • 2 Tbsp parsley, chopped
    • 2 scallion, chopped
    • 4 Tbsp Olive oil


    1. Heat olive oil on medium heat in deep skillet or pan. Sauté onion along with bay leaf till onion becomes translucent.
    2. Add in garlic and cook for a minute.
    3. Stir in tomato paste and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add in honey, fresh red chili peppers, salt, pepper, cumin and vinegar and combine everything well.
    4. Add in wine and cook for 3-4 minutes.
    5. Add in mussels along with chicken broth. Cook for 6-7 minutes till all mussels are open.
    6. Remove the mussels to a separate pot or bowl. To the sauce, stir in butter and cook for a few minutes till the sauce thickens up. Add back in mussels along with parsley and scallions. Stir well.
    7. Serve in a bowl along with bread, pasta, zoodles or salad.


    1. If using fresh mussels, follow preparation directions in post. If using frozen, precooked mussels, heat up according to directions on package.
    2. You can also substitute the broth with bottled clam juice. If using frozen mussels, you can use the juice they come in.
    3. The number of chilies added into the recipe depend on how much heat you want in your sauce. If the peppers are mild, use two or you can limit it to one.

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