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    The 15 BEST Sardine Recipes

    If you’re looking for some great new ways to cook with sardines, we have you covered!

    This collection of easy Sardine Recipes includes a variety dishes made with this versatile fish, from classic Mediterranean preparations to some unique ideas you probably haven’t thought of.

    Cook your way through all of these great sardine recipes, and be sure to let us know your favorites!

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    Sardine Recipes:

    1. Greek-style Grilled Sardines

    You’ll love these Fresh Grilled Sardines, seasoned with zesty lemon and aromatic oregano, boasting a delicately charred skin and succulent flesh.

    Undoubtedly, this stands as the ultimate sardine feast!

    Get the Recipe @ realgreekrecipes

    2. Sardine Pasta with Lemon, Capers and Chili Flakes

    Here’s a simple, yet scrumptious and heart-healthy recipe for Mediterranean Sardine Pasta.

    This dish features a light lemon-infused olive oil sauce that beautifully complements the flavors of the sardines and pasta, creating a delightful and nutritious meal option.

    Get the Recipe @ toriavey

    3. Fisherman’s Sardine Stew

    Indulge in the delightful flavors of this Italian Fisherman’s Sardine Stew, crafted using pantry staples easily found in your kitchen.

    This simple yet comforting dish is a traditional Italian recipe that bursts with authentic Mediterranean flavors, perfect for a satisfying meal any time of the day.

    Get the Recipe @ craftycookingmama

    4. Sardine Sandwich

    This Sardine Sandwich is exceptionally delightful. For a convenient meal, assemble canned sardines, cilantro, and cucumber in a baguette.

    It gets elevated with Kewpie Mayonnaise and Maggi Seasoning.

    Get the Recipe @ onolicioushawaii

    5. Goan Sardine Curry

    This Goan sardine curry recipe is a breeze to whip up! Marinated sardines cooked in a zesty, spicy coconut-based curry.

    Don’t forget the rice or rotis!

    Get the Recipe @ rakshaskitchen

    6. Mediterranean Sardine Salad

    Crafted with wholesome, simple ingredients and drizzled with a vibrant homemade Dijon dressing, this Mediterranean White Bean and Sardine Salad is a delightful dish ready in just 15 minutes!

    Pair it with crusty bread for a truly satisfying meal any day.

    Get the Recipe @ themediterraneandish

    7. Brown Butter Omelet with Sardines

    Here’s a delightful brown butter omelet filled with a flavorful blend of King Oscar sardines, crisp fresh veggies like juicy tomatoes and vibrant spinach, all topped with gooey melted cheese.

    This scrumptious dish is the ultimate way to kickstart your day with a burst of savory goodness!

    Get the Recipe @ killingthyme

    8. Spanish Sardines in Tomato Sauce

    This delectable Spanish Sardines in Tomato Sauce is bursting with rich and vibrant flavors, making it a delightful culinary experience.

    Not only is it incredibly easy to prepare, but you’ll have it ready to enjoy in just about 20 minutes.

    Get the Recipe @ spainonafork

    9. Sardine Thoran (Indian Sardine Stir-fry)

    The combination of aromatic spices and creamy coconut go wonderfully with the sardines.

    This delightful thoran recipe offers a unique twist that may pleasantly surprise even those who usually shy away from sardines.

    Get the Recipe @ myheartbeets

    10. Fried Sardines With Parsley Caper Sauce

    In this recipe, sardines are fried crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, then presented alongside a zesty parsley sauce.

    Great party appetizer idea.

    Get the Recipe @ italianfoodforever

    11. Sardine Salad

    Elevate an often-overlooked ingredient to star status in a show-stopping salad!

    That humble can of sardines becomes the protein-packed hero of a dish bursting with flavor when combined with fragrant herbs and the perfect mix of ingredients.

    Get the Recipe @ thebonnyfig

    12. Sardine Fried Rice

    Sardine Fried Rice is a simple and flavorful family meal that can be effortlessly made in just one pan.

    This dish combines the rich flavors of slightly smoked canned sardines with tender fried rice and a colorful array of veggies, creating a wholesome and satisfying dish.

    Get the Recipe @ simplystacie

    13. Sardine Patties

    These flavorful pan-fried Sardine Patties are a delightful culinary creation.

    Perfectly seasoned and crisped to perfection, they can be enjoyed as a delectable appetizer to kick off a meal, a satisfying snack to curb your cravings, or a scrumptious side dish to complement any main course.

    Get the Recipe @ rotinrice

    14. Sardine Deviled Eggs

    These creamy deviled eggs with sardines are a healthy, quick and easy finger food. It’s the perfect recipe for a quick snack, or to serve at a picnic or potluck.

    Get the Recipe @ ahedgehoginthekitchen

    15. Sardine Bolognese

    This delectable Bolognese-style sardine pasta dish showcases the versatility of canned fish as the foundation for a sumptuous, robustly flavored sauce.

    It will become one of your favorite sardine recipes.

    Get the Recipe @ krumpli

    So there you go, fifteen great sardine recipes. The only question now is, which to try first?

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    15 BEST Sardine Recipes

    Discover a variety of delicious sardine recipes from Greek-style grilled sardines to sardine pasta and more!


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