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    The 20 BEST Sunny Side Up Egg Recipes

    If you want to perfect your sunny side up eggs technique, or are looking for some new ways to use them, you’ve come to the right place!

    This collection of Sunny Side Up Egg Recipes will give you plenty of unique cooking methods and culinary uses for them.

    As you will see from this sunny side up egg list, they are great for so much more than just breakfast. You can enjoy them any time of day!

    Go through all of these recipes for sunny side up eggs, and put those budget friendly orbs to use un your kitchen!

    The best sunny side up eggs.

    How to Cook Sunny Side Up Eggs:

    1. Pesto Eggs

    This is a simple, but incredibly tasty, breakfast that whips up in no time, if you already have some pesto handy. Give this novel breakfast a try, maybe you’ll love it as much as we do!

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    2. Shakshuka

    Shakshuka: so much more than your regular eggs! With so many flavors from the various herbs and spices, this Middle Eastern classic ranks very highly on the egg pecking order!

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    3. Loco Moco

    Loco Moco, one of the popular dishes out of Hawaii. It’s nothing but three layers – rice, hamburger patty, and an egg smothered in a savory gravy. Sound interesting? Its absolute treat. Another any time meal…

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    4. How to Make Perfect Sunny Side Up Egg

    Making perfect sunny side up eggs every single time is a breeze if you follow this tried-and-true method. No fancy equipment or special ingredients, just olive oil, eggs and a good nonstick pan is all you need to start a day with those perfect eggs.

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    5. Huevos Rancheros

    A traditional Mexican breakfast dish made with fried corn tortillas, sunny side up eggs, ranchera salsa, beans, avocado, cheese, and salsa.

    Huevos Ranchero is quick and easy to whip up as you go on layering the ingredients. This one is MUST if you like Mexican flavors.

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    6. Sheet Pan Breakfast Potato Hash

    This sheet pan potato hash with eggs is an easy breakfast or brunch option to feed a large crowd. This pan is full of peppers, onions and potatoes along with sunny side up eggs. Yummy…

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    7. Puff Pastry Baked Eggs

    These baked eggs in puffed pastries can be the perfect start of some special day for your family. Crispy, flaky, buttery puff pastry is topped with egg and par-roasted veggies then baked to a soft-set perfection. This is going to impress your crowd.

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    8. Bacon Breakfast Pizza

    Start your day with a Pizza… It’s the easiest pizza for breakfast! Loaded with crisp bacon bits, eggs and mozzarella cheese. It’s breakfast at its best! Perfect for weekend family fun.

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    9. Breakfast Tostadas

    Another Mexican breakfast idea… Crispy baked corn tortillas top with refried beans and sunny side up eggs, sprinkled with fresh pico de gallo. These tostadas would be so much fun to dig in to.

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    10. Sheet Pan Egg-in-a-Hole

    Turn regular breakfast items into a fun and impressive breakfast with this Sheet Pan Egg in a Hole recipe.

    Using Eggs, bacon, and toast, this breakfast is a hands off way to make an enjoyable family breakfast! Time to wow your friends and family.

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    11. Croque Madame

    The Croque Madame sandwich is a variation on the famous Croque Monsieur, but the Croque Madame is topped with a sunny side up egg, making it more dramatic and absolutely delicious. 

    This French Bistro classic sandwich is an indulgent meal fit for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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    12. Steak & Eggs

    One of our favorites on this eggelicious list is something that’s fit for the King. Perfect for weekend breakfast or brunches or feeding the crowd or special days like Valentine’s or anniversaries. Treat them with this hearty and yummy steak and egg breakfast.

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    13. Banh Mi Breakfast Tacos

    How about popular Banh Mi flavors in tacos topped with sunny side up eggs? If you are a taco fan, fold it with eggs along with slow cooked pulled pork or brisket and top it with all your favorite toppings. This is what weekend breakfasts or brunches are made up of.

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    14. Avocado Egg Breakfast Toast

    Everyone’s favorite avocado toast gets an upgrade with perfectly cooked sunny side up eggs. So delicious and so fulfilling. Make this breakfast when you have good old ripe avocados in your fruit basket.

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    15. Hummus Toast & Sunny Side Up Eggs

    This hummus toast with sunny side up eggs is huge breakfast upgrade. Make this sumptuous breakfast of roasted sweet potato hash and sunny side up eggs over hummus toast.

    Get the Recipe @ caitsplate

    16. Chilaquiles Rojos

    This Mexican breakfast classic can be devoured any time of the day. Chilaquiles Rojos is made with corn tortillas loaded with salsa and served with sunny side up eggs, beans, avocados and cheese.

    Get the Recipe @ thewanderlustkitchen

    17. Kimchi Fried Rice

    Try making fried rice Korean style. Loaded with kimchi, mushrooms, carrots, kale and a fried egg! How cool. Great for Kimchi lovers…

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    18. Twice Baked Breakfast Potatoes

    Sunny side eggs, crispy bacon and melted cheese, all loaded in perfectly baked potatoes. People are going to be amazed at how delicious baked potatoes can be.

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    19. Sunny Side Pepper Eggs

    These sunny side pepper eggs are fun way to start your day, especially for your kids. Use multi colored peppers for beautiful looking sunny side up eggs on your plate.

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    20. Sweet Potato Hash with Sausages and Eggs

    Sweet Potato Hash loaded with sausages and eggs is a complete nutritious and sumptuous breakfast meant for lazy weekends. Make the most of your sunny side eggs up by cracking them straight into your hash.

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    So there you go, twenty great ways to cook sunny side up eggs. Which will make it into your regular rotation?

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    The 20 BEST Sunny Side Up Egg Recipes

    This collection of recipes will show you so many different cooking methods and uses for Sunny Side Up Eggs.


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