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    The 45 BEST Breakfast Ideas

    If you’re looking for a delicious way to start your morning, you’ve come to the right place!

    This collection of forty five tasty, yet easy, Breakfast Ideas has just about anything you could be craving for your first meal of the day.

    From sweet to savory, you’ll find it all here. Whether you’re feeling eggy, in the mood for pancakes, biscuits and gravy, muffins, waffles, a smoothie or any other classic, all of the best breakfast recipes are here!

    Go through all of these awesome recipes, and be sure to save this page, so you never have to wonder “what to make for breakfast?” again!

    The 45 BEST Easy Breakfast Ideas.

    The BEST Breakfast Ideas:

    1. Denver Omelette

    We’re starting this list with one hearty breakfast from the West… Denver Omelette! Also known as Western Omelette, this one is loaded with not only ham and cheese but plenty of veggies. Now who wouldn’t want to start the day with such a colorful and delicious treat first thing in the morning?

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    2. Dutch Baby (German Pancakes)

    Dutch baby, also known as German pancakes, are next up on our list! They taste like pancakes in crepe form. They have a custard-like center and crispy tall edges. Perfect for crepe and German pancake lovers!

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    3. Mediterranean Omelette

    Add some Mediterranean flair to your breakfast rotation with this easy and tasty Mediterranean Omelette! Beautiful in its simplicity and fresh flavors, this is a breakfast you’ll keep coming back to. One of our favorite breakfast ideas!

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    4. Tex-Mex Migas

    Kickstart your day with Migas!! This quick scrambled egg recipe with roots in the Mexican breakfast scene gets a Tex-Mex twist, turning into a great morning treat. 

    Crispy fried tortilla strips get tossed with fluffy scrambled eggs, then all get vibrant toppings of fresh Pico de Gallo, avocado and shredded cheese. 

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    5. Eggs in Purgatory

    Just a little bit more ingredients and efforts can take your basic scrambled eggs from regular to stunning and delicious. Serve them on English muffins topped with goat cheese and arugula… Simply fabulous.

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    6. Eggs Cochon

    Eggs Cochon is an amazing benedict variation out of New Orleans. A fluffy buttermilk biscuit is topped with Cajun pulled pork, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Pure heaven!

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    7. Sausage Gravy

    Who wouldn’t like some creamy, delicious gravy doused with plenty of sausages over some fresh hot biscuits? This gravy happens only in 20 minutes. One of our favorite sausage recipes, this is a classic comfort breakfast.

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    8. Breakfast Tacos

    How about you start your day with tacos? Any taco lover would vouch for this, big time. These healthy breakfast tacos have delicious, perfectly scrambled, eggs and sausages over warm tortillas along with yummy tomato salsa. Don’t forget a few slices of avocado and you have a taco start of the day…

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    9. Shakshuka

    Shakshuka – So much more than your regular eggs! With so much flavor from the herbs and spices, this Middle Eastern classic will become your favorite in no time. Keep that crusty bread ready to scoop out this deliciousness. This is one of our go-to breakfast ideas!

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    10. Corned Beef Hash

    This easy Corned Beef Hash recipe is the perfect use for your St. Patrick’s Day leftovers, and is equally great for breakfast or dinner.

    Here tender corned beef is combined with fluffy potatoes, caramelized onions – all perfectly sautéed together until extra crispy!

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    11. Egg Bhurji

    Egg Bhurji is India’s take on scrambled eggs, only better! Because this version is spicy, garlicky and buttery. Jazz up the eggs with Indian herbs and spices. Have it with toast lathered with plenty of butter… Yum.

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    12. Mushroom, Spinach and Egg Breakfast Skillet

    If your breakfast table needs sprucing up, try this fresh and exciting breakfast skillet. It’s tasty, packed with nutrients and it’s even keto friendly. This is your sunny side up with a twist! 

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    13. Bubble and Squeak

    Bubble and Squeak is a classic and quintessential British dish that has its origins in 18th century England. It is a brilliant example of culinary ingenuity, transforming leftovers into a delightful and satisfying meal.

    Traditionally made with the remnants of a Sunday Roast dinner or Christmas dinner, specifically roasted potatoes and a mix of vegetables like peas, carrots, and cabbage, this dish is pan-fried until the ingredients combine into a crispy, golden delight.

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    14. Scrambled Eggs on English Muffins

    Just a little bit more ingredients and efforts can take your basic scrambled eggs from regular to stunning and delicious. Serve them on English muffins topped with goat cheese and arugula… Simply fabulous!

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    15. Cheese Grits

    Grits are a classic Southern breakfast food. They’re great alongside your favorite eggs, or top them with plump shrimp for a true Lowcountry treat!

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    16. Menemen (Turkish Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes)

    You’ll love this easy menemen, Turkey’s popular egg recipe. Menemen is made up of soft, perfectly scrambled eggs with tomatoes, peppers, and onions!

    This simple one-pan dish comes together in 20 minutes or less, and makes the perfect breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just add your favorite crusty bread to serve along!

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    17. Welsh Rarebit

    This British classic will be a staple in your kitchen. Breakfast? Snack? Dinner? You are all set if you have this pile of cheesy goodness ready!

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    18. Crustless Ham and Swiss Quiche

    Quiche – that fluffy, delicious and elegant staple of French cuisine. So versatile in filling variations. Try this ham, Swiss and zucchini combo. Oh, and this is one crustless too…

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    19. Mayak Eggs (Korean Marinated Eggs)

    These marinated eggs, Mayak Eggs, are a big hit in Korea. Now you can discover these amazingly addictive little morsels! Soft boiled eggs marinated overnight in seasoned soy sauce with Asian aromatics, you would be so eager first thing in the morning to bite into one. If you’re a fan of boiled eggs, this is a MUST TRY for you.

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    20. Overnight Oats

    Overnight oats are a super easy and healthy make ahead breakfast. Just five minutes of prep time, then they can keep in the fridge for up to five days. Make a whole week’s worth and your breakfasts are ready to grab!

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    21. Steak & Eggs

    Here’s a recipe that’s fit for the King. Perfect for weekend breakfast or brunches or feeding the crowd or special days like Valentine’s or anniversaries. Treat them with this hearty and yummy steak and egg breakfast.

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    22. Salted Caramel Banana Nut French Toast Casserole

    A quick and easy overnight banana nut French toast layered with salted caramel and pecans. You can assemble this ahead of time and bake it fresh for breakfast or brunch! It’s topped with cinnamon streusel and it tastes just like homemade banana bread!

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    23. Beignets

    If you’ve never had a beignet, you’re in for a real treat. These famous New Orleans creations are like freshly cooked doughnuts without the hole, and loaded up with powdered sugar. Even if you’re not in NoLa, you can easily make them right in your own home!

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    24. Breakfast Crunchwrap

    This overstuffed, browned tortilla crunch wrap is a dream innovation. Crispy hash brown with scrambled eggs and sausage, layered with creamy melted cheese all wrapped in a tortilla, grilled to golden brown perfection. You end up with a warm, gooey, hearty and delicious breakfast in your hand.

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    25. Overnight Cinnamon Apple French Toast Bake

    How exciting it would be to wake up to this casserole with a nice cup of coffee? Prepare it the night before and simply pop it in the oven next day. This casserole is made with tender cinnamon apples nestled in brioche bread cubes, soaked in maple syrup with pockets of a gooey cream cheese filling. All topped perfectly with toasted pecans for added crunch. I bet you can’t wait to dig in.

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    26. Nutella Stuffed Pancakes

    If you’re in the mood for something a bit more dessert, then these pancakes are perfect for you! They are stuffed with Nutella, are pillowy soft, and have strawberries on top for some added freshness. These pancakes are a stack of irresistibleness!

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    27. Homemade Waffles

    Homemade waffles are a great way to start the day. Top them with butter and syrup or fresh fruit and whipped cream. That’s one perfect breakfast idea!

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    28. Smoked Salmon Breakfast Casserole

    A hearty and filling smoked salmon breakfast casserole is loaded with sliced potatoes, smoked salmon and speckled with goat cheese and herbs. Perfect to serve at your weekend brunch guests or to meal prep for the week!

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    29. Chocolate Chip Muffins

    Muffins are always a great treat, but when you add chocolate chips to the mix, it really takes things over the top! They are loved by all ages, from kids to adults. They are light and tender, studded with plenty of chocolate chips, then finished off with a sprinkle of sugar.

    These muffins are great for breakfast or a quick grab and go snack, any time of the day.

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    30. Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    Smoothies are one of the one of the easiest and healthiest breakfasts you can make. With 3 ingredients and a blender, you can make this at home in just 5 minutes. This is a classic favorite flavor combination. Kids and adults alike will love this delicious smoothie recipe!

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    31. Breakfast Burrito

    Burrito time in the morning! This burrito is loaded to the max with the all kinds of Mexican flavors. Flour tortillas are layered with hearty scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, well seasoned chorizo sausage, flavorful Mexican cheese, fresh pico de gallo and creamy avocados. Does breakfast get any better?

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    32. Banana Pancakes

    Using only the freshest, most ripe bananas, these banana pancakes are soft, moist, fluffy, and use batter that you can easily make ahead. Most of the sweetness comes from the bananas, so they don’t use too much sugar.

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    33. Homemade Granola

    Granola is a great make ahead breakfast option. It’s full of nutritious ingredients, and is great for simple munching or with milk. Plus, it lasts up to a month when stored in an airtight container!

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    34. Croissant Breakfast Casserole with Berries

    Think of all the special days where you can whip up this casserole for your loved ones. Flaky croissants baked in a sweet egg custard, soaking up the rich, creamy goodness in all of their buttery layers.

    Plenty of fresh raspberries and blueberries add a bright, colorful and delicious touch, while hints of orange and nutmeg in the background truly set this dish apart. Huge applaud from the crowd or your loved ones.

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    35. Bacon Breakfast Pizza

    Your mornings just got better. It’s the easiest pizza for breakfast! Loaded with crisp bacon bits, eggs and mozzarella cheese. It’s breakfast at its best! Perfect for a weekend family fun.

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    36. Sausage Breakfast Casserole

    This hearty breakfast casserole will feed a large crowd. It’s made with eggs, hot Italian sausage, cubed hash browns, onions, peppers, mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese. It’s as easy as mixing all the ingredients after cooking the sausage with veggies and popping it in the oven. Easy, without much efforts.

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    37. Sheet Pan Egg-in-a-Hole

    Turn regular breakfast items into a fun and impressive breakfast with this Sheet Pan Egg in a Hole recipe. Using Eggs, bacon, and toast, this breakfast is a hands off way to make an enjoyable family breakfast! Time to wow your friends and family with this unique breakfast idea.

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    38. Breakfast Tostadas

    Crispy baked corn tortillas top with refried beans, fried eggs or scrambled eggs, sprinkled with fresh pico de gallo. These tostadas would be so much fun to dig in to. You’re going to love these breakfast tostadas.

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    39. Country Ham with Red Eye Gravy

    Country ham with red eye gravy is a Southern favorite. The salty ham gives great flavor to the gravy, and all pairs beautifully with freshly baked biscuits. No need to head to Cracker Barrel when you can make it so easily in your own kitchen!

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    40. Huevos Rancheros

    A traditional Mexican breakfast dish made with fried corn tortillas, fried egg, ranchera salsa, beans, avocado, cheese, and salsa. Huevos Ranchero is quick and easy to whip up as you go on layering the ingredients. This one is MUST if you like Mexican flavors.

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    41. Mexican Breakfast Casserole

    Mexican Breakfast Casserole is an overnight breakfast casserole, packed with flavor from salty, juicy chorizo, creamy eggs, and gooey cheese! Topped with fresh pico de gallo and avocado, it makes an amazing breakfast.

    Get the Recipe @ thegraciouswife

    42. Breakfast Grilled Cheese

    Have you ever considered making grilled cheese with eggs? It’s never too late for this delicious treat first thing in the morning. These toasties are packed with bacon, egg, sausage and cheese. You are going to love this new twist on your grilled cheese…

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    43. Spanish Omelette (Spanish Tortilla)

    Upgrade your omelette the Spanish way. Crispy, fried potatoes and eggs make up this popular Spanish Omelette (Tortilla), which has recently become one of our favorite breakfast ideas.

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    44. Berry Smoothie

    This smoothie has a variety of fresh berries blended with milk, yogurt, and chia seeds. It’s packed with antioxidants, but it tastes absolutely delicious!

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    45. Blueberry Muffins

    There’s nothing like Blueberry Muffins fresh and hot out of the oven. They are studded with blueberries all over. They will become favorites in your house in no time! Perfect companion for that hot cup of a tea or coffee.

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    46. Homemade Breakfast Sausage

    You would be surprised how easy it is to make your very own sausage patties at home. You can make a big batch as they freeze great. That’s right, this is a great meal prep idea for breaky time.

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    47. Frittata

    Frittatas can be an any time of the day meal. They are not only great for breakfast and brunch, but can end up as a very hearty and fulfilling dinner. This one turns out very flavorful, moist and loaded with veggies Yummm…

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    48. Mini Pancakes Cereal

    If you can’t decide between pancakes or cereal, then this recipe has you covered! A popular new trend, this recipe is a cereal that’s made of cute and tiny little pancakes. How fun!

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    So there you go, forty five incredible breakfast ideas for you to make. So, are you going sweet or savory this morning?

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    The 45 BEST Breakfast Ideas

    From sweet to savory, this collection of easy Breakfast Ideas will help you start your mornings off right! We love this quick breakfast skillet:


    • 4 eggs
    • 8 oz mushrooms
    • 4 cups fresh spinach
    • 2 cloves garlic
    • 1/2 tsp dried thyme
    • 1/2 tsp red chili flakes
    • 1 Tbsp olive oil
    • 1.5 Tbsp butter, divided
    • Salt and pepper to taste


    1. Heat olive oil and 1 Tbsp butter in 8" skillet over medium high heat.
    2. Slice mushrooms and add to skillet. Cook 3-4 minutes then add chopped garlic, thyme, and red chili flakes, along with salt and pepper to taste. Cook until soft and all juices from mushrooms have evaporated.
    3. Add spinach, 1 cup at a time. As it wilts, add more until all is in the skillet and wilted.
    4. Using a spoon, make four depressions in the mushroom spinach mix. Divide remaining butter into each well. Crack one egg into each well. Reduce heat to medium low, cover and cook until eggs are done to your preferred consistency.
    5. Serve with nice bread!


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