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    The 35 BEST Fish Recipes

    Wondering what to cook with fish tonight? You’ve come to the right place!

    We’ve compiled this list of thirty five easy Fish Recipes for you to try. From quick weeknight dinners to fancy special occasion meals (and some that count as both!), there are so many ways to cook your favorite fish!

    You’ll find fish recipes that work for a variety of species, as well as some that are more specific, such as recipes for snapper, grouper, salmon, cod and more.

    Cook your way through all of these great fish recipes, you’re sure to find some new family favorites. Have fun!

    The 35 BEST Fish Recipes.

    1. Mediterranean Fish with Tapenade

    Starting off this list is one of our favorite fish recipes, our own Mediterranean Fish. The fish is pan seared and topped with a tomato and olive tapenade. It’s so good!

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    2. Baja Fish Tacos

    It’s taco time! These Fish Tacos feature perfectly seasoned fish, Mexican fixings, and an amazingly tasty homemade taco sauce. So good!

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    3. Salmon Pasta

    This Salmon Pasta is absolutely divine, loaded with amazing flavors that come from perfectly roasted salmon. All ready in about 30 minutes!

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    4. Baked Salmon with Mango Salsa

    This easy recipe features spicy-limey salmon which blends perfectly with the sweetness of fresh mango salsa. It’s a tropical delight!

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    5. Moqueca

    Now, this one is special… Moqueca is a marvelously tasty Brazilian seafood stew, with a decadent coconut milk base.

    Simple ingredients like tomatoes, peppers and pantry staple seasonings, along with a squeeze of lime at the end, all come together to create magic.

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    6. Firecracker Salmon

    If you’re looking for a new recipe to really jazz up your salmon, this is it! It’s salty, it’s sweet, and it’s a little bit spicy! Firecracker salmon just may become one of your new go-to recipes.

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    7. Psari Plaki

    This Greek baked fish, Psari Plaki, is a great addition to your recipe collection. Flaky fish with light, fresh and vibrant Mediterranean flavors.

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    8. Maple Pecan Salmon

    Sweet, salty, buttery, crunchy and just a tad bit spicy. This maple pecan salmon is a great for a quick weeknight dinner, but can also impress your guests! 

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    9. Bahamian Boiled Fish

    Hearty, flaky fish simmered in a delicious broth with potatoes, onions, tons of lime juice and a bit of hot kick. This is classic island comfort food!

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    10. Tuna Tataki Bowl

    This quick and easy Albacore Tuna Tataki Bowl is full of your favorite Asian flavors. Skip the sushi restaurant and make this great meal in your own home!

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    11. Beer Battered Fish Tacos

    Our Beer Battered Fish Tacos are the best ever! I mean, what’s not to love? Extra crispy fried white fish gets wrapped up in everyone’s favorite handheld meal. You just can’t beat them!

    One bite into these deliciously crunchy tacos and we bet you won’t be able to stop. They’re that addictive.

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    12. Salmon Burger

    This easy Salmon Burgers recipe is a winner! These burgers are not only healthy, but they’re also unbelievably delicious. 

    They’re great for a weeknight dinner, or to impress guests. And you can easily prep them ahead of time, so all they need is a quick sear or grill and dinner is on the table in no time.

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    13. Baked Sockeye Salmon

    This easy Baked Sockeye Salmon recipe is perfect for a quick and easy dinner, or company meal!

    It’s brushed with a honey mustard glaze that perfectly compliments the natural flavor of the fish, then baked in foil to keep the flesh moist, and for easy cleanup.

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    14. Fish en Papillote

    This Fish en Papillote recipe may sound fancy, but it may be the easiest dinner ever!

    Loaded with fresh veggies and herbs, this Mediterranean inspired fish recipe may be the perfect light summertime meal.

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    15. Fish and Chips

    Here’s a true classic… Fish and Chips! This crispy combination of beer battered fish with chips is a favorite in British pubs and the world over. Serve it with tartar sauce, lemon and, to keep that British authenticity, malt vinegar.

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    16. Garlic Butter Baked Fish

    This Garlic Butter Baked Fish is a great busy weeknight option. Take you basic fish fillet, slather it with garlic butter, and bake. You can’t get much easier than that, plus it’s super tasty!

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    17. Grouper Reuben

    Your favorite Rueben sandwich with a twist! Broiled grouper, sauerkraut and homemade Russian dressing all loaded in between grilled rye bread. That sounds like the perfect lunch!

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    18. Spicy Fish Taco Bowls

    If you’re craving great Tex-Mex flavors, try these easy Spicy Fish Taco Bowls. They feature rice, beans, fish, avocado, corn and your choice of toppings.

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    19. Cioppino

    Cioppino is a hearty seafood stew, and it’s magnificent! You can make it with any kind of fish and shellfish you want, and when you combine a fish like snapper with the phenomenal herbs and spices, you’ll get a hearty and tasty meal!

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    20. Grilled Mahi Mahi with Avocado Salsa

    For a quick and easy fish dinner, try this grilled mahi mahi. It only takes about 20 minutes and comes with a fresh homemade avocado and mango salsa. YUM!

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    21. Fish Tikka Masala

    You had to know I would find a curry for this list! 🙂 This Fish Tikka Masala has a beautifully seasoned creamy sauce. Perfect atop a big pile of rice. YUMMM.

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    22. Fish Cakes

    These fish cakes are quick, easy and delicious. They only take 6 ingredients and can be baked or fried. Great appetizer for parties, or easy weeknight main.

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    23. Grilled Swordfish

    This swordfish is nicely marinated and then grilled to tender perfection. It’s a light, yet flavorful fish recipe that goes with a variety of sides.

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    24. Ceviche

    Ceviche is a famous Latin appetizer of raw fish soaked in citrus juice. This recipe also features onions, tomatoes, avocado and cilatro. Make sure you have plenty of tortillas for scooping!

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    25. Fish Chowder

    This fish chowder is a great winter warmer. Chunks of fish and potatoes in a delicious creamy base loaded with bacon. Great with some nice crusty bread.

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    26. Mediterranean Salmon Lettuce Wraps

    For a light, low carb dinner that’s still fun to eat, try these salmon lettuce wraps. Strips of fish, cooked Mediterranean style tucked in tender lettuce leaves along with tomato avocado onion salsa. All in about 20 minutes!

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    27. Whole Roast Snapper with Chimichurri

    This whole roast snapper with chimichurri is absolutely fantastic! The chimichurri sauce is like a pesto with a bunch of fresh greens, garlic, and onions, and it pairs perfectly with the roasted snapper. It’s a great way to utilize delicious herbs.

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    28. Pan-Seared Fish in White Wine Tomato Basil Sauce

    Fish in White Wine Tomato Basil Sauce is a super easy and super delicious recipe. The flavors all blend together beautifully, for a dish worthy of a fancy restaurant, but simple enough for busy weeknights.

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    29. Fish Vera Cruz

    Fish Veracruz is a great way to add some Latin flavors to your seafood night. Fish fillets are simmered in a tomato based sauce enhanced by Mexican spices, olives and capers. This easy meal is packed with flavors!

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    30. Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks

    These seared ahi tuna steaks may be the quickest fish recipe yet! They have great Asian flavors and can be made in as little as six minutes!

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    31. Teriyaki Salmon

    Somehow salmon and umami-sweet Asian flavors seem the perfect marriage. This sheet pan teriyaki salmon has your favorite fish and tons of veggies drenched in a delightful teriyaki glaze. Perfect.

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    32. Mahi Mahi with Balsamic Tomato Salad

    Here’s a super easy and super flavorful fish recipe! This mahi mahi can either be grilled or pan seared and is topped with a fresh tomato balsamic salad. This is a great summertime meal!

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    33. Snapper Livornese

    Looking for a fish that’s fragrant and flavorful? Look no further than this spectacular snapper livornese. It’s made with olives, capers, and a tasty light tomato sauce. It’s so good, it might impress even the people who don’t like seafood!

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    34. Jerk Salmon Bowl

    Hey mon! This jerk salmon bowl is loaded with great Caribbean flavors, rice, black beans, fresh mango and plenty of cilantro. This is one tropical treat!

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    35. Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Salmon

    Lately I have become a big fan of any recipe that has “Tuscan” in the name, and this one is no exception. Perfectly cooked salmon in a creamy parmesan sauce enhanced with sundried tomatoes and spinach. YUM!

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    So there you go, thirty five amazing fish recipes for you to try. Which one will you cook first?

    Pin or bookmark this collection so you always know where to find it. And be sure to subscribe to the GypsyPlate mailing list, we’re always cooking up new recipes for you!

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    The 35 BEST Fish Recipes

    This collection of easy Fish Recipes includes plenty of easy weeknight dinners and special occasion meals! This Mediterranean recipe works with many types of fish:


    • 1 lb fish
    • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
    • 1/4 tsp paprika
    • 2 cloves garlic
    • 1.5 cup cherry tomatoes
    • 1/2 cup jarred roasted red peppers
    • 1/2 cup black olives
    • 1/4 cup green olives
    • 1/4 cup capers
    • 1 lemon, half squeezed and half for garnish
    • 2 sprigs of rosemary
    • 7-8 sprigs of thyme
    • 3-4 sprigs of oregano
    • 2 Tbsp flour
    • Salt to taste
    • Pepper to taste



    1. Start by finely chopping olives, capers, roasted red peppers and garlic. Halve the cherry tomatoes. Finely chop fresh herbs.
    2. Heat all of olive oil, except for 2-3 tablespoons, in a pan over medium heat. Add in cherry tomato halves and garlic and give it a good stir. Cook till the garlic starts getting aromatic, about two minutes. Stir in chopped roasted bell peppers and cook for 1-2 minutes. Mix in the chopped herbs. Give it a mix. Add chopped olives and capers and cook for a couple more minutes. Stir in a splash of lemon juice and drizzle a little bit more olive oil.


    1. Season fish with paprika, fresh cracked pepper and salt on both sides. and then dust it lightly with flour on both sides.
    2. Heat the remaining oil in a skillet over medium high heat. Add fish and cook 10 minutes per inch thickness, turning halfway through.
    3. Plate the fish and top it generously with prepared tapenade. Garnish with some more fresh herbs and lemon wedges.


    1. Let me know which recipes you try, I love hearing from you!

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