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    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners

    Sometimes you just want to cook something quick. Those hectic weeknights when you need food on the table but don’t have the time or energy for something elaborite.

    This collection of Quick Dinners is going to be your savior on those busy days. Sure, it might be tempting to order takeout, but you can have something much tastier and more nutritious whipped up in no time.

    From easy skillet meals and speedy soups, to stir frys and tacos, you’ll find plenty of great dinners that hardly take any time at all.

    Cook your way through the quick and tasty list. I’m sure some of these are going to become your new regulars…

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners.

    1. Gorgonzola Portobello Steak Skillet

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - gorgonzola steak skillet.

    We are starting this list with something very quick and tasty. This Gorgonzola Portobello Steak Skillet is sure to become a new family favorite. It’s a super easy restaurant quality meal that is an absolute flavor bomb!

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    2. Creamy Pesto Chicken Skillet

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - creamy pesto chicken.

    This creamy pesto chicken skillet is a great weeknight dinner recipe. It happens super quick, 3O minutes quick! Tender chicken and loads of veggies in a delicious creamy pesto sauce. YUM!

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    3. Shrimp Saganaki (Greek Shrimp with Tomatoes & Feta)

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - shrimp saganaki.

    This classic Greek dish has some incredible flavors with plump shrimp in a garlicky, savory tomato sauce and finished off with salty feta cheese!

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    4. Albacore Tuna Tataki Bowl

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - albacore tuna bowl.

    This quick and easy Albacore Tuna Tataki Bowl is full of your favorite Asian flavors. Skip the sushi restaurant and make this great meal in your own home!

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    5. Thai Basil Chicken

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - Thai basil chicken.

    Are you looking for a really fast meal that’s really tasty? Not only is this Thai Basil Chicken (or Pad Krapow Gai) bursting with flavor, you can whip it up in 15 minutes or less. This might be your easiest recipe yet!

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    6. Mediterranean Zucchini Boats

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - Mediterranean zucchini boats.

    These Mediterranean Zucchini Boats are stuffed with herb seasoned ground beef and garnished with cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and feta. They’re a light and fresh version of this low carb favorite.

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    7. Portuguese Mussels (Moules à la Portugaise)

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - Portuguese mussels.

    These Portuguese mussels are packed with flavor. They’re look so fancy they make a great special occasion meal, but are so easy they’re perfect for any weeknight!

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    8. Garlic Butter Steak Bites

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - steak bites.

    Take your beef to a new level with these tasty pan seared garlic butter steak bites. Perfectly cooked bite sized morsels of tender steak drenched in garlicky butter.

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    9. Easy Cheesy Taco Skillet

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - taco skillet.

    This quick & easy taco skillet is loaded with flavors and topped with melty cheese. It’s a great weeknight meal or Game Day crowd pleaser.

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    10. Easy Pork Carnitas

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - carnitas.

    Missing some chipotle? No problem… Make your own pork carnitas in 30 minutes. So easy and so good. Serve then in tacos or burrito bowls. You can choose any of your favorite toppings.

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    11. Easy Creamy Chicken Skillet

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - easy creamy chicken skillet.

    This creamy chicken skillet is your weekday best friend. It’s super easy , it’s super tasty and it’s a low carb bomb. Start to finish in 30 minutes, this just may become a new staple in your rotation.

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    12. Flank Steak Fajitas

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - fajitas.

    These flank steak fajitas are the perfect easy option when that Mexican food craving hits. Perfectly marinated, melt in your mouth tender beef strips with colorful peppers. You’re in for a fun meal with this one!

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    13. Gambas al Ajillo (Spanish Garlic Shrimp)

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - Spanish garlic shrimp.

    How does a sizzling platter of garlicky, seafoody goodness sound? Grab some crusty bread for sopping and whip up this famous Spanish tapa, Gambas al Ajillo in your very own kitchen! This is one of our go to quick dinners.

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    14. Black Pepper Chicken

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - black pepper chicken.

    Looking for an easy restaurant style meal in less than 30 minutes? This crispy, sticky, saucy chicken is your answer. You can customize it with whatever veggies you have on hand, or even swap the protein for pork or beef.

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    15. Sheet Pan Shrimp Tacos

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - sheet pan shrimp tacos.

    Crave some tacos on weeknights when you come home from work? Why not? These sheet pan shrimp tacos are the easiest and fastest to come on your table… in less than 30 minutes. The shrimp is roasted with just the right spices and then you can stuff them in your tacos with any of your favorite toppings.

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    16. Chili Mac and Cheese

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - chili mac and cheese.

    How about a fusion of two comfort foods? Chili and Mac & Cheese… There you go. Whip up this meal in under 20 minutes with ground beef, pasta, beans, canned tomatoes with a few spices and all topped with some cheese. Great meal that everybody in the family will enjoy.

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    17. Thai Red Curry Chicken and Vegetables

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - Thai red curry.

    The restaurant worthy Thai curry is very much possible to make in your very kitchen in just 30 minutes. It’s creamy and bursting with all the flavors. Great chicken and veggie curry meal over a plateful of rice.

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    18. Dan Dan Noodles

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - dan dan noodles.

    Do you like spicy Asian food? Then don’t miss this Dan Dan Noodles. Very popular Sichuan street food is all about noodles served with crispy pork in a spicy and savory sauce. There is bok choy on the side and crunchy crushed peanut on top. Yum… get those chopsticks ready!

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    19. Easy Creamy Chicken Marsala

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - chicken marsala.

    Cook this restaurant favorite chicken with creamy mushroom sauce in about 30 minutes. So easy and so satisfying. Great meal to be enjoyed by everyone.

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    20. 15 Minute Chicken Pasta

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - chicken pasta.

    Life can’t get easier than this. Everyone’s favorite pasta meal is ready in just 15 minutes. Chicken and pasta in garlic tomato sauce with plenty of mozzarella and parm on top. Kiddies favorite, too…

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    21. Salmon with Garlic Cream Sauce

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - salmon in garlic cream sauce.

    Now dinner as fancy looking as this one can be pretty easy and quick too. Perfectly pan seared salmon in delicious garlicky cream sauce full of spinach. Now we are sure that piqued your interest.

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    22. Tortellini Soup with Sausage

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - tortellini soup.

    You can whip up a slurp worthy soup in about 30 minutes. This tortellini soup is a one pot meal full of sausage, beans, veggie and cheese tortellini. Perfect for chilly winter nights.

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    23. Easy Pepper Steak

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - pepper steak.

    Pepper steak… everyone’s favorite to order in Chinese restaurants. Now stir fry it in just 30 minutes in your very own kitchen. Thinly cooked flank steak is stir fried quickly with onion and colored bell peppers in a savory sauce. All you need is some rice to serve this with.

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    24. Homemade Crunch Wrap Supreme

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - crunchwrap.

    Want to keep it easy, yet fun on some bust weeknights? Try this Taco Bell copycat… Supreme crunch wrap. So much tastier and healthier than the restaurant.

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    25. Quick Asian Beef Ramen Noodles

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - beef ramen noodles.

    Stir fry ready in 15 minutes. Sounds like music to the ears. But these quick Asian beef ramen noodles are for real. Super tasty and super simple. So much fun slurping it till all finished.

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    26. Bruschetta Chicken Pasta

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - bruschetta chicken pasta.

    Now look at this pasta. All fresh and flavorful, ready in just 15 minutes. This Bruschetta Chicken pasta is a delicious meal with blistered tomatoes with balsamic chicken with basil and plenty of cheese. Yumm.

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    27. Creamy Shrimp Fettuccine Pasta

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - shrimp fettuccini.

    Looking for a quick shrimp meal on busy nights? Here is shrimp fettuccine Pasta in creamy sauce with spinach and cherry tomatoes. All so good. Who said quick dinners can’t be fancy?

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    28. Chicken and Broccoli

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - chicken and broccoli.

    Chicken and Broccoli, everyone’s answer for a quick meal. This can be done in 12 minutes, as the post claims. Now that’s a quick dinner! Delicious flavors with sauce made from simple pantry staples. Easy peasy.

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    29. Chicken Stroganoff

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - chicken stroganoff.

    This is a lighter version of classic stroganoff without compromising its classic flavors. Ready in 25 minutes, it’s one more option for busy weeknights.

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    30. Salisbury Steak

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners - salisbury steak.

    Now this one is an absolute TREAT. This meal is made up with a simple ground beef patty and a rich mushroom gravy. Delicious can be super easy. Serve it over mashed potatoes or pasta and you are set for one cozy comfort night.

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    See, tasty food can be so easy! Bookmark or pin this great collection of Quick Dinners for every time you need dinner on the table in a hurry.

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    Quick dinners.

    The 30 BEST Quick Dinners

    This collection of Quick Dinners is perfect for those times when you need dinner on the table in a flash. For a super quick start, try these 15 minutes steak bites:


    • 1.5 lbs steak, cut into bite sized pieces
    • 1 Tbsp olive oil
    • 6 Tbsp butter
    • 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped
    • 1/4 cup parsley, chopped
    • Salt & pepper to taste


      1. Heat oil in skillet over high heat. Once hot, add in steak bites and season with salt and pepper.
      2. Cook 2 minutes undisturbed. Stir and cook another 2-3 minutes. Remove to a plate.
      3. Reduce heat to medium and add butter to same pan. Once melted, add garlic and parsley and cook about a minute, stirring.
      4. Remove from heat. Add steak bites back into pan and toss well.


    1. Let me know which recipes you try, I love hearing from you!

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