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    The 35+ BEST Healthy Low Calorie Chicken Recipes

    Are you looking for some healthier dinner options that won’t break your diet? Chicken can be a delicious and nutritious choice, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

    Here, you will find lots of tasty Low Calorie Chicken Recipes that could become a staple on the menu in your home.

    With these delicious dishes, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing flavor or putting yourself off track with you goals.

    So whether you’re preparing meals for your family or cooking just for yourself tonight, try one of these delicious healthy low calorie chicken recipes!

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    Tips for Keeping it Low Cal

    • Choose the Right Cut: Go for chicken breast for the leanest option.
    • Marinate Wisely: Use citrus, herbs, and spices to add flavor without calories.
    • Use Cooking Spray: A light mist of olive oil spray can reduce calorie intake.
    • Grill or Bake: Skip the frying to keep things lean and mean.
    • Measure Your Oil: Use tablespoons to avoid extra calorie-laden drizzles.
    • Ditch the Skin: Remove the skin to eliminate unnecessary fats.
    • Make Your Own Rubs and Sauces: DIY to dodge hidden sugars and fats.
    • Portion Control: Stick to 3-4 oz servings to manage calorie intake.

    Low Calorie Chicken Recipes:

    1. Greek Chicken Souvlaki

    Greek Chicken Souvlaki is the perfect example of creating amazing flavors from simple ingredients.

    These skewers of healthy low-calorie chicken bites are marinated in a few simple ingredients. Then grill, bake or cook on your stovetop and in about 20 minutes of hands-on time your souvlaki is done!

    Serve stuffed in pitas or with your favorite Mediterranean sides.

    Get the Recipe: Greek Chicken Souvlaki

    2. Thai Cashew Chicken

    This Thai Cashew Chicken is a must-try recipe as it’s super easy to make and full of delicious flavors and amazing textures.

    You’ll only need to do the chopping, mixing, a quick stirring and this healthy, low calorie dish is ready to serve.

    This stir-fry is faster than a speeding take out guy, so give it a try!

    Get the Recipe: Thai Cashew Chicken

    3. Sheet Pan Chicken

    Whenever you want a fuss-free dinner, keep this Sheet Pan Chicken recipe super handy. It’s quick, it’s easy and there’s almost no clean-up!

    In this healthy low calorie dish, the chicken bites and your favorite veggies are seasoned with zesty herb marinade. Spread on your sheet pan and let your oven work it’s magic.

    Plus, you can easily customize this recipe and make it your own. Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe: Sheet Pan Chicken

    4. Crockpot Buffalo Chicken

    This Crockpot Buffalo Chicken is the ultimate dump-and-go recipe. It’s perfectly spicy and full of big flavors that will be a hit at home or at your neighborhood get togethers.

    All you’ll need for this delicious dish are 5 easy ingredients and your trusty crockpot to create this yummy comfort food.

    And there’s no need for your gang to know that it’s actually healthy and low calorie!

    Get the Recipe: Crockpot Buffalo Chicken

    5. Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

    Looking for an easy, quick, and economical meal to feed a large crowd? Then try these fantastic Teriyaki Chicken Skewers.

    The homemade marinade in this healthy recipe is what gives the chicken such amazing flavors. Just skewer your marinated chicken, cook it to juicy perfection and enjoy.

    Serve as an appetizer or with rice and sides for a delicious low calorie meal.

    Get the Recipe: Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

    6. Tomato Basil Chicken

    For your busy weeknights, try this healthy, delicious Tomato Basil Chicken recipe. You can have it on the table in 30 minutes and spend more time with the family!

    This quick and easy dish is filled with yummy, sweet tangy flavors along with the freshness of basil. Pair with a side of your favorite pasta or rice and a crusty loaf of rustic bread for dipping.

    Get the Recipe: Tomato Basil Chicken

    7. Chicken Caesar Salad

    Today we are going to tell you how to transform the humble salad into a full-fledged meal: the Chicken Caesar Salad. This dish has the lightness of a salad with the heartiness of a main course. 

    Crisp romaine lettuce along with savory parmesan cheese, and crunchy croutons lay the foundation. Adding perfectly seasoned and cooked chicken breast elevates this classic salad into a satisfying meal that’s both easy to make and a joy to eat.

    Get the Recipe: Chicken Caesar Salad

    8. Chicken Lettuce Wraps (PF Chang Inspired)

    These Chicken Lettuce Wraps are the perfect low-carb, low-calorie meal that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating. And we guarantee that they aren’t your everyday wraps. They’re bursting with amazing Asian flavors and are super healthy too!

    Try this fun family meal with your kids, as a party appetizer or at a neighborhood potluck.

    Get the Recipe: Chicken Lettuce Wraps

    9. Chicken Chapli Kababs

    A staple in the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and India, these healthy Chicken Chapli Kababs are loaded with tons of flavors and amazing aromas.

    These popular kababs are made with ground meat mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes, green chilis, ginger, garlic, and spices. Form into a disk shape and fry in a skillet till they’re golden brown.

    Serve as an appetizer with a green chutney or as a main with rice and nan or roti.

    Get the Recipe: Chapli Kababs

    10. Chicken Shawarma

    Make an iconic Middle Eastern street food at home with our Chicken Shawarma recipe.

    This super easy chicken dish is marinated in a vibrant and aromatic spiced marinade. It cooks in about 20 minutes and can be grilled, baked, or cooked on your stove top.

    Make a big batch of this healthy, low calorie dish as it’s ideal for meal prep too.

    Get the Recipe: Chicken Shawarma

    11. Chicken Larb (Thai Larb Gai)

    Chicken Larb, an authentic Thai chicken salad, is not your usual bland chicken salad. It’s a delicious high protein salad that’s packed with incredible flavors and textures.

    In this dish, ground chicken is mixed cilantro, mint, fish sauce, lime juice, and Thai chili flakes. Toasted rice powder is added and will give the chicken a nice crunch. Stir fry the chicken for 10 minutes and garnish with cucumber, julienned carrots, lime wedges and lettuce leaves.

    Try this healthy low-calorie salad for your family and enjoy.

    Get the Recipe: Chicken Larb

    12. Caldo de Pollo (Mexican Chicken Soup)

    Caldo de Pollo is Mexico’s version of chicken soup and is the ultimate Spanish comfort food.

    Loaded with lots of veggies and chicken, the simplicity of ingredients and their flavors makes this soup special. And it’s healthy and nutritious, making for the perfect meal. Serve with a rustic loaf of bread to soak up the amazing broth.

    Make a big pot and freeze your leftovers for another day. Enjoy!

    Get the Recipe: Caldo De Pollo

    13. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

    Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas, a fun and delicious Tex-Mex recipe, is perfect for your hectic weeknights. It’s fast, it’s easy and everybody loves them!

    You just fill your baking sheet with well-seasoned chicken and veggies, cook and serve with your favorite Mexican sides.

    Healthy and low calorie, these fajitas are perfect for meal prep and are freezer friendly.

    Get the Recipe: Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

    14. Moo Goo Gai Pan

    How about quick chicken stir fry? Moo Goo Gai Pan is a restaurant favorite, where thinly sliced chicken stir frys with mushrooms and other veggies in a simple, yet flavorful sauce. 

    The next time those Chinese cravings hit, skip the takeout and try this easy 30 minute dish in your own kitchen!

    Get the Recipe: Moo Goo Gai Pan

    15. Chicken Meatball Noodle Soup

    Here’s a fun and delicious spin on your classic chicken soup recipe: Chicken Meatball Noodle Soup. It’ll be everyone’s new favorite comfort food.

    This soup has plenty of veggies, pasta, lean protein and a flavorful broth that makes it out-of-this-world delicious. Serve with a crisp green salad and a fresh baguette.

    Make extra and fill up containers of this yummy soup for your freezer. You’ll be glad you did!

    Get the Recipe: Chicken Meatball Noodle Soup

    16. Grilled Chicken Thighs

    Grilled Chicken Thighs are the perfect centerpiece for your summer cookouts, so fire up the grill and get cooking!

    To make this delicious dish, all you need is a really flavorful marinade. Follow the few simple tips and tricks and you’ll have the best grilled chicken ever.

    Make a huge batch as this recipe is healthy, freezer-friendly and a great meal prep for a busy week.

    Get the Recipe: Grilled Chicken Thighs

    17. Kedjenou Chicken (Ivory Coast Stew)

    Kedjenou, an Ivorian delicacy, is adored for its simplicity and explosive flavors. Whether you prefer it mild or fiery, this beloved stew is sure to delight.

    Trust me, I’ve got the perfect recipe for that extra kick.

    Get the Recipe: Kedjenou

    18. Chicken Tacos

    These easy authentic Mexican Street Style Chicken Tacos are packed with flavor from a great marinade, and can be your easy and quick chicken weeknight dinner, meal prep, or feed a crowd!

    No need to wait for taco Tuesday!

    Get the Recipe: Chicken Tacos

    19. Vietnamese Chicken Salad

    This Vietnamese Chicken Salad is your bowl of vibrant freshness from crunchy veggies and loads of herbs.

    In every bite there is a perfect combination of sweet, savory and tangy with the slightest hint of spice, thanks to their beloved Nuoc Cham dressing. This is one of our favorite chicken salad recipes.

    Get the Recipe: Vietnamese Chicken Salad

    20. Mediterranean Chicken Tacos

    These Mediterranean Chicken Tacos are a fun and healthy fusion, where Mediterranean flavors get stuffed into your favorite Mexican tortillas.

    They’re a light and tasty dinner that comes together in under 30 minutes.

    Get the Recipe: Mediterranean Chicken Tacos

    21. Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry 

    This Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry is so quick and easy to make, and it tastes so much better than takeout.

    It’s an under-30-minute meal perfect for those busy weeknights when you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

    Get the Recipe: Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry

    22. Baked Chicken Parmesan

    Guys, this fancy Baked Chicken Parmesan dish is the easiest recipe you will ever make at home and it’s actually a healthy alternative to your classic favorite.

    You will love the amazing crispiness of your chicken, thanks to breadcrumbs and panko mix crust which makes it just perfect.

    Follow this recipe and you are sorted for life as this version is going to be your forever one…

    Get the Recipe @ wellplated

    23. Chicken Fajita Soup

    This Chicken Fajitas Soup will satisfy all your cravings for hearty plus healthy soup, it’s packed with veggies, beans, corn, and chicken in insanely delicious broth.

    You can make this delish in 3 different cooking methods, stovetop, slow cooker, and instant pot and the ingredients used are all pantry staples.

    So, get ready to explore this new soup with your loved ones…

    Get the Recipe @ tastesbetterfromscratch

    24. Healthy General Tso Chicken

    Get your takeout favorite flavors right at home with this Healthy General Tso Chicken recipe.

    This homemade version does not use sugar instead it uses honey, or you can also use maple syrup to make it healthy and see this ultimate Tso sauce makes your chicken absolutely scrumptious.

    And, all this in just 30 minutes of your time, isn’t that amazing?

    It’s again a must-try recipe for all…

    Get the Recipe @ wellplated

    25. Skinny Easy Chicken Marsala Skillet

    Do you like easy and quick skillet meals? then add this Skinny Easy Chicken Marsala Skillet recipe to your repertoire.

    This epic skillet is loaded with creamy mushrooms, chicken, dry marsala wine, and just 2 tablespoons of heavy cream, but you can substitute in half and half, milk or non-dairy milk to make this healthy and addictive.

    To keep it a whole healthy meal, serve this with cauliflower rice, broccoli rice, or zoodles or simply with anything you like to pair it with, it will be a huge hit in any form…

    Get the Recipe @ thegirlonbloor

    26. Chicken Egg Roll in a Bowl

    If you like to deconstruct your favorite dishes, then you will love this Chicken Egg Roll in a Bowl recipe too.

    It happens in just 15 minutes and all in one pan plus the delicious Asian flavors make everything simply outstanding.

    So whenever looking for a healthy weeknight meal, keep this recipe in mind and make your life flavorful and easier…

    Get the Recipe @ eatyourselfskinny

    27. Skinny Slow Cooker Kung Pao Chicken

    Guys, skip your takeout and try this Skinny Slow Cooker Kung Pao Chicken recipe and impress everyone.

    This light and healthier version is all about super scrumptious chicken that is loaded with sweet and spicy sauce with veggies and crunchy cashews.

    Once you make this delicious, you will get requests for this every weekend…

    Get the Recipe @ therecipecritic

    28. Chicken Cacciatore

    We know you must have tried many cacciatore before for your loved ones, but this one recipe is special as it’s a quicker and healthier version of a classic Italian dish, without compromising on the satisfying flavors.

    Also, this recipe is super easy to follow, so even an amateur cook can make this absolutely perfect

    Get the Recipe @ wellplated

    29. Healthy Chicken Salad

    This summer try this Healthy Chicken Salad and enjoy some delicious lunches and dinners with it.

    This lightened-up version is super easy to make and with Greek yogurt and a touch of mayo retains the classic flavors of this salad.

    Plus once you have this salad ready you can make many dishes with it, and there are a few serving options also included in this recipe to give you additional ideas…

    Get the Recipe @ ifoodreal

    30. Skinny Chicken Pasta Salad 

    Introduce this Skinny Chicken Pasta Salad to your next get-together, potluck, or event, and make everyone truly happy.

    This 30-minute recipe is all about colorful fresh veggies, tender chicken, and al dante pasta, all tossed in a light and tangy homemade Italian lemon vinaigrette, making this simply amazing.

    So all pasta salad lovers, this skinny recipe is a must in your personal arsenal…

    Get the Recipe @ averiecooks

    31. Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

    Guys, these Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs are going to be a star at your future events.

    The marinade plays a super important part in this recipe, as it has perfectly sweet and a bit of spicy flavors and to create this flavorful, all you need is staple ingredients for your marinade. Just follow this easy recipe and enjoy this masterpiece.

    We bet you all will love this version of Kabobs for sure…

    Get the Recipe @ eatyourselfskinny

    32. Chicken Satay

    This Chicken Satay is a perfect appetizer contender for a Thai inspired meal. And they can also be served as a main dish served with rice, noodles or other sides.

    Your chicken skewers are marinated in a bold marinade of coconut milk, spices and then grilled. Serve with spicy peanut sauce and enjoy!

    Another great low calorie, healthy meal prep idea for a frantic week.

    Get the Recipe @ skinnytaste

    33. Cilantro Lime Chicken

    Get the vibes of a sunny Mexican vacation with this Cilantro Lime Chicken!

    The savory garlic and herb marinade of this recipe will give bold flavors to your chicken. And this healthy, low calorie meal can be baked or grilled and will turn out delicious every time.

    It’s a great recipe for your grilling season, so give it a try!

    Get the Recipe @ budgetbytes

    34. Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats

    If you’re a fan of buffalo chicken, then try this delicious and lower calorie version of Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats.

    In this easy recipe, buffalo chicken dip is stuffed inside hollowed out zucchini and baked. It’s then served with drizzling of ranch dressing, fresh cilantro, thinly sliced onions, and sliced avocados.

    This is a fun, healthy meal that even your kids will love!

    Get the Recipe @ joyfulhealthyeats

    35. Chipotle Chicken

    Craving your favorite chain restaurant food? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with this homemade version of Chipotle Chicken and we are sure it’s much better than the original.

    This recipe has an amazing combo of savory, spicy, and smoky flavors, and the highlight is, that you don’t have to wait for marinate time just rub the mix and straightaway cook to juicy perfection.

    You can make so many stunning meals with this chipotle chicken, so what are you waiting for? try all your favorite Mexican favorite dishes…

    Get the Recipe @ skinnytaste

    36. Air Fryer Chicken Cutlets

    Guys get your air fryer out, as we have one incredible recipe for your busy weeknights, Air Fryer Chicken Cutlets!

    To make this delight you need a few simple ingredients and less than 15 minutes time to get this delish on your table. Just follow some expert tips.

    These cultels come out perfectly golden crispy, juicy, and flavorful every time, pair them with your favorite salad and you’re sorted.

    Get the Recipe @ pinchmegood


    So there you go, plenty of healthy low calorie chicken recipes to choose from. Who says healthy can’t be tasty? The only question now is, which to try first?

    Pin or bookmark this collection of great recipes so you always know where to find it. And be sure to subscribe to GypsyPlate, we’re always cooking up new easy recipes for you!

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    35+ BEST Healthy Low Calorie Chicken Recipes

    Prep Time: 5 minutes
    Cook Time: 15 minutes
    Total Time: 20 minutes

    These Healthy Low Calorie Chicken Recipes are packed with great flavors, but won't have you feeling guilty afterwards.


    • Greek Chicken Souvlaki
    • Thai Cashew Chicken
    • Sheet Pan Chicken
    • Crockpot Buffalo Chicken
    • Teriyaki Chicken Skewers
    • Tomato Basil Chicken
    • Chicken Lettuce Wraps (PF Chang Inspired)
    • Chicken Chapli Kababs
    • Chicken Shawarma
    • Chicken Larb (Thai Larb Gai)
    • Caldo de Pollo (Mexican Chicken Soup)
    • Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas
    • Moo Goo Gai Pan
    • Chicken Meatball Noodle Soup
    • Grilled Chicken Thighs
    • Kedjenou Chicken (Ivory Coast Stew)
    • Chicken Tacos
    • Vietnamese Chicken Salad
    • Chicken Enchilada
    • Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry
    • Baked Chicken Parmesan
    • Chicken Fajita Soup
    • Healthy General Tso Chicken
    • Skinny Easy Chicken Marsala Skillet
    • Chicken Egg Roll in a Bowl
    • Skinny Slow Cooker Kung Pao Chicken
    • Chicken Cacciatore
    • Healthy Chicken Salad
    • Skinny Chicken Pasta Salad


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